What is a surprise gift? Why do we see this in our gift tracker?

When a guest purchases a Zola gift from your registry, they have the option to delay the email notification that we send to you to notify you of the gift. At check out, they can choose the option to make a gift a surprise, so it remains hidden in your account until a specific day! They can choose a future “Reveal Date” for their gift (see below), like your shower or wedding day.


The item will still be marked as purchased on your registry so you won't receive duplicates, but you will not be able to see who gave you this item or manage this gift until the reveal date. If the gift is set to "Ship to Couple" you will not be able to ship it out or convert it to credits until it is revealed in your account. Before the reveal date, we’ll list how many surprise gifts you have waiting for you at the top of your gift tracker (see below).


On the reveal date, we’ll send you a notification saying you’ve received a gift. The details of the purchase will also show up in your gift tracker and you can choose to ship the gift right away, exchange it before it ships, or ship it later when you have room.

Just can't wait? We get it! Reach out to our support team and they can reveal the gift to you ahead of time. Don't worry, it doesn't notify your guest when we do this - so the secret's safe with us!

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