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The once idealized honeymoon, the one filled with lounging and walks along the water, is quickly becoming a thing of the past—modern couples crave adventure. Forget safe and peaceful, we want exhilarating and stimulating. That’s why many couples are opting for adventurous honeymoon destinations that are both thrilling and memorable.

Marriage is the thrill of a lifetime, and a honeymoon should be a reflection of that. For all those daredevil couples who are ready to embark on the great adventure of marriage, here are some of the best adventure honeymoon destinations that will have you packing your bags in a hurry.

The South Pacific: Dip Out And Dive In

Choosing adventure doesn't mean you have to sacrifice tropical luxury. For those who want a thrill without giving up sunny beaches and warm water, a tropical diving excursion is the move.

Have no fear if you’re not diving certified, as many resorts offer dive certification, and many of them can get you up and operational within the first day. Espiritu Santu is one such destination, where the Espiritu Hotel is partnered with the renowned dive school Pacific Dive. Espiritu Santo is an island within the greater nation of Vanuatu, located near Fiji, in the heart of the South Pacific.

Espiritu Santo is home to one of the most famous ship-wrecks of all time, making for a thrilling exploration of a sunken vessel. In addition to the sought after submerged WWII ship, Espiritu Santo also boasts one of the most vibrant collections of reefs in the region and a stomach-churning underwater drop off called "the big drop."

Not every adventure on Espiritu Santo is as mentally or physically demanding as these daring dives. For those who want adventure without the added risk, there is a thick jungle to explore with native tour guides, dozens of incredible snorkel spots, and, of course, some killer surf.

For a tropical adventure with an emphasis on luxury, the South Pacific is hard to beat. Fiji, Tahiti, and the other island nations of the tropical Pacific each offer their own unique adventurous activities. It's all about deciding what kind of adventure you want to have.

South America: A Place for Backpackers

We know South America is a very big place, and that title doesn't really help to narrow it down. We do have a couple ideal spots in South America that offer two very distinctive types of adventure, but you really can't go wrong with any South American country. Even South American countries that were once thought to be off-limits have become safe for tourists. The caveat to this is that you have a working knowledge of how to navigate a country before you get there. When seeking adventure, you better be prepared to do your research.

Two South American countries that provide maximum adventure with minimal risk are Peru and Chile! These countries are perfect for couples interested in immersing themselves in a new culture and living out a life of adventure on foot.

From the legendary prehistoric Amazon to the breathtaking ancient sanctuary of Machu Picchu, Peru is chock-full of historic culture and untamed wilderness. Machu Picchu is the popular bucket list item for Peruvian tourists, and it’s certainly not to be missed.

However, for a couple genuinely interested in adventure, a Peruvian honeymoon should also include a few days exploring the rest of the Andes. Yes, Machu Picchu is incredible, but the mountain communities that surround this ancient sanctuary offer a more profound human adventure through shared experiences with new cultures.

Chile is a vast country and extends along the majority of the west coast of South America. Due to its incredible geographic variety, Chile isn't known for just one type of adventure, but rather a vast array of experiences over an immense variety of landscapes. Many tourists choose a couple of key places to hit while in Chile.

The most popular stops for a Chilean adventure are the salt flats of the Atacama Desert, the wine-filled valleys of Casablanca, and, of course, the alpaca-filled hills of Patagonia. Chile has many unique cities and townships whose seclusion and first-class accommodations offer a welcome greeting for couples searching for the perfect honeymoon destination. For those who are bold enough to do so, beginning your adventure at the top of Chile in Iquique and working your way down to Punta Arenas, and the famous Cape Horn, could be the trip of a lifetime.

For a quick detour into the lap of luxury, couples should check out Valpo, a coastal town in the Valparaiso region. This luxury stop doesn't come at the cost of breaking the bank, and it caters to adventurous tourists. Don't let the world-class resorts of this town fool you, there is plenty of nightlife, first-class cuisine, and incredible beachfront to explore here.

Additionally, couples who choose Chile as a honeymoon adventure are strongly encouraged to visit Easter Island. Although it’s a day's journey in air travel, you will never be as close to the incredible stone faces of Easter Island as you are while in Chile. A mere plane ride away, this Chilean island is a must for honeymoon adventurers.

South America is where adventure comes to life for those who are willing to go on an adventurous honeymoon. If adventure is something you look for in a vacation, then a honeymoon backpacking through South America is where you'll find it.

Adventurous Honeymoon Ideas Photo Credit // Doan Tuan Unsplash

Tanzania: An African Safari

Nothing says adventure like an African safari, in fact, the words safari and adventure are practically synonymous. For animal lovers who are enamored with nature's majesty, a safari is the perfect honeymoon adventure.

Tanzania is the country best suited for a classic African safari, as it’s home to the famous Serengeti. Lush with a variety of landscapes, the Serengeti National Park is home to the African terrain and wildlife that make safaris a dream vacation.

The country of Tanzania sits on the east coast of Africa, with Kenya on its northern border, and Mozambique to the south. Tanzania shares a western border with several other African countries, including the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Uganda.

Tanzania is regarded as one of the safest African countries to visit, as the country has a stable government and an economy that relies on tourism. However, a safari is never without its dangers. As any useful safari guide will tell you, you have to keep a sharp eye when roaming through the Serengeti.

Accommodations while on safari range in style and scope, but they all have one thing in common, complete and total immersion. While on safari, couples should expect to be living in and among the wildlife that they are in Tanzania to see. Often, there are guards stationed at safari camps to deter animals who have become a bit too daring.

Because most safari camps are immersive, we recommend you spring for deluxe lodging, it’s your honeymoon after all. A luxurious experience will only add to the adventure you take in, so be sure and treat yourself to get the best of both worlds.

Vietnam: A Cultural Awakening

Vietnam is as beautiful a country as you would hope to find on this planet. For couples that prioritize adventure, Vietnam will not disappoint. Rich with natural beauty and culturally sophisticated, Vietnam offers its guests a daily sensory overload. From incredible cuisine to breathtaking beaches and jungles, Vietnam is sure to overwhelm and delight.

Perfect for adventurers on a budget, Vietnam is extremely cheap. The average cost of daily life in Vietnam for tourists is about $40 per day, including food, lodging, and fun. For those who really want to splurge, a luxury suite at a five-star beach resort might cost you $100 American dollars.

There are so many incredible beaches and places to explore in Vietnam, which is why most couples choose two or three specific locations. Even for an adventurous couple, too much bouncing around can be a pain. One area that is a must for any adventurous couple is Halong Bay. Halong Bay is one of the seven natural wonders of the world and should be on every explorer's bucket list.

Many couples who choose Vietnam also choose to continue their honeymoon in the surrounding Asian countries. Places like Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand are popular secondary destinations for couples determined to explore Southeast Asia.

Adventure is Calling

Renew your passports and pack your bags, the world is beckoning you to go explore. Remember, there is no right or wrong way to take a honeymoon, so don't let the classic island beach honeymoon influence your decision.

Adventure can be found all over the world, and, with any luck, these potential adventurous honeymoons have inspired you to plan your own. A marriage is a great adventure in and of itself. And, if you allow it to be, your honeymoon will be a trip of discovery that will set the tone for the rest of your lives together.

Adventurous Honeymoon Ideas Photo Credit // Olga Stalska Unsplash
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