How and when will we actually receive our gifts at home?

Every time a guest buys you a gift, you can choose to ship it home right away, exchange it before it ships (without guests finding out), or ship it later when you have room. You control this from your gift tracker.

When you're ready to to have a gift shipped to you, select “Send Now” next to the corresponding gift (see below).


If you’d like to exchange a gift you’ve received (without guests finding out), select “Convert to Store Credit.” You can learn more about exchanging gifts before they ship here and Zola store credits here. By the way, we’ll continue keeping track of the original gift your guest gave you, so you can write them a thank you.

Note: You can wait to ship a gift for as long as you want. However, we cannot guarantee the availability of the item if you wait a long time. This rarely happens, but if your gift goes out of stock or is discontinued by the manufacturer, you can convert the gift into Zola store credit that you can put towards any of the 50,000 gifts in our store. This credit never expires, either.

For cash fund gifts (including gifts added from other stores where you’ve chosen to receive the cash equivalent), make sure you’ve added your bank account details on this page, then you can transfer funds to your bank account anytime from your gift tracker. You can also convert cash fund gifts into Zola store credit and receive a5% bonus. Then you can use that credit towards any of the 50,000 gifts in our store. To learn more about transferring your cash funds and timing, see here.

Note: Guests have the option to make their gift a “surprise.” They can choose a future reveal date when you will be notified of their gift to you. It will be visibly marked as purchased on your registry (so you won’t receive duplicates), but you will not be able to manage this gift until the future reveal date that the guest listed. Questions about surprise gifts? Learn more here.

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