7 Things to Include in a Curated Sanitization Station at Your Wedding

COVID changed the future of weddings, and couples are keeping safety at the top of their minds. A sanitization station can help keep your guests healthy during your big day.

By Jennifer Prince

Things to Include in a Curated Sanitization Station
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The First Look ✨

  • Consider having face masks, hand sanitizer, and disinfecting wipes readily available on your station.
  • Set up three stations for every 100 guests, and chat with your venue about where to place your items.
  • Providing sanitization stations communicates that you care about your friends and family on your big day.

Planning A Wedding During A Pandemic: Every wedding planning journey has its twists and turns. To make sure your path is as smooth as possible and to help you keep an eye out for tiny potholes and giant roadblocks, always follow the advice of your local health guidelines and the recommendations set forth by the CDC. The state of the pandemic can change quickly, but by staying informed, you can make it to your destination—wedded bliss—without a hitch.

2020 brought many challenges for everyone, but it was especially trying on those planning their weddings. Couples rescheduled and canceled their weddings to keep the safety of their loved ones at the top of their minds. But for those rescheduling or going forward, a sanitation station can help keep your guests safe and worry-free at your wedding.

From cleaning supplies to personal protective equipment (PPE), couples are budgeting for essential supplies to keep germs at bay. Nowadays, it’s imperative to have a curated sanitation station. Here’s how to do so while still having a polished wedding.

Things to Include in a Curated Sanitation Station

 7 Things to Include in a Curated Sanitization Station at Your Wedding Photo Credit // shutterstock

Face Masks

If you require guests to wear face masks, it’s essential to add that information to your wedding website. However, even if facial coverings are optional, you need to include them in your sanitization station. Either purchase cute, personalized masks or have a pack of disposable ones on hand. Place them in a cute basket or a geometric container to keep them looking chic.

Hand Sanitizer

One thing that everyone reaches for readily nowadays is hand sanitizer. Therefore, it’s a must at your wedding at sanitization station. Instead of having branded bottles on display, simply transfer the sanitizer into glass dispensers of your own. To make it even more attractive, pop on a label that coordinates with your wedding’s color scheme or theme. You could also opt for a touchless hand sanitizing station with motion-activated dispensers to go the extra mile.

Paper Towels and Disinfecting Spray

Forgo aerosol cans—they emit strong scents and cause headaches when overused in a small space. Instead, provide a traditional spray disinfectant, and have a roll of paper towels nearby. Guests can use the duo to sanitize their areas, such as tabletops and chairs. Be sure to have the paper towels on a holder, so that they stay put at your sanitizing station.

Disinfecting Wipes

Paper towels and spray are fabulous for large areas. However, single-use wipes are great for tackling smaller jobs. Wipes can disinfect minuscule surfaces, such as the pen to sign your guest book. Moist towelettes will give hands a quick cleaning instead of using hand sanitizer or heading to the restroom.

Disposable Gloves

Many guests will skip gloves. However, you will have those who choose to use them. Heading into areas with high-touch surfaces, such as drink stations, buffet lines, and bathrooms can cause uneasiness. Relieve any worries about touching high-trafficked surfaces by offering hand protection for your guests.

Adorable Signage

Take the opportunity to have a little fun with your sanitization station while making it clear why the items are there. A calligrapher can design one-of-a-kind signage, you can purchase a ready-made sign, or you can download a printable to make guests aware.

To grab attention and make light of a tricky situation, opt for a cute or cheeky saying. You can also use these on your wedding website to make guests aware that you have their safety in mind. Here are some ideas:

  • Spread love, not germs.
  • Love is contagious, but so are germs. Please use our sanitization station freely.
  • Sanitization station—help yourself to whatever you need.
  • Be wise, sanitize!
  • You can’t touch this. (Without sanitizing, of course!)

Floral Centerpiece

Ok, we’ll admit this isn’t a must, but everything is better with flowers, right? Have your floral designer create mini arrangements to add a bit of happiness to your sanitizing station. Even a few blooms in a bud vase or a potted plant will do the trick.

How to Include a Sanitization Station at Your Wedding

Having sanitation items readily available is essential, but how do you flawlessly incorporate one into your big day? After all, you want them quickly found, yet not obtrusive or overbearing. Here are a few ideas on how to have one—or more—at your wedding.

Think About Your Guest Ratio

7 Things to Include in a Curated Sanitization Station at Your Wedding Photo Credit // Term Studios

If you’re having a micro wedding, you can get away with one station. However, if you’re having a wedding for 200, you need to pepper them throughout your wedding and reception. A good rule of thumb is to include at least one station for every 35 guests. It’s better to have three scaled back stations for 100 guests rather than providing one large one. Breaking them up and spreading the sanitization areas out will also encourage social distancing.

Talk to Your Venue About Placement and Surfaces.

Chances are, your venue has seen many different arrangements for sanitization stations. Therefore, chat with them about what they suggest. You may be able to use unique surfaces, such as an unused bar or barrel top, for your sanitizing area. High tops and small tables also work well for placing mini stations throughout your wedding and reception.

Go Beyond the Station.

Of course, you need sanitization stations filled with supplies, but there are other areas you may need to think about incorporating. If bathrooms are sparse, have your venue help create handwashing stations so that people can quickly wash up without having to head into an enclosed area. Also, place a bottle of hand sanitizer on each reception table. That way, guests can sit and chat without having to get up to cleanse their hands.

Consider Your Overall Aesthetic.

Think about how much of a role you need your stations to play in your big day. Some couples want them visible as soon as their guests enter the ceremony space. However, others want to take a more subtle approach. Either is ok. Also, chat with your event designer, venue, or planner. They can offer ideas about how to make your sanitization stations visible while keeping them from being eyesores.

Keep Your Sanitation Station Stocked.

Task someone with the job of restocking stations throughout your event. Stash extra supplies under the tablecloth or in a back room at the ready. Part of including sanitization stations on your big day is making sure that people use them. Consequently, you may run out of supplies more quickly than you think.

Create a Safe Area for Those Who Need Breathing Room.

Some guests—especially if they are immunocompromised or elderly—may need a bit of breathing room every once in a while. Take advantage of what your rental company has to offer in terms of lounge seating.

Create a space where people can gather if they need to be people-free for a bit. Hang a sign allowing for a maximum of six people—or whatever number can fit socially distant. Ask that people respect that the area is only for folks who need to retreat from the crowd.

When in Doubt, Make It Personal.

If you don’t want to have sanitization stations, give your guests goodie bags filled with items to keep them safe. Mini sanitizers, disposable masks, and individually packaged disinfecting wipes fit nicely into a favor bag. Place one on each seat at your wedding. That way, guests can have it first thing and use it throughout your big day.

Your family and friends are excited to share in the joy of your big day. Putting their minds at ease by providing well-stocked creative sanitization stations can go a long way. Whether you’re getting married in the middle of a pandemic or during cold, flu, or allergy season, be sure to keep everyone healthy and germ-free during your wedding.

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