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Prices start at $5,500

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Prices start at $3,000

About Anne Troxel Photography

Anne Troxel Photography

I want to capture your essence. People are often nervous when you begin to photograph them, but I have no expectations for you- aside for you to simply be your authentic self! I want to capture your silly, your tender, your sweet, your love. I’ll guide you and your loved one to interact in natural, timeless ways to create art that will have the honor of living in your home and being a part of your family for generations to come. I don't create for the now- I create for the forever.

During your wedding day, I'm going to be your one-woman hype team. We're going to laugh a lot. I'm going to let out nonsensical sounds of glee when I look at the back of my camera and see how radiant you are. You deserve to have a stress-free wedding day with an expert guiding you through the whole experience, from what to wear for your engagement session, how to bustle your dress for the reception, and even how to grab a quick snack from cocktail hour without anyone noticing. Your wedding is a once-in-a-life time event, there are no redos. I'll create you a perfect timeline to capture all the itty-bitty details and big moments alike.



  • Bride-only session
  • Engagement session
  • Extra hours
  • Image editing
  • Online proofing
  • Printing rights
  • Same-day edits
  • Second photographer

Photo formats

  • Digital
  • Film
  • Hybrid


  • Digital files
  • Digital rights
  • Online gallery
  • Photo box
  • Same/next-day sneak-peek images
  • Wedding album


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  • Anne's Attention to Detail is Unparalleled

    Verified review
    Maya Lovro Photographya year ago

    I've worked closely with Anne for years so everything I say here is true and, more importantly, consistently true. Anne knows weddings inside and out. She knows photography like she was born with a camera in hand. (I'm not convinced she wasn't) Combine these two truths and you easily see - Anne is not just a wedding photographer, she is THE wedding photographer. You want her. Her attention to detail and absolute mastery of her craft is so beautiful to witness I still sometimes find myself observing her in awe - and I've been watching her work for my entire professional life. Beyond her exceptional creative eye, which is well evidenced in her portfolio, Anne's dedication to her clients is extraordinary. I have seen her mend a broken dress on the spot, weather a hailstorm to finish portraits somewhere the couple could be dry, and push on despite injury to finish out a wedding day with a smile on her face. If photography is a language, Anne is fluent. She knows how to handle any weather / location / lighting scenario with ease and fluidly pivots to adapt to unforeseen circumstances. There is no photographic challenge out there that Anne wouldn't conceive a solution for in seconds. As a professional, Anne is the best there is. As a person, Anne is sweet, caring, affirming, inclusive, and genuinely wants to make the world a better place for everyone she meets. I feel so fortunate to have a life where I get the opportunity to know her and work with her.