How Do You Sleep? There's a Sheet Set for That...

Whether you sleep hot, sleep cold, or fall somewhere in between, you need bedding that fits your needs. Find out what sheet styles and fabrics are best for how you sleep with our guide.

By Deanna deBara

bedding for every sleep type
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There are few things more important to your health, your sanity, and your overall wellbeing than sleep. And there are few things more important to getting a good night’s sleep than the right sleep products. That said, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to choosing the right sleep set-up; the right bedding for you is going to depend entirely on how you sleep.

So, the question is, how do you sleep—hot, cold, or somewhere in between? And, more importantly, what sleep products are going to help you get the best night’s sleep?

If you’re a hot sleeper...

If you’re the kind of person who is constantly kicking off the blankets, waking up on a sweat-soaked pillowcase, or asking “is it just me, or is it hot in here?” for what feels like the millionth time, chances are, you’re a hot sleeper.

Being a hot sleeper can be challenging. Because you get hot throughout the night, you have a tendency to sweat—and because that sweat soaks into your bed, you find yourself feeling like your sheets are dirty (and like you’re stuck in a world of never-ending laundry).

Luckily, you can have the pristine look and feel of a freshly made bed, no matter how hot you sleep—all you need are the right sheet materials. If you’re a hot sleeper, there are two materials you should have on your radar: percale and eucalyptus.


Ideal for sweaty sleepers, percale is a traditional one-yarn-over and one-yarn-under weave that produces a matte-finish, breathable fabric that stays cool and crisp year-round. And because percale is such a lightweight fabric, it won’t add extra warmth—making it the ideal choice for sleepers with a tendency to run hot (or for sleepers who want to stay cool in the sweltering summer months).

What’s even better? Percale is incredibly soft. Thanks to its durable construction, it just gets softer with every wash. So no matter how many times you sweat through your sheets and have to throw them in the washing machine, your sheets will still feel smooth, soft, and crisp to the touch.


If you’re looking to stay cool while you catch your Zzz’s, eucalyptus is another material you’ll definitely want to explore. While the science behind it is still being explored, the eucalyptus fiber is thought to have temperature regulating properties, making eucalyptus bedding a go-to for sleepers who want to stay cool throughout the night.

Hot Sleeper Starter Pack

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Want to bring down the temperature of your sleep experience—and stay cool all night long? Here are a few products you’ll definitely want to check out:

If you’re a cold sleeper...

Do you regularly find yourself going to bed in multiple layers and snuggling up to your honey in the middle of the night to steal some of their body heat? If so, it’s fair to say that your sleep style runs on the chillier side.

Lucky for you, science shows that being comfortably cool while you sleep may actually be better for your health. But if you’re too cold, it can actually mess with your ability to get high-quality shut-eye. So, you need the right sleep products to make sure you’re not shivering throughout the night.

If your sleep style falls more towards the cold side of the thermostat, there are two fabrics you should consider for your bedding: sateen and flannel.


If you want to feel both warm and luxurious while you sleep, consider sateen a must-try. This ultra-smooth fabric feels absolutely amazing on the skin. It has a satin-like texture (hence the name), but the unique weave pattern (four over, one under) creates a level of durability and comfort more akin to cotton. It’s the best of both worlds!

Not only does it feel great, but this ultra-durable fabric will keep you a comfortable temperature year-round—no matter how chilly of a sleeper you might be.


In the winter, people reach for their flannel shirts to stay warm. And if you want to stay warm while you sleep, you should consider reaching for a nice set of flannel sheets.

Flannel is typically made from cotton or wool. The fabric goes through a distinct brushing process that lifts the fibers. This brushing process creates small pockets that trap air, delivering a layer of insulation that will keep you warm even in the coldest of climates—and without the added bulk of doubling up on blankets or comforters.

Cold Sleeper Starter Pack

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Want to stay nice and warm while you sleep—no matter how low the temperature drops? Here are a few must-have products to help you stay cozy while you catch your Zzz’s:

If you’re somewhere in between...

When it comes to sleep, some people take the “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” approach: not too hot, not too cold...just right.

If you’re an in-between sleeper, you’re the kind of person who doesn’t necessarily run hot or cold. You don’t need anything to help regulate your temperature while you sleep, you just want high-quality bedding that’s going to keep you comfortable year-round.

If that sounds like you, there are two fabrics you should definitely add to your must-have bedding list: linen and bamboo.


If you’re looking for a timeless sheet set that will never go out of style, try linen. This light, airy fabric differentiates itself from other types of bedding because it’s made from the flax plant (unlike other fabrics, like percale or sateen, that originate from cotton).

Linen definitely has an elegant look and feel, but it’s also casual and approachable enough for the everyday home. And thanks to linen’s breathability, it’s the perfect fabric for keeping you comfortable (not too hot, not too cold) year-round.


Bamboo bedding is having a serious moment—and for good reason. Not only is bamboo one of the softest fabrics around (the feel of bamboo is much softer than both cotton and linen), it’s also one of the most sustainable.

The fast-growing fiber is not only rapidly renewable, but it also produces significantly more fiber per acre than cotton—meaning you can grow more bamboo in a shorter time frame using less space. It also doesn’t need any chemicals or pesticides to grow, which further protects the environment.

Bamboo is also naturally antimicrobial, hypoallergenic, and moisture-absorbing. If you’re an in-between sleeper, it’s the perfect fabric that will keep you cool in the summer, warm in the winter, and comfortable year-round.

In-Between Sleeper Starter Pack

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Looking for high-quality sleep products that will keep you comfortable in the summer, winter, and everywhere in between? Then you’ll definitely want to check these out:

The right sleep products play a huge role in your ability to get a good night’s sleep. And now that you know the best sleep products for how you sleep—hot, cold, or in between—all that’s left to do? Get out there, get the right bedding, and get the best sleep of your life.