14 Stylish Wedding Scrapbook Ideas

Looking for scrapbook inspiration that's super stylish? Zola's here with the perfect list of ideas for your next DIY.

By Emily Forrest

Stylish Wedding Scrapbook
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Scrapbooking allows us to create and preserve our memories. Through the magical portal of colored card stock, scissors, binding, and photos, we can turn a special day into a tangible object that can be loved for years to come.

When you’re considering stylish wedding scrapbook ideas to implement into your artistic creation, the world is your oyster. Here, 10 of our team’s favorite ways to tell the story of your wedding day through colors, shapes, words, and textures in one scrapbook album.

1. Use Wedding Colors

Whether you opted for the rose gold color scheme or went with all things sunshine yellow, incorporating your wedding colors adds a personal element to your scrapbook. Depending on what sort of color theme you went with for the big day, you can tie this in with patterns, geometric shapes, or florals from printed paper and card stock. You can also include textured items, like colored stickers or small flowers.

2. Find Seasonal Inspiration

Did you host your wedding on the beach in the summertime or amidst the orange and crimson leaves of the fall? If your wedding was in part an ode to a specific season, think of tying this in as you come up with your wedding scrapbook ideas. Incorporating seasonality into an engagement photobook or wedding album helps ensure that every time you open your scrapbook, you’ll be transported right back to that very day.

3. Incorporate Cards

 14 Stylish Wedding Scrapbook Ideas | Zola Photo Credit // Shutterstock

Many brides and grooms receive an assortment of festive wedding cards from family and friends. One of the most meaningful wedding scrapbook ideas is to use these cards to help tell your story. If you had a big wedding ceremony and each guest or couple brought a card, you most likely ended up with a lot of cards and sweet sentiments. Don’t be afraid to showcase bits and pieces. Maybe one friend found the winner with a glittery cover that accurately depicts your wedding cake; another may have you tearing up with kind words about your love story. Highlight what makes you happy, then save the rest of your cards in a keepsake box to read through on your anniversary.

4. Add Photo Booth Props

Photo booth props not only add excitement to the wedding day, but they can also bring in loads of fun if you add them to your list of wedding scrapbook ideas, too. If you didn’t toss the props once the party was over, you can use them to bring some creative flare to each scrapbook page. From cardboard mustaches to glasses, pick your favorite props and find the perfect page to display them. If you had a photo booth or Polaroid camera at the wedding, this is a good spot to toss in some of your best snapshots.

5. Print Out Your Schedule

Lots of couples opt to create a wedding weekend schedule for their guests, like when and where the welcome party is, directions to the wedding, and information about the day-after brunch. If you did have a schedule, print it out and glue it in your scrapbook alongside some photos or fun mementos and memories.

6. Save Anniversary Pages

Although the majority of your wedding scrapbook will be made up of wedding memories, it’s also a nice time to start a tradition. Save some space for anniversary pages where you can add in some images or jot down memories of what you do to celebrate each year. As the years progress, it’s special to sit down with your wedding album and read about what you’ve done to ring in your anniversary in years past. Save some trinkets to add in, too, like a napkin from your first wedding anniversary dinner or a dried flower from the hike you did to celebrate five years.

7. Seating Cards and Table Settings

So many seating cards and table settings get thrown out after the excitement of the big day. But if you managed to save any, or if your friends and family did, they make for one of the more personalized wedding scrapbook ideas. You can do one page for “the bride side” and one for “the groom side,” or if all the family and friends mold together, group them in whatever way feels meaningful.

8. Intertwine Love Letters

Did you and your spouse write love letters to read to each other on the big day? How about at any point throughout your relationship? A page of love letters is a romantic and poignant way to showcase some of the most special words the two of you share.

Of course, not every bride and groom want to make their love letters public reading material for their family and friends. In that case, peek around in old memory boxes or kitchen drawers to see if you have any cute small scribbled notes lying around. Once they’re put in book-form, they really do make one of the sweetest wedding scrapbook ideas.

9. Take Screenshots of Your Wedding Website

Lots of couples spend weeks crafting the perfect wedding website, and at Zola, we know firsthand how important these websites are for our brides and grooms. But what do you do with the website once the wedding is over? Taking screenshots of your site and crafting a few pages out of it is one of the easiest wedding scrapbook ideas.

These sites tend to showcase your journey as a couple and offer insight into why you chose a particular venue or date. On a detailed level, they help you remember the little things, like which hotels you suggested for your guests or what time your rehearsal dinner was. Remember: With scrapbooking, every small detail works to tell the overall story. These are the things you’ll have fun remembering as the years move onward.

10. Use Printed Vows and Speeches

 14 Stylish Wedding Scrapbook Ideas | Zola Photo Credit // Shutterstock

When it comes to some of our favorite wedding scrapbook ideas, it’s hard to beat the magic of printed vows and speeches. Reach out to the friends or family who shared their words and advice on your wedding day, and see if they have a digital version they can send over. If you and your spouse wrote your own vows, print them out, and create a special page to feature your words. Or, if an officiant helped to craft your vows, see if they’ll send over a copy for you to include when you design the wedding photobook layout.

11. Include Honeymoon Memories

If you went on a honeymoon or mini-moon, save a few pages to share that story, too. Whether you have photos from hiking in Maui or ticket stubs from the train in Paris, this is the prime place to put all those incredible memories. With countless honeymoon photo album ideas to consider, creating a separate album to showcase your adventures will serve as an excellent complement to your wedding photo book. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with creating an entirely separate scrapbook for your honeymoon, but if you aren’t feeling quite that ambitious, leave some space for it in your wedding scrapbook instead.

12. Focus on Your Wedding Theme

Maybe you went with a citrus theme inspired by summer evenings in Tuscany or a nautical theme fit for saying your “I dos” on a boat or cruise ship. Whatever your wedding theme was, you can bring it to the page of a scrapbook in a myriad of ways. Use creative papers, stickers, adhesives, and embellishments that help bring out the feeling of your theme. Whether you’re new to scrapbooking or you’re an old pro, deeply exploring a theme offers the chance to do something creative with your pages. Or, maybe you didn’t have a theme, but wished you did)? Now is the time to flex those imaginative scrapbooking skills.

13. Make Your Own Art

Scrapbook creating is not a time to feel hesitant about your creative abilities. Instead, it’s a time to explore your own artistic side and boost your confidence. Scrapbooking in general is a personalized experience, so feel free to bring your own personality into your pages.

Some of our favorite wedding scrapbook ideas involve doodles and paintings from the bride and groom. Incorporate some hand-drawn geometric shapes or a watercolor painting of your floral bouquet. If you have any artists in the family, you can even ask them to contribute some form of special art to your scrapbook.

14. Create Mosaics

If you’re new to scrapbooking, you might not be too familiar with scrapbook mosaics. Essentially, a mosaic takes a photo (or a series of photos) and cuts it up to create some white space before placing it back together again. Mosaics are one of our favorite wedding scrapbook ideas, because they don’t take too long to create, but they make a big impact once they’re on the page. One idea is to place a regular picture of the bride and groom in the center, then craft a mosaic around it.

The variety of wedding scrapbook ideas that are available are vast and varied. But depending on what sort of scrapbook you’re looking to create, we hope you’ve found some tidbits of inspiration in this crafty guide.

Whether you’re incorporating mosaics, screenshots, or honeymoon memories, we’re certain you’ll find the absolute perfect way to share the story of your most special day.

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