4 Ways to Achieve a Boho Inspired Wedding Arch

Get inspired by this how-to guide on boho-themed wedding arches.

By Shameika Rhymes

Boho Inspired Wedding Arch
Photo by Just Kiss Collective

The First Look ✨

  • Creating a bohemian-inspired wedding arch requires being bold and free-spirited by using muted tones or bright colors.
  • Use metal, wood, branches, floral, or greenery as the foundation for the arch.
  • Have lots of texture for the arch by using flowers, lush greenery, dreamcatchers, or even macrame.

Bohemian weddings are becoming more popular with their free-spirited airiness, relaxed decor, and, if planned just right, their budget-friendliness. Boho wedding styles blend in with other styles from rustic to glam, but one of the most important parts of the wedding ceremony is the wedding arch, where you will pledge to spend your lives together. “Arches have become very popular backdrops for wedding ceremonies these days and the product used sets the tone for the theme of the wedding,” says Brian Worley, creative director and owner of B. Worley Productions.

Zola is here to help make sure that your wedding arch is the perfect place to exchange vows in front of your family and friends.

Here are four ways to achieve a boho-inspired wedding arch for your big day.

Four Ways to Achieve a Boho Inspired Wedding Arch-SR *Photo Credit * // Star Noir Photography

Creating the Arch

Wedding arches can be made from wood, metal, branches, flowers, or even fabric for a romantic look. It’s all about what you decide, as a couple, that represents you both and your relationship. Construct an arch from plain wood, then customize it with the help of your florists. Decorate wooden arches with florals, dried palm leaves, or even pampas grass. You can even paint the arch to match your wedding color palette, and then add flowers for an even more personalized touch. Using metal as the frame is another option.

“The foundation for the arch is a metal frame that we attach the flowers to in cages of an oasis or whatever green floral foam you use. These cages help to build the foundation. The metal frames have become easily available in the form of a standard arch, a hexagon, or round,” explains Worley. He adds that even using pampas grass branches can even work for the foundation. “They are like large, natural color feathers that provide lots of dimension and texture. These become the foundation for the arch and then the rest of the flowers and greenery are added. The key objective of a boho arch is that the arch looks as [if] it has organically grown out of the ground where the ceremony will take place. It is not perfect in shape and structure and has a very loose and fun vibe.” Take some wood from a birch tree and create a teepee-inspired arch. It’s perfect for a lakefront or rustic outdoor ceremony in the woods. Adding a brightly colored rug will make it stand out.

Decorating the Arch

Four Ways to Achieve a Boho Inspired Wedding Arch-SR *Photo Credit * // Carina Photographics

#1 Cascade the Florals

Big and bold florals are the go-to for weddings of any theme, but for a boho-chic wedding arch, it’s no different. For a floral arch, bold colors are typically used, whether hanging or pinned to the arch. Lush decor highlights that it’s a boho wedding, but choose seasonal blooms to embrace the season that you’re getting married in. Get garden-inspired and bring tons of flowers to the celebration. Tiffany Adams, owner of Pine and Petal Weddings says that they incorporate many flower styles and varieties. “The boho look is achieved by having a more wildflower picked flower assortment. Use multiple flower styles to help add in different textures. Use muted tones because they make everything blend together and give a boho feel.”

#2 Add in Some Greenery

Make a super bold statement with a heart-shaped arch, and use pink florals and dyed pampas grass. Use this idea as inspiration to switch up the shape and color to match your color palette. Adams says that it’s important to use lots of texture to achieve the boho look. “Leveraging dried elements such as palm fronds or dried or faux pampas grass will help.” She adds, as a tip, that while pampas grass is beautiful as boho wedding decor, it does shed a lot, so make sure that if you’re outside that you use a faux alternative so that it doesn’t shed or fly away in the wind.

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding at a vineyard, embrace the beauty of the grapevines and utilize the greenery to create an arch to resemble grape leaves. It will showcase the beauty behind you or the vineyard and give you great photos.

#3 Dream Catching Beauty

There’s nothing that says boho-inspired like dreamcatchers. Use as many as you like in whatever color you prefer. They can be colorful, white, crocheted, weaved, or even made of lace to hang from your wedding arch. Dreamcatchers are for protection, so there’s nothing like starting your marriage off with some protection and beauty all at the same time. Dreamcatchers blend well with flowers and lush greenery, or you can use them on their own.

#4 Macrame

This is another popular go-to decoration idea for a boho wedding arch. It can cover the entire arch or be paired with florals or greenery. For an ethereal look on your wedding day, just let it hang as a backdrop behind you. Add your touch to this look, with palm leaves and flowers for a tropical boho wedding, or with coral and shells for a beach affair. “Adding a macrame wall hanging to the center of the arch or even free-flowing ribbons that just perfectly catch the wind during the ceremony are great design elements that help to make the boho arch even more on-trend,” says Worley.

For more boho wedding ideas, Zola is here to help you every step of the way. Create a free, custom wedding website or explore our extensive library of wedding knowledge to help you on your matrimony journey.

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