Hot Air Balloon Weddings: A Guide

Looking for the perfect atmosphere for your wedding? Take your special day to another level with our guide to planning a hot air balloon wedding ceremony.

By Jane Chertoff

Hot Air Balloon Wedding
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  • Hot air balloon weddings are a unique way to get married and you can find locations around the world that offer ceremonies in the sky.
  • Each hot air balloon company will offer its own wedding package. It may include the officiant, Champagne toast, cake, photos, and a romantic post-flight meal.
  • Hot air balloon weddings typically cost between $1,200 and $5,000. You may be able to bring along additional guests for an extra fee.

Want to take your love to new heights? Having a hot air balloon wedding is a unique way to say “I do” from high above. Not only will you be up, up and away in the sky, you’ll be alone in a beautiful setting with just you and your new spouse (plus a pilot and/or officiant, of course).

As for the logistics of having a wedding in a hot air balloon, there are a few different options. Depending on the location and packages offered, you may have your ceremony on the ground then go for the hot air balloon ride, or you may get married in the actual air if your officiant comes along (or if the pilot is ordained to perform the wedding ceremony).

Here’s how to plan a hot air balloon wedding so your lives together are off to a soaring start.

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How to Plan a Hot Air Balloon Wedding

The first step to planning a hot air balloon wedding is locating a balloon field near you that offers wedding packages. If you’re interested in making a trip out of it, you could also travel and have a destination hot air balloon wedding in a beautiful setting.

Most hot air balloon wedding packages include items like:

  • Champagne and flutes
  • Photographs
  • A romantic picnic meal for the two of you to share
  • An officiant

How Many People Can Attend a Hot Air Balloon Wedding?

How many people can attend your hot air balloon ceremony depends on the size of the balloon and how many guests the pilot is comfortable bringing along. Some hot air balloons will allow you to bring two guests, while others are large enough to hold 30 people (with you and your fiance included). Always call ahead to confirm how many people are safely allowed to come along for the ride.

Alternatively, you can incorporate a hot air balloon into your reception by renting it out for the evening and allowing your guests to take turns going for a ride.

How Much Does a Hot Air Balloon Wedding Cost?

How much you’ll spend on a hot air balloon wedding depends on where you’re getting married. Costs can vary greatly between locations. It will also depend which package you select. For example, a package at a popular Phoenix, Arizona company costs between $1,250 and $5,100 per couple. The most exclusive package includes the officiant, photography, and videography, as well as post-flight Champagne and a catered meal for two. (Each additional guest you bring costs about $500 extra.)

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On the East Coast, a Vermont-based hot air balloon company offers wedding elopement packages that include a two-night hotel stay and a ceremony in the balloon with the pilot officiating starting at $1,275. During non-COVID times, you can bring along up to 10 guests for an additional $225 per person.

Just remember: Always confirm the price ahead of time and read all the fine print in the contract before signing up for anything.

Safety Concerns

Hot air balloon rides are generally considered safe, but accidents can happen. Always confirm you’re flying with a reputable company with skilled and trained pilots with a lot of experience. Read reviews online from other couples. If you’re nervous, make sure there’s a clause in the contract that allows you to change your flight or cancel due to inclement weather.

Best Attire and Accessories

Since you’ll be getting married off the ground, you may want to pay special attention to your attire.

  • Even though you can probably wear your wedding dress or tuxedo, you may want to bring a jacket, wrap, or sweater if you’re going on an early morning or sunset flight when the temperature may be chillier off the ground.
  • Avoid wearing high heels, as you’ll need to step in and out of the basket. Opt for flats or comfortable footwear instead.
  • The burners that ignite the balloon will radiate heat down over your head, so you’ll want to wear a hat to stay comfortable. (A great time to opt for matching “Mr. and Mr.” or “Bride and Groom” ball caps.) You can take your hats off or wear a veil for the photos on the ground if you’d like.

Other Ways to Incorporate a Hot Air Balloon Into Your Wedding Day

Even if you don’t have the actual ceremony in a hot air balloon, you can still incorporate one into your wedding day.

  • Make a grand entrance at the ceremony or reception by landing in a hot air balloon.
  • Take photos in a hot air balloon field (even if the balloons are grounded you’ll still get some amazing shots with the colors in the background).
  • Look into renting a hot air balloon for the reception and allow your guests to take turns going for a ride of a lifetime.
  • Make a grand exit for your honeymoon by lifting off with your new spouse post-reception.
  • Plan a hot air balloon ride for you and your partner on your honeymoon.

Looking for other unique ways to say “I do?” Zola’s Expert Advice has you covered.

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