A guest purchased a gift on my registry from another website. Can you give me an update as to where it is?

When you add gifts to your Zola registry from another store, you have the option to redirect your guests so they can purchase the gift from the site directly. When that happens, they have the option of copy/pasting your address so that they may ship the item to you directly, or send it to themselves so that they can give you the gift in person.


While we cannot send you shipping or tracking updates on items purchased elsewhere, we do send guests a follow-up form after they have gone to another site so that they can confirm the purchase, fill in their full name, and confirm the store and order confirmation number for their purchase.

You will be able to see this information on your gift tracker, right above the item picture. With the order number and gift giver name for reference, you can reach out to the store the item was purchased from in order to get further assistance.

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