18 Contemporary Wedding Photo Book Ideas

We’ll help you create a wedding photo book that feels modern and fresh, even when you’re flipping through it years from now.

By The Zola Team

contemporary wedding photo book
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You are officially married (congratulations!) and have just received a gallery from your photographer chock-full of dreamy images of the day. It was everything you dreamed it would be and more, and you want to relive the wedding day over and over again. One of the best ways to do just that is with a wedding album.

Wedding photo albums are nothing new—you’ve probably paged through your grandparents’ or parents’ a time or two—but in terms of style and construction, they have come a long way. They no longer feature yellow pages lined with plastic and bindings that belong in libraries. Albeit, still beautiful, the traditional wedding books are no match for the modern wedding book options available now.

Today, you can create a photo book digitally through easy-to-use online platforms that feel just as true and sentimental as the handmade ones. To help you envision a new kind of wedding album, we gathered the best of the current concepts—from styles, to textures, to fonts. These are the coolest contemporary wedding photo book ideas that match the modern era and will do your wedding justice.

What Makes a Wedding Photo Book Modern?

1. The Style

The actual style of the album plays a big part in how contemporary the finished product feels. From digital to flush mount, contemporary styles aren’t limited to one type. Here are a few of the modern wedding book options available to you:


Lay-flat albums are called such, because they do just that: lay flat. They can also be called flush-mount, but the result is the same. This is the most popular wedding album style, because it creates a viewing experience that is uninterrupted by a binding. It’s as if every image is the centerfold.


Boxed wedding books provide the best safe space for your wedding photos. No matter what your album actually looks like, a keepsake box will not only keep it in tip-top shape, but also give it a chic and contemporary home that looks good on a bookshelf, coffee table, or nightstand.


Binder photo albums may be reminiscent of the albums you grew up with, but they’ve gotten a modern makeover that will make you do a double take. If you love the thought of filling your wedding album with photo prints and adding on pages over time, you don’t have to sacrifice your style to do so. There are so many contemporary binders covered in linen to choose from.


Go totally digital with an electric wedding album. You’ll save paper and get to pan your wedding day virtually. Plus, you can manage your wedding photos from an app and easily switch snapshots in and out. What’s more modern than that?

Contemporary Wedding Photo Book Ideas Photo Credit // Unsplash

2. The Layout

The layout of your wedding book is also key to making it look modern. Say goodbye to busy collages and say hello to clean, uncluttered pages for a truly contemporary feel.

One Photo Per Page

Gone are the days of cramming dozens of photos onto one page. Your wedding photos are beautiful, we know, so why not honor each individual photo by giving it its own page? If you go with this layout, you’ll need to be skilled at editing down your photo selection so you don’t end up with a 250-page album that you grow bored with before you even make it to the end. If you can do that, your wedding album will be super easy to create and page through—and beautiful to boot.


If you decide one photo per page is too few or you want to incorporate multi-photo pages as well, you can do so in a contemporary way. Keep your photo book modern by carefully choosing layouts where the photos on each page are symmetrical. Picture the page like a gallery wall: Place square photos with square photos, vertical photos with vertical photos, and horizontal photos with horizontal photos. Leave space between each photo and/or add borders to maintain a contemporary vibe.

Edge to Edge

One way to make a photo jump off the page is by having it fill the page. With digital photo book albums, you can fit the photo to the full size of the page. We don’t recommend doing this on every single page, but it is a great layout for some of your favorite photos and landscape shots that look best enlarged.


In addition to filling the entire page, your photos can bleed from one page to the next. This panoramic layout will make an impact, especially at the beginning of your photo book. If your photographer captured one or two incredible horizontal photos that deserve a front and center spot in your wedding album, a panorama layout gives them proper credit.

Contemporary Wedding Photo Book Ideas Photo Credit // Unsplash
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3. The Material

Wedding albums come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and materials, and some feel more contemporary than others. These materials will help your modern wedding book look that way on the outside:


We can sing linen’s praises for just about everything: bedding, dresses, curtains, and even photo album covers. Whether you choose a white, cream, or berry tone for the cover, it doesn’t matter. If it’s linen, it will look and feel fresh and contemporary. Plus, linen covers make great backdrops for foil lettering—another one of our favorite contemporary details.


There’s a reason leather is a popular choice for wedding album covers. It’s beautiful, durable, and comes in a variety of styles and colors. Opt for a pebbled leather cover and pair it with minimalistic fonts for a more modern feel.


An acrylic cover is a great contemporary option, particularly if you want to feature a photo on the front of your wedding album. The clear, glass-like covering will act as a modern veil to your cover photo and protect it from damage. Acrylic also looks great etched with text, such as your names and wedding date.


A velvet wedding album says contemporary and luxurious. Plus, who doesn’t love the plush feel of velvet? That alone will make you (and everyone else) want to reach for your wedding album. Velvet covers look rich in a dark color palette, such as stormy grey and burgundy, and romantic in pale colors, such as blush pink and white.


Wood is a cool, contemporary, and slightly more masculine wedding album cover option. It can be beautifully customized with engraving and bound with leather or ribbon, depending on your style. If you don’t want to actually cover your album in wood, you could also opt for a wooden keepsake box instead and achieve the same effect.

4. The Details

Once you’ve chosen its style, layout, and material, your modern wedding book is well on its way, but little details like text and coloring can make or break the contemporary vibe you’ve got going.


Keep up the contemporary feel with cool font choices such as minimalist serif, bold lowercase, or modern calligraphy. You can also incorporate foil fonts in gold, rose gold, copper, or silver to give the book an extra dose of glamour.


Just because you want your wedding album to be modern, doesn’t mean you have to shy away from color, but we recommend timeless hues such as grey, black, white, or navy. They'll always be in style, plus let the color in your photos pop.

Black and White

For a wedding photo book that’s as contemporary as they come, consider only including black and white images from your wedding. This will create a book that feels timeless and cool whenever you look through it.


Like we said, wedding albums come in all shapes and sizes, the most contemporary of which is square. A square photo book, be it 8x8, 10x10, or 12x12, feels clean, simple, and modern. Plus, it works well with all image layouts.


Embossed or engraved text (depending on the material you choose) looks both current and classic on a wedding album cover. Although it may add to the wedding album cost, you can consider the fee an investment in the album’s longevity. When your names are embossed or engraved on the cover, they will never rub or wash away.

There are so many cool and unique contemporary wedding photo book ideas, so don’t be afraid to wield your style and creativity to build your own. When you do, your album will feel all the more personal and you’ll surely treasure it for years to come. Zola makes it easy to create your morden album and store your memories in the best way - just the way you want.

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