How will we know when a gift has been purchased off our registry? Where can we track gifts we receive?

We'll send you real-time notifications every time you receive a gift via email and also through the Zola app.

You can keep track of all gifts you receive in your gift tracker . Your gift will also be visibly marked as "Purchased" on your registry, so that you don’t receive the same gift twice.

Note: Guests have the option to make their gift a “surprise.” They can choose a future reveal date when you will be notified of their gift to you. The gift will still be marked as purchased on your registry (so you don’t receive duplicates), but their name will be kept secret until the reveal date they’ve listed. Questions about surprise gifts? Learn more here.

For more on receiving and shipping gifts home, visit this page. If you’d like to learn more about how to exchange a gift before it ships (without guests finding out), head to this page.

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