DIY Wedding Scrapbook Ideas to Inspire Your Design

From how to select the right style to what to include, we’ve gathered the best wedding scrapbook ideas that will help you tackle the project yourself.

By The Zola Team

diy wedding scrapbook ideas
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While memories of your wedding day may fade in your mind over time, printed photos and vows can jog your memory and bring all those special moments and feelings flooding back. If you’re wondering what to do with your wedding photos and loved wielding your creativity during the wedding planning process, consider creating a wedding scrapbook. This DIY project will allow you to relive the special day and preserve your favorite mementos on paper.

Not sure where to start? Here, we’ve gathered the best wedding scrapbook ideas to help you craft your own wedding memory book.

The Album

The actual album you fill with beautiful scrapbook pages should be high quality and durable. It needs to stand the test of time and do your beautiful wedding photos justice. There are a few options to choose from that will both keep your photos safe and look good sitting on your bookshelf.

DIY Wedding Scrapbook Ideas Photo Credit // Unsplash

Leather Bound

Leather covers signify a high-quality album. The soft texture and smooth finish give the album a luxurious feel that will make it a joy to page through. Plus, the heavy-duty material will protect the pages and keep them in place. Choose from pebbled leather or plush full-grain leather and showcase your memories in a high-quality fashion.


A fabric covered box is another great durable option for your wedding scrapbook. It opens the same way as a traditional album, but protects the pages from all sides and will hold its shape, ensuring your memories stay intact for the rest of time. Plus, a boxed wedding album will look great as an embellishment on your coffee table or nightstand.


Go with velvet for another luxurious wedding scrapbook cover option. The soft feel and pretty sheen of the fabric will give your album the fine finish it deserves, plus hint at the beauty inside of it. It, too, is heavy-duty and well-equipped to care for your precious wedding memories.

What Images to Include

Once you’ve settled on the style of album you want for your wedding scrapbook, you can move on to selecting the photos you want to include. Don’t limit yourself to just prints from your photographer; incorporate candid phone pics captured by friends and aged family photos from generations past, too. It’s your wedding scrapbook, so you make the rules.

Prints of Your Favorite Images

Your photographer will probably deliver your wedding images to you via an online gallery. Here, you can select and download your favorites from the wedding album. Of course, you’ll want to keep all of the photos, but you may not want to include all of them in your wedding scrapbook. When scrolling through the gallery and selecting the photos you want to print, bookmark these to include in your scrapbook:

  • Portraits
  • Family photos
  • Candid moments
  • Details (bouquet, place settings, rings)
  • The ceremony and reception exit

Family Wedding Photos

Do you have wedding portraits of your parents and your grandparents at their weddings? Your wedding album will hopefully be passed down throughout the generations, so don’t just start with your love story. Including the love stories that came before you will add even more of a personal feel to your wedding scrapbook and give it a vintage flair.

Photobooth Photos

Bring extra personality to your wedding scrapbook with print-outs from the photo booth or polaroid photos you asked your guests to take. These photos will add variety and realness to your album juxtaposed with your photographer’s pretty posed portraits. Plus, they help you remember all of the people who celebrated with you and enjoyed your wedding day as much as you did.

Guest’s Photos

Did you have disposable cameras at your wedding or the events leading up to it? Were your aunts and BFFs busy snapping pics on their phones all night long? If so, those photos can bring a fun and candid nature to your wedding scrapbook. Collect them from your guests via an Instagram hashtag or a shared album, and include your favorites in the scrapbook. You can also collect captions or quotes from the guests in the photos and add them to the book as well. This is a cute way to incorporate their favorite moments and a unique point of view.

Don’t Forget Personal Touches

Something that sets a wedding scrapbook apart from a typical wedding album is the ability to customize each and every page and add personal touches. Include everything from pieces of ribbon to the printed wedding invitation to add texture and dimension to the book.


Hold onto your save-the-date, wedding invitation, and envelope, so you can add them to your scrapbook. Your stationery probably showed off the theme of your wedding, so it will help you translate that theme in print. You can include the stationery as is, or cut it up and use bits and pieces of it—or both. Consider using envelope liners for page backdrops and script for captions.

DIY Wedding Scrapbook Ideas Photo Credit // Unsplash


Dried flowers are romantic in both look and scent, so they can make a beautiful addition to any scrapbook page. Luckily, you probably have a lot of leftover florals from your wedding just waiting to be used. Dry and press the petals into the pages of your wedding scrapbook to not only preserve them, but also add beauty to the book.


The vows are arguably the most important part of the wedding day, so they should be remembered right alongside the photos. If you hand-wrote or printed your vows, include them in your scrapbook so they won’t be forgotten.


The ribbon from your bouquet, decor, or wedding dress can add a pretty embellishment to a scrapbook page. It’s a true representation of the special day’s color and texture and can act as a border for photos or simply add a little extra decoration to the page.


If your maid of honor, best man, or anyone who gave a speech at your wedding wrote it down, ask them for a copy for the scrapbook. Including the written speeches they worked so hard on will remind you of the sweet moments and thoughtful words shared by the ones who know you and your spouse best.

Song Lyrics

Be it for your first dance, your walk down the aisle, or your exit, you and your spouse chose the songs for your wedding for a reason. Whether you use them to caption a photo or print them out in full on a page of their own, song lyrics can add a romantic touch to your wedding scrapbook.

Love Quotes

Similar to lyrics from the soundtrack of your wedding, love quotes or scripture you included in your ceremony or on your signage also deserve a place in your wedding scrapbook.


A DIY wedding scrapbook gives you the chance to add captions to every photo—or just a few. If you want to remember why you chose a specific photo or what happened at the very moment it was taken, captions can help you tell the whole story.

Tips for Creating Your DIY Wedding Scrapbook

You have selected the perfect, enduring album and decided on the images and personal touches you want to include, but now comes the difficult part: putting it all together. Here are a few tips to help you create your DIY wedding scrapbook.

1. Dedicate the Time

It’s no secret that scrapbooking is a time-consuming hobby. Give yourself a due date, then dedicate an hour each night or a few each week to your wedding scrapbook. When you have completed the project and have a beautiful book to show for it, you’ll be glad you didn’t just let it sit.

2. Plan It Out

Unlike creating a wedding album online where you can test different themes, layouts, and page orders, once you’ve glued or taped each page together in a wedding scrapbook, there’s no turning back. Be careful to plan out the overall order of the album and roughly lay out each page before you put it together.

3. Print Multiple Sizes

You won’t know how big or small you want each photo until it’s in front of you on the page. Save yourself the hassle of ordering and reordering prints by selecting multiple sizes from the start. This way, you can not only easily change out photos for the size that looks right, but also include a variety of image sizes to add interest to your scrapbook. You may want some images to take up the whole page, while others will look best in a smaller format.

If you follow these tips, DIY-ing your wedding scrapbook will be fun, not cumbersome. And better yet, you’ll enjoy the result for years to come.

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