15 Elegant Wedding Invitation Ideas and Touches

Wondering how to add elegant touches to your wedding invitations? Zola has ideas that will wow your guests. Read on for elegant wedding invitation ideas.

By The Zola Team

elegant wedding invitations
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Elegance is hard to define, which is what we love about it. It seems to be some magical mix between taste, sophistication, and grace. And when it comes to elegant wedding invitations, we’ve never met one we didn’t adore. From the typography and the framing to the symbols and the patterns, there’s something so naturally stunning and stylish about an elegant save the date and wedding invite.

To give you some inspiration for your upcoming nuptials, we’ve narrowed down 15 of our favorite elegant wedding invitation ideas. May they make your heart as happy as they do ours.

1. Letterpress Printing

Letterpress printing is a premium printing method that uses raised, inked surfaces to press designs onto paper. It’s one of our favorite ideas for elegant wedding invitations because it instantly adds a luxurious and formal feel. Our Arthur invitation is a classic example of letterpress printing. Whenever and wherever you’re getting married, this invitation features an extra-thick cotton paper and dramatic script typeface to highlight all of those special details.

You can choose between a handful of colors for your script, but if you’re having any sort of nature-inspired gathering, the forest green wording creates a showstopper.

Elegant Wedding Invitation Ideas Photo Credit // Unsplash

2. Landscape Orientation

If you’re looking for elegant wedding invitations that offer something unique, try landscape orientation. The details all stand out the same way, but with a different style. Our Abbey wedding invitation is an example of a landscape orientation invite that features both bold numbers and script typeface to highlight the details of your wedding day. Not only will this one look elegant resting in your guests’ mailboxes, but it’s a beauty to frame after the culmination of the big day.

3. Black Frame

Framing your invitation, especially in black, adds an instant flair of elegance. Our Blake wedding invitation heeds this advice with a classic and formal design. The solid, contrasting black border is seen next to a clean, minimalist monogram. What’s neat about going with simple frames for your invitation is that they aren’t boring, but rather they draw the eye to what’s most important—the names, the date, and the details.

This is a simply beautiful choice if you have a lot of words that you’d like to share, but don’t want to overwhelm your viewer. It’s equally as elegant in other colors, such as blush and plum, so you can match it to your wedding theme accordingly.

4. Infinity Symbol

An infinity symbol is a timeless representation of love, simplicity, and balance. When searching for elegant wedding invitations, those that feature this symbol tend to offer something timeless. Our Powell Stamp wedding invitation features a minimalist design to highlight your initials, but it also features that classic and powerful infinity symbol.

This is ideal for couples who want to do something uniquely symbolic of both their invitation and their wedding. It makes the invitation meaningful to hold in your hands and, eventually, put in a frame or into your wedding scrapbook.

5. Foil Stamping

When it comes to elegant wedding invitations, foil stamping is one of our favorite ideas. During this process, a heated dye is used to transfer metallic or pigmented foil onto paper. When the metallic foil adheres to the paper, it adds a touch of shine and elegant glamour. At Zola, you can choose between plenty of foil designs on select cards that allow you to add custom silver, rose gold, or gold foil to editable text.

Our Eastwick foil unique wedding invitations, for example, features a lovely leafy vine design in green and foil.

6. Wreath Hoop

If your wedding is blending the natural with the timeless, a wreath hoop is a perfect thing to adorn your invitation. These botanical design elements are a wonderful choice for couples who are getting married among the greenery of forests, woods, backyards, or anywhere else where nature abounds. For those on the hunt for rustic wedding invitations with wreath hoops, check out our Simi Wreath wedding invitation. It features a hand-drawn hoop around your names and is printed on our luxe paper.

7. Stripes

There’s a reason why a simple black and white striped dress or a navy blue striped tie never goes out of fashion—it’s elegant. Stripes can be playful and cute, but they can also be sophisticated and clean. Our Potter invitation, for example, features a classic design with bold stripes and clean typography.

There are a variety of stripe colors to choose from, each offering its feel. Whether it’s butter, smoke, or burgundy that catches your eye, sending classic save the dates and your wedding invitations out in stripes is always a good idea.

8. Stunning Typography

Some of the most elegant wedding invitation styles we’ve ever seen all share something in common—stunning typography. Typography is a powerful tool that offers elegance, class, and a level of sophistication. Our Henderson Portrait wedding invitation features an elegant letterpress design with incredible typography. Whether you’re saying “I do” on a sprawling city rooftop or a charming indoor garden, this invitation will announce your details flawlessly.

Elegant Wedding Invitation Ideas Photo Credit // Unsplash

9. Large Initials

Your initials are one of the most important parts of who you are, so why not make them an important part of your wedding day? Large initials are big and bold. Plus, we like to think that something is daring and adventurous about them, too. Our Cooper Type wedding invitation lets you start the celebration in a joy-filled way with your initials on full display.

Standout initials give elegant wedding invitations a fearless, yet entirely versatile style. You can use this card to set the tone for everything from a backyard garden party to an indoor warehouse wedding.

10. Pastel Watercolor

Pastel watercolor is pretty and it’s also completely elegant. It’s reminiscent of special gatherings, fancy attire, and paintings of a bygone era. You can add pastel watercolor to your wedding invitation however you choose, whether you’re hiring a painter to construct something original or going with a brush of pastel on the top of the invite. Our Violin wedding invitation features a timeless design of dramatic script calligraphy and a wash of painterly pastel watercolor.

You’ll find that the only issue is deciding whether you want to go with lilac, blue, pink, or mint. Then, for the couples who don’t entirely love the idea of a pastel-hued wedding invitation, there are the darker colors, too, such as navy and black (deeper in color, yet exuding a similar sort of elegance) for watercolor save the dates and wedding invites.

11. Agate Graphics

Agate graphics are a translucent touch that gives invitations an artistic and modern design. They add a hint of all things creative to already elegant wedding invitations. Our Larimer Border wedding invitation features these agate graphics with a clean, white background to highlight the wedding details. What we love about agate graphics are their minimalism and, of course, their glamour.

12. Whimsical Patterns

The elegant and the whimsical can sometimes go hand in hand. If you’re searching for elegant wedding invitations that are also playful, consider bringing in a touch of whimsy. This can be done through graphics, colors, patterns, and typography. Our Oahu Bloom wedding invitation is the type of invite that beautifully blends these two elements. It features hand-painted seashells, starfish, and flowers around elegant typography for a botanically awe-inspiring result.

13. Oval Frame

The shape of an oval is elegant and delicate in and of itself. Once it’s placed around typography, it gives a timeless feel to a wedding invitation. Our Kalispell Bloom wedding invitation not only boasts a floral letterpress design, but it also makes that elegant oval the star of the show (next to the fresh blooms, of course).Whether you opt for the mint, sky, or peach wedding invitation each version is as stunning as the next. This is a top choice for couples who plan to drench their wedding celebration in an array of beautiful blooms.

14. Script Calligraphy

Script calligraphy always makes a statement, particularly when it comes to elegant wedding invitations. Forego all other aspects of a wedding invitation and dive into all things calligraphy with this gorgeous Violin wedding invitation. It’s dramatic, clean, and lets your wording sing. We view this as a one-of-a-kind wedding invitation that your guests—and you—will always remember. Our favorite part is that it can go with any sort of color palette and location.

15. Contrasting Shades

When it comes to elegant wedding invitations, contrasting shades can work wonders. They’re a classic design that offers both clean lines and bold details. Invites with contrasting shades can be used for virtually any kind of wedding, from a ballroom to an outdoor tent. We feature contrasting shades on our Stevens invitation, which comes in a range of colors and can be perfectly customized to suit your tastes.

Whether you’re going for script calligraphy, whimsical patterns, or stunning typography, we hope this list of elegant wedding invitations have you feeling all sorts of inspiration.

The good news is that there are endless options out there. We’re certain that once you dive into the process of planning your wedding invitations, you’ll find that design and style that makes your heart sing.

Of course, if you need any help along the way, feel free to reach out to the Zola team. We’re always here to offer advice on colors, themes, paper materials, and anything in between.

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