9 Honeymoon Photo Album Ideas

Looking for a way to preserve your beautiful honeymoon memories? Read our latest blog for some honeymoon photo album inspiration.

By The Zola Team

Honeymoon Photo Album
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Figuring out the best way to chronicle your big day and compile your photos, from engagement photos, to wedding and first look photos, right on up to your honeymoon photos can feel overwhelming—especially if you don’t consider yourself to be a particularly creative type.

We’re here to help you leap that hurdle with flying colors by giving you some ideas you can hash out with your other half, based on your own style preferences. The end result will be a set of albums—think an engagement photobook and a honeymoon photo album—that you’ll share with family for generations.

Beach-Themed Photo Album

9 Honeymoon Photo Album Ideas Photo Credit // Shutterstock

From blue skies and waves to sand and footprints, the beach offers an idyllic setting for all couples who love a little honeymoon surf and turf, along with plenty of honeymoon photo ideas.

If you love the beach, why not make your photo album all beach themed? You can get photos of the two of you enjoying a cold beer at a hip beach bar along the boardwalk, snap some shots of you dancing at a beachside cantina, and get some photos of the two of you sitting on the shoreline facing the sea.

If you can’t enlist a passerby to help you out in taking the photos, you can take turns getting great shots of each other or tote along a small tripod to get shots of you together. There are countless photo op ideas you can come up with that tell the story of your honeymoon on the beach as an officially married couple.

Pro tip: Don’t go overboard while capturing the beautiful landscapes. A good mix of scenic shots and your couple photos will make the album perfect. Even though the theme is a beach, you still need to be in the frame as much as possible.

Dance-Themed Photo Album

Want your honeymoon album to stand out a little more than the usual? Why not hit the dance floor for a honeymoon photo shoot? When you let loose and get jiggy with your spouse, a good photographer can capture some awesome moments.

Of course, you don’t have to limit your dancing to a club’s dance floor. You can shake a leg even whilst sightseeing or tasting the finest wines in the town. Have your spouse bend you back in a sexy dip pose with a sparkling city bridge in the background, or get a picture of your spouse twirling you in a beautiful dress while you both waltz down a city sidewalk.

Posing for a dance move doesn’t take much and it adds a distinct air of spontaneity to your photos. Spontaneity makes for an album filled with love, enthusiasm, and true joy.

Black and White Photo Album

For those who want honeymoon photos with a timeless appeal that’s rarely found in regular, more colorful albums, opt for a black and white photo album. A simple black and white photo album can add an interesting depth and elegance to your images that a colored photo album could miss out on. Plus, black and white photos often elicit emotions that colors can sometimes overpower. Just as you would when designing your wedding photobook layout, choosing the layout of a black and white photo album can add dimension, while still embracing simplicity.

From breathtaking silhouettes holding hands with your spouse, to sunbeams and even portraits, there are many ways to experiment with black and white photography when capturing your honeymoon memories. If you really can’t stand not having any color, you could always add in a single accent color. For instance, black and white photos that only show the red of a rose, or the emerald green of a dress. You can play around with this to see what works best for your photo book.

Sunset-Themed Photo Album

9 Honeymoon Photo Album Ideas Photo Credit // Shutterstock

As cliché as it may sound, love is eternal and our desire for romance will never fade. We say, nothing beats the thought of getting a little romantic while enjoying the sunset. You could include silhouettes of you and your partner kissing with a sunset in the background or enjoying the sunset on a beach.

You could also try photos that capture your reflections on smooth, glassy water with the sun fading behind you, casting a warm, diffused glow all around. There are different ways you can incorporate this theme into your photos.

The best time to get sunset photos is during the golden hour, which is the hour right before sunset. Try to snap as many photos and poses as possible, then worry about sifting through and finding the best of the bunch later. By shooting during the golden hour, you’ll capture the best lighting possible and give your photos a tender glow that’s ethereal and romantic.

Play-Themed Photo Album

What’s a marriage without a whole lot of fun? And to continue along that vein, what’s a honeymoon without the freedom to be yourself, act silly, and create some playful memories together? Add a hint of blissful chaos to your happiness with a fun-filled play-themed photo album. After all those days of planning and primping for the perfect wedding, a day of fun is what you deserve the most.

Enlist a friend or your favorite photog to help you capture your vision. Then let your hair down, jump on the bed, spin around, and do everything you and your other half love doing while your photographer captures the fun on film.

The idea is to be as candid as you can, and then choose the best moments to highlight in your honeymoon photo album. Don’t be afraid to let out the child in you, because that’s where the most joy and the most amazing shots are to be found.

Forever-In-Love-Themed Photo Album

If you get mushy at even the thought of a “forever kind of love,” then there’s no better honeymoon photo album idea than a forever-in-love-themed album. Sharing a sweet kiss with a gorgeous backdrop or cuddling up for some (G-rated) PDA in a public setting can make for a lovely photoshoot—regardless of your location.

Walk hand in hand, get cozy, and declare to the world how much you adore each other while your photog ninja unobtrusively captures those moments for posterity. After all, honeymoons are made for lovin’, and photo albums are made to memorialize them forever.

Boudoir-Themed Photo Album

If you want to up the ante and create a honeymoon photo album that’s a bit sexier and more romantic than your average album, a boudoir theme is sizzling. Pro tip: You might want to keep it between the two of you though, and perhaps consider a more G-rated album for the rest of your family and friends to enjoy.

Boudoir photos give you the chance to look smoking hot with your favorite person and capture that on film forever. Hire a pro to help you with snapping photos and staging your poses. And remember to relax and be confident.

Food-Themed Photo Album

Let’s be real: Nobody’s honeymoon is all about being cozy or wrapped up in each other’s arms—it’s also about exploring a new destination and enjoying the local color and cuisine. If you and your other half love a good gourmet meal now and then, a food-themed honeymoon photo album can be enjoyable and just quirky enough to be different.

Stumped on where to start? Just think back to those Insta-worthy photos of all that mouth-watering food you’re prone to sharing. Then, think of your album as taking that food loving photography to another level.

Try new foods together and take selfies of you tasting them, Lady and the Tramp-style. Not only will you have a full belly at the end of the day, you’ll also have a fun-filled album with some of the coolest honeymoon photos ever.

Aerial-Themed Photo Album

An aerial theme is the perfect way to extend the usual honeymoon photo ideas to greater heights (pun intended). Try capturing spectacular panoramic shots via a drone or book a professional who can help you bring some cool aerial ideas to life, such as photos while skydiving.

Yes, this theme could be challenging, but if you’re both adventure junkies, what better way to get a rush and take some amazing photos all at the same time?

There is really no limit to cool honeymoon photo album ideas. Use these to help spark your creative process and enjoy the results.