How can I exchange my gifts before they ship? Will my guests find out?

We all change our minds, right? That's why we developed a smarter exchange policy that lets you swap any gift you’ve received for something else before it ships—without your guests finding out.

To exchange a gift you’ve received, visit your gift tracker and click “Convert to Store Credit” (see below).


You’ll automatically receive the value of the gift as Zola store credit. This credit never expires and can be used on any of the 50,000 gifts in our store. You can learn more about Zola store credit and how to redeem it here. You can check the balance of your credits at any time in your account settings and at the top of your gift tracker.

Your guests will not be notified that you exchanged their gift. We’ll also keep track of the guest’s original gift, so you can write a thank you.

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