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One of our favorite Zola features is Group Gifting – where your friends, coworkers and family members can go in on your wedding gifts together completely hassle-free. It’s a modern take on the old tradition of wedding registries so here is our handy guide to explaining this new-age trend to anyone who might have a few questions.


What is it?

Group Gifting is a win-win situation for the couple and the guest. It allows the couple to choose whatever gifts they want, in whatever price range they want. At the same time, the guests stay in their budget, contributing what they wish to the larger gift. We handle all the logistics for your guests so there’s no unnecessary back and forth.

What counts as a “Group Gift?” 

Anything you want! Really, anything. We believe you should register for (and receive!) what you actually want.

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Do my guests have to go in on a group gift together?

Nope! You can get that swanky bar cart from your coworker, Great Aunt and friend from high school without any stress or coordination on their part (yours too, of course).

How do I do it? 

When you register at Zola, you are able to turn on the Group Gifting feature for any item on your registry. This includes big-ticket items for the home, cash funds and even charity funds. Just turn on Group Gifting and let your friends and family know the deal.

Group Gifting Ideas:

While we always encourage setting up a fund for the charity of your choice as well as your honeymoon or other big expenses, these are a few fun picks to consider, too.

Premium Interior Design Package

Laurel & Wolf - $499

Laurel & Wolf – $499

Even after the honeymoon is over, make sure you’ll wake up in perfection every single morning. Let everyone pitch in to help bring your dream home come to life with a Laurel & Wolf interior design and home consulting package.

Signature Braiser

Le Creuset - $285

Le Creuset – $285

Group Gifting really comes in handy when you want to add high-quality brands to your wedding registry, like Le Creuset. This brand is known for durability and timelessness, making it a guest favorite wedding gift – the only catch is the high price tag. Turn on group gifting and voila! The only kitchenware you’ll ever need is yours with the help of a few guests. To shop all Le Creuset, click here.

Couples Massage

Zeel - $318

Zeel – $318

Who could resist a couples massage leading up to your Big Day? Or perhaps save it for time when all the wedding festivities have died down and you two are still looking to celebrate. Either way, turn on Group Gifting and let your guests contribute to an afternoon of sheer bliss.

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  1. Caitlin says

    Hi there! I am in the process of setting up my registry with Zola and LOVE the group gift feature. I was wondering what happens when the gift is funded? Does it automatically ship to the address I put on file? I can’t seem to find this information on their website. Thanks!

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