Best Wedding Hairstyles With Crowns

Feeling like a queen on your wedding day just got a bit easier with crown wedding hairstyles! Here’s our roundup of the best wedding hairstyles with crowns for our glamorous brides.

By Maggie Mahoney

Best Wedding Hairstyles With Crowns
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The First Look ✨

  • Adding a crown to your wedding hairstyle is perfect for a bride looking to add a bit of regal flair.
  • To start, you should think about what colors, materials, and embellishments in a crown would pair well with your wedding dress, plus what aesthetic you are going for in your overall hair look.
  • Then, you can explore different types of crowns that vary in types of material, levels of intricacy, and overall visual appearance.
  • Once you have picked your crown, you should base your hairstyle around it to either seamlessly incorporate the crown or have it serve as the base.

Every bride wants to feel like royalty on their special day. Why not look the part by incorporating a crown into your wedding hairstyle? Plenty of modern brides opt to ditch the veil altogether or simply embellish it with an additional headpiece. Don’t know where to start looking? Zola has you covered. Here is your definitive guide to the best wedding hairstyles with crowns.

In this article you’ll find:

  • Part 1: Pulling Off a Crown Hairstyle
  • Part 2: Choosing Your Crown Type
  • Part 3: Crown Hairstyle Ideas

Pulling Off a Crown Hairstyle: Everything You Need to Know

Before you get into the search, you might first be asking yourself: Is a crown hairstyle for me? Does a crown even suit my personality, plus does it fit the look I am going for? Although it may seem niche, crown wedding hairstyles are surprisingly versatile due to their endless options for customization both for the crown and the hairstyle itself. We are confident that there is a perfect crown out there for every kind of bride. Here are some crucial things to consider when embarking on the hunt:

  • The color, material, and aesthetic of your wedding dress. Since your wedding dress is what anchors and shapes your entire wedding look, basing your crown off of it only makes sense. You will want to specifically think about the color or different shades of your wedding dress, plus its material or materials, and the aesthetic that it embodies.

For example, if you have a simple, silk sheath dress with a timeless and classic aesthetic, you may want to complement it with an equally dainty crown. On the other hand, if you have a wedding dress in an unconventional color such as light pink or champagne, you may want to incorporate those colors or complementary colors to into your crown.

  • Materials and styles you are most drawn to. Besides thinking about your wedding dress, you may also want to take into account which materials and styles you tend to be most drawn to in jewelry or other similar hair accessories like clips. For example, you may find that you always gravitate toward silver hardware over gold, bronze, or rose gold. Knowing this about yourself can help you narrow options down when you dive into your crown search.

You also want to think about what level of intricacy and adornment you most prefer. Do you find that you love understated jewelry with little embellishment, or are you more into funky styles and shapes that bring in sparkles, beadwork, or other patterns? Or, maybe you fall somewhere in the middle. Consider gathering your favorite jewelry all in one place to survey, or create a mood board with crown styles that appeal to you on Pinterest.

  • Statement piece or subtle finishing touch? Deciding on the function of the crown within your wedding crown hairstyle is a critical next step. Are you looking for the crown to make the statement or to be just another component to finish off the look? Making this decision will aid you in selecting options that either pack a punch or blend in seamlessly with other elements such as your makeup, dress, and other accessories. Even if you’re looking for an impactful crown that draws significant attention, be mindful in ensuring that it doesn’t compete with your wedding dress.

  • Overall vibe you are going for. Perhaps you want your crown hairstyle to look elegant and are worried about it coming across as overdone or juvenile. Or, maybe you love bling and are looking for as much sparkle as you can possibly get for your crown. Either way, understanding and putting into words the vibe that you’re going for is critical. If you can clearly dictate it, then you have a solid idea of what you want. That is when you know you are ready to start going through crown options.

Choosing Your Crown Type

Crown styles vary widely; however, there are several broad categories that encapsulate the plethora of styles subsets. Get the scoop below.

Simple and Dainty

These are the crown styles most fitting for women who may think that the crowns they’ve seen in the media are a bit too flashy for them. Examples of this type would be delicate, headband-like crowns that are barely there and lay flat to the head, rather than protruding prominently. These crown types may be lightly embellished with small gems, pearls, or pieces of metalwork, but tend to err on the understated side of things.


This style of crown, on the other hand, is probably what you imagine when the word crown or princess comes into your mind. These crown types are intricate, bold, and attention grabbing. Examples of this type include more oversized crown headpieces with colorful gemstones or ornate metalwork and beadwork. Bejeweled crowns may also have a more rigid shape to them, protruding higher off of the head, rather than lying flat.


The last broad crown category is reserved for crowns that don’t fit the mold or are constructed from unorthodox materials. Examples of this type could be flower crowns or crowns made of feathers and branches. Unconventional crowns can also refer to crowns that form unique shapes or take on an asymmetrical appearance.

Crown Hairstyle Ideas

Once you have picked your crown you want to think about how various hairstyles would pair with it to enhance the overall look. Generally, romantic styles with at least some loose pieces look the best with crowns, because they present as sophisticated without looking too fussy. However, almost any style, except for an ultra-high ponytail, can be adjusted to work with a crown. Below are a few popular ideas:

Milkmaid Braided Updo

If you’re looking to blend your tiara seamlessly into your hairstyle, look no further than the braided milkmaid updo. These types of braids are perfect for keeping your tiara in place, while allowing it to subtly peek through. Plus, with this one, you may not even need bobby pins to anchor your crown.

Loose Curls or Textured Waves

Textured hair acts as an ideal foundation for crown hairstyles because it gives the crown something to grip onto that prevents slipping. Whether your curls or waves are natural or created with a hot tool, they create balance—the ease of the hairstyle juxtaposes with the refinement of the crown. You can wear your curls or waves loose and cascading down your back or sweep them to one side for dramatic flair. You can even opt for a half-updo by braiding and tucking back the front sections.

Classic Low Bun Updo

Updos and crowns are a classic pairing, just look at prominent figures from the royal family for inspiration. Swept-back hair with a bit of a textured bun allows the crown itself to shine. The voluminous updo portion also makes for easy crown placement, and it helps to hide unsightly, yet necessary accessories such as pins or clips to hold the crown in place.

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