Fun Wedding Photo Booth Prop Ideas

From giant mustaches to confetti, when it comes to wedding photo booth props, the sky’s the limit. Check out these 14 creative prop ideas.

By Deanna deBara

Fun Wedding Photo Booth Prop Ideas
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People love wedding photos, and one fun trend for modern couples is the revival of the wedding reception photo booth.

During the big day, photo booths provide a hilarious activity to entertain guests between the wedding and reception. Best of all, your loved ones will end up with photos of precious memories they’ll revisit for years to come.

Stumped on which props to get for your photo booth? We’re here to help.

14 Creative Ideas for Photo Booth Props

When it comes to wedding photo booth props, the sky’s the limit. Anything can be a prop, from a lace parasol to a string of balloons.

By providing your guests with something to do with their hands, you’re giving them ideas for new poses or shots to try. Props also give people permission to be a little silly or playful, which helps them relax and act more naturally in front of the camera.

Although this list of photo props is by no means exhaustive, it’ll help you pick out a few that are right for your big celebration—and maybe inspire some creative DIY photo booth ideas of your own.

#1 Set Up an Eyewear Station

Glasses are the perfect accessory for every occasion. Since they come in all shapes and sizes, they’re a versatile prop, so make sure you stock the reception with a collection of eyewear for all your photoshoot needs. From horn-rimmed to leopard-printed sunglasses, variety is the name of the game.

You can display your eyewear props in decorated trays next to your photo booth or on a rotating carousel. If you’re looking for a place to get a wide variety of glasses, try browsing local thrift shops.

#2 Fake Mustaches

Oversized mustaches are a crowd favorite. Fake mustaches can be as simple as a paper cutout on a stick or a more elaborate disguise complete with bristles and heavy glasses.

If you or your partner have a distinctive beard or mustache, get a little creative with this prop. Make paper imitations that you can cut out and turn into an accessory for the booth. Your friends and family members will get a kick out of it, and you’ll love seeing pictures of your guests sporting their fabulous facial hair.

#3 Neon Signs

Retro neon signs are all the rage when it comes to photo booth accessories. Rent one that perfectly encapsulates your relationship, or get one custom-made on Etsy. Make sure you pick fonts and colors that match your wedding aesthetic.

A neon sign is an excellent way to light up your photo booth and double as a big statement prop.

Ideas for custom neon signs include:

  • Your wedding hashtag
  • The name of you and your partner, plus the year
  • Your wedding slogan
  • Sweet phrases, such as “happily ever after” or “and so, the adventure begins”
  • A romantic line from your favorite movie or book

If you get a custom-made neon sign, it’ll make a great addition to the wall decor in your home after the honeymoon, too.

#4 Add Confetti

Nothing says celebration like confetti in the air. Keep bowls of biodegradable confetti or glitter nearby, so your guests can toss them right before the camera goes off to bring some festivity to your photo booth. Consider the seasonal approach for weddings that take place during the spring or fall and use flower petals or colorful autumn leaves.

For more action-based photos, add confetti cannons or party crackers to your list of props.

Quick Tip: If you’re struggling to find confetti that fits your wedding aesthetic, browse our balloons and confetti page for confetti cones and more.

#5 Use a Framing Device

Make your wedding photos a little meta by offering a selection of empty frames for your guests to pose within. Different frames will convey different wedding photography styles and tones. Get creative with your options.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Romantic and Vintage: Use an old-fashioned gold frame with lots of beautiful detail work to inspire a sweet vintage look.

  • Elegant: Make a large cardboard frame with the same design as your wedding invitations and wedding paper to stay on brand in your photo booth.

  • Humorous: Get a cardboard cutout frame designed to look like an Instagram post or a Polaroid frame. Or, for an even more comedic twist, set it up to look like a certain dating app profile.

#6 A Hat for Every Occasion

Spice things up by making a selection of headwear available to your guests at the reception. Hats are fantastic—they can dress an outfit up or down and inject either comedy or formality into any photo session.

Your guests will love tipping their hats to the happy couple on camera with their stylish props. Depending on the type of vibe you’re going for, options include:

  • For Outdoor Garden Weddings: Straw hats, boaters, and sun hats with ribbons are the standout options for this type of event. The mood board for these props is light, flirty, and delicate.

  • For Bohemian Weddings: Stylish choices for this setting include newsboy caps, big floppy hats, fedoras, and felt festival hats.

  • For Vintage-Inspired Weddings: Top hats and bonnets will fit right in among this themed wedding dress code. If your wedding is 1920s inspired, bowlers, cloches, and feathered headbands also make good options.

  • For Yacht or Beach Weddings: Try stocking your nautical photo booth with sailor hats and yacht captain’s caps.

#7 Felt Letter Boards

Felt letter boards are popular because they're stylish canvases you can use again and again. Well-wishers will love this prop as a way to send heartfelt congratulations to the happy couple, while creative guests can use them to come up with funny captions for the photos.

Inspire them with a few prearranged messages of your own:

  • “Welcome to our wedding!”
  • “Eat, drink, and make merry.”
  • “Happily ever after.”
  • “And now, we toast.”
  • “I’m with ___.”

#8 Inflatable Props

Inflatable props are whimsical accessories that inspire fun. Your guests will have a blast striking a pose with a rubber ducky float or creating a freeze-frame shot of an epic mock sword fight.

Other fun inflatables to incorporate into your wedding photo booth props include:

  • Oversized diamond rings
  • Champagne “pops”
  • Flower bouquets
  • Boomboxes
  • Microphones
  • Beach balls with your wedding logo
  • Electric guitars

#9 Balloons

Take your inflatables one step further with festive and playful balloons. Get ones that match your wedding colors, or attach balloons to an invisible platform to give your photos the illusion of takeoff.

For weddings with children or couples who are young at heart, hire a balloon artist. Balloon animals make excellent additions to the photo booth, and the kids will love the entertainment at the reception.

#10 Help Your Guests Express Themselves

Let your guests express themselves through the world of comics. Turn classic sound effects, such as “BLAM,” “SMOOCH,” “ZAP,” or “SWOON,” into cardstock props your guests can hold up while posing for the camera. Inspire them with a mood board of famous scenes from comic books. Your friends and family will have a blast creating their over-the-top scenes of romance, drama, and betrayal.

Bonus points for keeping a few blank speeches and thought bubbles on hand, so that guests can write their messages.

#11 Turn Your Backdrop Into a Prop

Backdrops set the scene for any photo. When done right, they can also double as props. Get creative with your photo booth backdrop and turn it into an interactive item for your family and friends.

Options include:

  • Transform a plain photo booth wall using chalkboard paint. Hire a chalkboard artist to design a background your guests can add to. Or, leave it blank and include a bucket of chalk for your more artsy friends and families.

  • Mount a scrolling text message board in the photo booth that your guests can program to say anything they want. Make sure you include clear instructions for how to use it or have someone on standby who can help.

  • For springtime weddings, turn the back of your photo booth into a faux ivy-covered wall or a trellis filled with blossoming buds. Your guests will love being able to stop and smell the flowers during their seasonal photoshoot.

  • Looking for a backdrop wedding reception decoration ideas that can double as photo booth props? Zola’s boutique includes a section for all your wedding party decor needs. Dress up your backdrop with wedding bunting or rearrangeable foil letter balloons that congratulate or tease the newlyweds.

#12 Get Theatrical

Decorate your photo booth to look like the opera house with red velvet curtains and stage lights. Enthusiastic thespians on your guest lists will enjoy the opportunity to tell a story through snapshots.

Help them set the scene with theater props, such as:

  • Wigs
  • Prop swords, billowing capes, and other costume accessories that are easy to put on or off
  • Tragedy and comedy masks
  • Director’s megaphones
  • Hollywood clapboards with the date of the wedding
  • Film trophies
  • Old-fashioned camera reels
  • Feather boas
  • Boxes of popcorn guests can use as impromptu confetti or snacks

Are you and your partner big movie fans? Get a giant marquee board that you can customize with your names and the date of the wedding. Then mount it to the back of your photo booth and roll out the red carpet.

#13 Dreaming of Stars

The perfect complement to a celestial wedding is a photo booth that’s out of this world. Light up the galactic backdrop with twinkling string lights, and decorate the set with a levitating moon clock, a telescope, and star-spangled halo crowns.

Pair the stargazers with the dreamers at your wedding with props that encourage relaxation, such as silk sleeping masks with eyelashes printed on them or old-fashioned sleeping caps.

#14 Themed Wedding Props

Themed weddings should lean in with props that emphasize the setting and tone of the festivities. Don’t be afraid to get playful with how you interpret the theme for the photo booth and pick props that you’ll be excited to use.

Here are a few categories of unique wedding photoshoot props to help you get started:

  • Beach or Nautical: Stock up on seashells, starfish, fishnets, and sailor’s caps for props that will fit in at this type of wedding. For more comical accessories, try shark fin hats, lifesavers, and seaweed veils.

  • Roaring 20s: Weddings inspired by the glitz and glamor of the 1920s should go all out with geometric designs reminiscent of the art deco period and dramatic shades like black and gold. Props include flapper beads, ostrich feather fans, gold spectacles, bow ties, and comically large smoking pipes and cigarette holders.

  • Fairytale: Couples taking cues from classic bedtime stories should consider tiaras, crowns, glass slippers, poison apples, masquerade masks, or cutouts of far-off castles for their photo booth. Sparkly wands and animal ears or masks are perfect for guests who prefer being the fairy godparent or adorable woodland critter to the leading role.

  • Travel: Couples who love to travel should include antique globes, colorful suitcases, binoculars, and fold-up maps on set. Other props include oversized compasses and wedding-related signposts, such as “Newlywed Lane” or “Honeymoon Avenue.”

No matter what type of celebration you’re having, the right photo booth props will highlight the themes of your wedding and make taking photos even more fun for you and your loved ones. Try browsing Zola’s wedding photo booth props and customizable party decor for accessories that will bring your photo booth to the next level.

Make Your Photo Booth Picture Perfect with Zola

Props allow you to tailor your photo booth to match the look and feel of your wedding. Amaze your friends and family with a full setup that’s miles above all the others. With a bit of ingenuity, your props can help your guests take photos that are funny, unique, and personal.

From there, you can collect (or make copies) of all your favorite photo booth pictures and transform them into a cherished keepsake. At Zola, our customizable wedding albums are easy to make. Simply upload your photos, choose a layout, and we’ll do the rest.

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