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Service levels: Full-service planning

Team size: 2

About Elegant Occasions Planning LLC

Elegant Occasions Planning LLC

Owner and operator

We have been in business for 6 years. We offer wedding planning , coordinating and decorating! We are a traveling wedding planning and decorating service so there’s no city too far and we don’t charge for travel ! We are here to serve you !

Catering to the client needs . We haven’t had one client who wasn’t satisfied with the outcome and resources that was used for their wedding ! Our objective is to create everlasting memories for our clients !

In three words: Confident, Creative, Honest

Services by planning level

Full-service planning

Pricing starts at $3,500

Partial planning

Pricing starts at $2,000

Day-of coordination / wedding management

Pricing starts at $1,200

Event design

Pricing starts at $7,000

Elopement / microwedding

Pricing starts at $2,500

A la carte

Pricing starts at $400



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    Verified review
    Star4 months ago

    If you've ever dreamed of your perfect wedding, make sure you book her as it will be nothing short of a NIGHTMARE!!!! She does not listen to what it is that YOU want. She will plan HER dream wedding on your day and dollar. If you tell her what you want, in one ear and out the other, she's going to do it her way and be unapologetic about it. She treated the guest terrible! Everyone had the worse feedback on her behavior and organization. 0/1,000,000 WOULD NOT RECOMMEND!

  • Do Your Research

    Verified review
    Lestia and A.4 months ago

    Wedding Date Jan 2, 2024 I reached out to you prior to this post and also emailed you with no response so I'm going to warn other Brides/Grooms. I'm gonna get straight into it. We are unsatisfied with your Wedding planning and coordination. You did not follow multiple items of service on the contract you provided and you failed on the most important parts. You are supposed to try to remove stress from the Bride and Groom and you did the opposite on one of the most important days of my life. There aren't any do overs. I feel that you purposely sabotaged this day for us. 2 hours of rehearsal did not happen per your contract. We feel that you were messy when dealing with our vendors.  Cake Baker - You created drama regarding the table the cake would sit on instead of de-escalating the situation.  Photo/Video - I spoke to you about their arrival time of 12 pm and you still advised them to arrive at 2 pm. Violinist - I spoke with you about her arrival/performance time You changed that as well.  Guest table name tags  - You placed them in the order you chose instead of following the seating chart I provided you with. Guests and Couples were seated 2 -3 seats away from each other. Wedding Rehearsal -  We wanted to rehearse on Dec 31 but it conflicted with plans that you had when your plans changed. You didn't try to change our rehearsal date to Dec 31st when the Venue advised us that the date was now available. Maybe if our rehearsal date was not the day of so many mistakes would have been avoided. You were combative with the groom and bridal party. Again you tried to do what you wanted to do instead of what we wanted. Which took additional time away from rehearsal, knowing we were under a time constraint. Hostesses- You left them out of rehearsal. Order of Service - You were provided an order of service from us the Bride/Groom but you decided to use your own.  I asked My Father to sit in the area so he could get a first look at me in my wedding dress. but you advised him to go be seated DOWNSTAIRS. My daughter was not even downstairs before you sent him down. I Can't Get This Moment Back.  You started service before making sure my daughter was downstairs. As an experienced planner You were supposed to line the wedding party up before you start.  You had the announcer(BELL RINGER) and the flower girl go down the aisle at the same time, with the Flower girl going first. The BRIDE is the ONLY person that should walk on rose petals. But you didn't stop there, you had them go before the GROOM. If you followed the order of service you would have known they entered on different songs. There is no way they were supposed to walk down together. You were so adamant about doing what you wanted and not following our order of service that you ruined our wedding experience. Then you had the nerve to post on IG that "Having good communication with vendors and making sure everything is executed to the bride's vision is key!" You failed to adhere to this during my wedding.  You allowed/advised the family and hostesses to leave the chapel. So multiple people are missing from our wedding photos. The Ceremony was not decorated as I requested. The silver Vases /centerpieces were not on the pillars. You were copied on the decor email. Multiple guests shared with us that you were rude when telling them no cell phones allowed during the ceremony. Your delivery couldve been better.  The Officiant didnt sign the wedding certificate.

  • Easy Work

    Verified review
    Dee Jay Breeze10 months ago

    It’s was a pleasure working with Elegant Occasions. They made my dj experience very easy and smooth.