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Will You Be My Bridesmaid? Virtual Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas + Printables

Plan the perfect bridesmaid proposal with these virtual party ideas and 20 proposal gift box ideas.

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Bridesmaid proposals are the perfect way to kick off your wedding day festivities and celebrate with your closest friends. While in-person gatherings may be restricted, you don’t have to pass up having a proposal party.

Well planned virtual parties can be just as fun as in-person get-togethers. They require a lot of the same considerations, like food, invites, and party games — you’ll just have to plan ahead and may have to cover the postage. To help you plan your perfect proposal, here are a few ways you can ask your loved ones to join your bridal party.

Create a Bridesmaid Proposal Box

Even if you can’t see your bridesmaids-to-be in-person, you can still send them a classic proposal box. They’re easy to customize and ship, and there are literally hundreds of proposal box ideas you can explore to build the perfect gift for each member of your bridal party.

After sending your proposal boxes, you can hop on a video call to celebrate with each person individually, or ask your friends to hold onto their gifts for a virtual proposal party.

Plan a Virtual Proposal Party

Kick-off your planning with a virtual bridesmaid proposal party to announce to your bridal party just how much they mean to you. You’ll, of course, need to decide who you want to be in your wedding party, then choose a time and date to get together. If you want to keep the proposal a secret, just get some times each of your friends are available on a given week to “catch up” on a video chat.

Once you have the details settled, you’ll need to decide on the decor, entertainment, and of course food and drinks. Luckily, the decor can be as easy as these cute proposal backgrounds for Zoom.

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Entertainment can also be pretty simple, with several online party games like Jackbox and Houseparty letting you enjoy games online through your phones. Classic trivia and party games can also be adjusted for the distance — just make sure you provide your party with everything they need in advance!

Finally, it’s time for snacks! You can order any delivery food to be sent to your attendees at the designated party time. Bonus points if you order fun, customized food like a pizza that spells “Bridesmaid?” with the toppings!

Order a Proposal Puzzle

A proposal puzzle is a fun way to give a gift and proposal all in one. You can order custom puzzles with a photo of you and your friend with “Will you join my bridal party?” to send to each bridesmaid-to-be.

Puzzles are fun on their own, but you may also make it a game with prizes for each place finish — first, second, etc. You may also choose to include a joke or special memory on the puzzle for each bridesmaid to discover and share as an ice breaker.

Send Matching T-Shirts for Your Bridesmaid Proposal

Matching t-shirts are a fan favorite for any “I do” crew. Your bridal party can take selfies and group screenshots while wearing them during your proposal party, then re-wear them for the bachelorette party and other planning celebrations.

Bridesmaid t-shirts can be simple, with labels like “bridesmaid” and “man of honor.” They can also be customized for each person in your party, like “the funny bridesmaid,” or references to your favorite things like a “Feyoncé” shirt for you and matching bridesmaids shirts with lyrics like “I Woke Up Like This.”

Give a Clue

Collaborative games double as a fun and engaging way to get your wedding party working together and to deliver the proposal. You can plan in-home scavenger hunts to have your guests find things like rings, white dress, cake, and other wedding hints to piece together the proposal. Trivia and word puzzles also work well, with lines like “Maya Rudolph and Kristen Wiig star in this 2011 comedy.” (Hint: It’s Bridesmaids)

Get creative to find ways to spell out the question with story problems, secret codes, and more. These clue games create a fun memory, prompt lots of laughs, and help your bridesmaids-to-be get comfortable with each other.

Enjoy a Movie Night Online

Online services like Gaze and Netflix Party make it easier than ever to watch movies together from a distance. Plan a movie night with games, like a movie trivia or this rom-com bingo board. You can add a little spice with custom bingo markers, prizes, or house rules to make it a drinking game.

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In addition to the movie and games, pre-plan to send you guests movie popcorn, drinks, and of course access to whatever movie you choose to watch. This way no one gets left out and your guests don’t have to worry about a thing!

Gift a Bath Bomb Surprise

What’s more relaxing than a spa day at home? Wedding planning can be stressful, so send your wedding party the gift of relaxation as a special treat from you. Bath bombs, sheet masks, a scented candle, and chocolate is all anyone needs to enjoy a nice night in to refresh. You can include your proposal as a card, on the candle, or even as a surprise hidden in the bath bomb.

Send Something Sweet

A box of sweets is sure to make anyone’s day, but you can take it a step further with custom candies or cookies for your bridesmaids. Order cookies from a local bakery with your proposal in icing, or send your party ring pops with a personalized proposal. Then plan a video call to enjoy your treats with great conversation and sweet wine.

Have a Ball With Balloon Proposals

Balloons are a fun way to brighten your bridal party’s day, and they can double as props or decor for your virtual proposal party. Send balloons with custom messages and a gift box, or order a stuffed balloon filled with confetti and gifts. Either way, friends will love the presentation!

Gifts for your Bridesmaid Proposal Box

If you know you want to send a proposal box but are still looking for the perfect gifts for your bridesmaids, these 20 bridesmaid proposal box ideas are cute, customizable, and easy to ship favors. Then you just have to download the perfect proposal card to ask your friends to help you tie the knot.

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“I Said ‘I Do’” Proposal Cards

No matter your style, the perfect proposal card is out there waiting to be found! Choose your favorite design then customize your proposal for each of your friends. Share a memory, an inside joke, or a favorite photo to let your bridesmaid know just how special they are.

“Oh, Snap” Party Photo Props

Was there even a party if you don’t take pictures? Send your bridal party a fun photo prop so they can take their own proposal selfie and you can get a group photo of your I do crew.

“It’s Sweet to Have you By My Side” Candy

Gourmet candy and uniquely flavored treats are sure to be a hit with your wedding party. Consider flavors that match your wedding cake combination, or ask your bridesmaids if they prefer chocolate or fruit flavors.

“Tie the Knot” Jewelry

Jewelry is a great way to propose to your wedding party while giving them the perfect wedding day accessory. You can choose matching bracelets or a thoughtfully chosen necklace for each bridesmaid to love for years to come.

“Drunk in Love” Champagne

Send a little bubbly to enjoy at your virtual proposal party or over a one-on-one call with your bridesmaids. Don’t forget the bridal party champagne flutes that double as a prop for your getting-ready photos.

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“A Perfect Match” Candles

Candles are an easy gift anyone can enjoy, but they’re also easy to elevate. Find a candle to match the scents of your wedding flowers, make your own candle with custom scents and colors, or create a custom label asking your wedding party to join your big day.

“Mani Thanks” Nail Polishes

Give your loved ones the gift of a fresh manicure with nail polishes that match your wedding colors. You can also build a gift basket with cuticle oil and lotion, or a gift card they can use to buy their own manicure supplies.

“You Make Me Feel Bubbly Inside” Spa Day Essentials

Help your bridesmaids recharge with a spa day gift box of relaxing scents, moisturizing lotions, and beautiful bath essentials. It’s the gift that keeps giving any time they need a break!

Luxurious Robe

Bridal robes are a classic favorite that can help your wedding party feel fabulous every morning. Try a silky robe in your wedding colors or to match the bridesmaid dresses with each individual’s name embroidered to help your party feel extra special.

“Let’s Party” Matching T-shirts

Bridal party t-shirts are perfect for photos, the bachelorette party, and even the after-reception party. Plus, your bridesmaids can love them long after the parties are over.

“Time to Toast” Drinking Glasses

Your bridal party will love a custom wine or drinking glass to add to their barware. Have your glasses etched with each bridesmaid’s initials or name for a beautiful gift they can bring to every wedding party.

“To Have and to Hold” Hair Ties

Who couldn’t use more hair ties? Ask your bridesmaids to help you tie the knot with bridal party bands, themed hair ties, or other fun hair accessories.

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“My Wedding Would Succ Without You” Succulents

Succulents are easy to love and hard to kill, making them an ideal gift for almost any occasion. Send a little greenery to make your wedding party’s day.

“They Popped the Question’” Ring Pops

Now that you’ve said yes, it’s your bridal party’s turn! There are few more fitting ways to pop the question than with your own ring pop proposal.

“Don’t Let me Ugly Cry” Makeup Bags

Give your bridal party the perfect accessory for your wedding morning with proposal cosmetic bags. Stuff them with lipsticks, makeup wipes, moisturizers, and more for the perfect getting ready gift.

“I Love You a Latte” Coffee Gifts

Local coffee beans, cold brew, and coffee shop gift cards are all thoughtful ways to propose to the coffee-lovers in your life. Don’t forget the monogrammed coffee mug to make each morning a little brighter.

“Bee My Bridesmaid” Honey

Local honey is a sweet way to ask your loved ones to share in your big day. Check out local honey producers for unique flavors and quality honey, as well as other bee-made gifts, like candles and lip balms.

“You’re the Balm” Lip Balms

Lip balms will keep your bridal party’s smiles moisturized and prepped for photos. You can order custom labels or find boutique lip balms with special flavors or additives like flower petals for an extra special favor.

“It’s Mint to Be” Mints

A pack of mints is a simple gift your bridesmaids can keep with them as a little reminder of how much you mean to them. A beautiful tin can also be repurposed and enjoyed well after the mints are gone.

“Sweet Beginnings” Cookies

Order custom cookies from a local bakery to ask your loved ones to join you at the altar on your special day. It’s a sweet treat they’ll love and an extra special way to propose.

No matter how you plan your bridesmaid proposal, your wedding party will love to celebrate your special day and a bright future. Make sure they know how special they are to you with a sweet proposal and happy wedding planning!

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