Pop the Questions ft. Celeb Nail Artist Zola Ganzorigt: “Should My Wedding Nails be Classic or Trendy?"

In this month's Ask Us Anything, Zola sits down with celebrity nail artist Zola Ganzorigt to talk all things wedding nails and spill the hottest wedding nail trends for 2023.

By Emily Forrest

Pop the Question ft. Celeb Nail Artist Zola Ganzorigt
Photo by Zola Ganzorigt

Have a burning wedding planning question on your mind? Pop the question to our Zola advisors on Team-Z!

Dear Team-Z, We're the soon-to-be-married duo in the midst of planning our dream wedding, and we can't help but wonder about the perfect nail design for our big day. We're torn between going for a classic wedding nail design that stands the test of time or opting for something trendier to add a modern twist to our look. How do we strike the perfect balance?

*~ Nail-ing it Together *

Dear Nail-ing it Together, you’ve come to the right crew to answer your nail-biting question.

Zola, the wedding experts, sat down with nail artist and bride-to-be, Zola Ganzorigt (aka Zola G, creator of the viral “glazed donut” nail trend and nail artist to your favorite celebs – Hailey Bieber, Sydney Sweeney, Kendall Jenner, and more) to talk all things wedding nails, including the hottest wedding nail trends for 2023.

So Zola, got any advice? How do you think 2023 couples can incorporate modern nail trends into their wedding manicure that they'll see in photos forever?

Zola G: Yes! Glazed donut nails are definitely the way to go for a modern touch. They provide a contemporary twist to traditional neutral nails, making them more modern without adding too much.

What do you think is the next-of-the-moment nail trend that could battle "glazed donut" nails for internet fame? Are there any other wedding nail ideas that your clients are all asking for right now?

Zola G: I believe glazed donut nails are the new French nails, and they will stay as a classic bridal nail trend. Vanilla French nails are also perfect for weddings. They bring a touch of elegance and sophistication to every bridal look. Plus they won’t steal the spotlight from your engagement ring.

Lately, I've been getting requests for French nail designs. Not the regular white French, but different color combinations or restructured French designs. It’s one of my favorite ways to help my clients showcase their personalities while still keeping things classic.

3 Ways to Elevate Classic Wedding Nails with Zola & Celebrity Artist "Nails by Zola"

*We couldn’t let Zola G go without answering some more of our burning questions. Here’s what she had to say about her top nail looks from her star-studded clientele, and her tips for those looking to pull off star-quality nails on a budget. *

What celeb look have you done that you think would be perfect as wedding nails?

Zola G: Hailey Bieber’s 2022 Met Gala Glazed donut nail look is perfect as wedding nails. Also, the Aura glaze I did on Jenna Dewan would be a great option as well. And the nails I did on Sydney Sweeney for Euphoria’s premiere are such good wedding nail inspo.

Are there any other wedding nail ideas that your clients are all asking for right now?

Zola G: Lately, I've been getting requests for French nail designs. Not the regular white French, but different color combinations or restructured French designs. It’s one of my favorite ways to help my clients showcase their personalities while still keeping things classic.

Our survey shows that couples this year are gravitating towards neutral/classic shades. Are there any particular neutral nail colors that are your favorites?

Zola G: My go-to favorite neutral shades are OPI Bare My Soul, Put It in Neutral, and Bubble Bath. They’re perfect for every day and transition seamlessly for any events you have. I love a nail that can go from grocery shopping to an engagement party or wedding shower!

We know that some couples want extra embellishment for their wedding nails. What do you recommend for spicing up nails that won't feel too trendy or steal the show from your ring?

Zola G: For those who opt for embellishments, I recommend getting their nails done one or two days before the special day. This way, you won't have to worry about losing rhinestones or any other possible issues.

Rumor has it you’re getting married soon! Will you be adding any embellishments or designs to your wedding nails that hold a special meaning to you?

Zola G: Definitely! I would love my wedding nails to be classic and modern at the same time and also include little symbolic details that represent the Mongolian wedding ring. The ring has two connected circles for the groom and two connected rhombuses for the bride, symbolizing "together forever." I added a modern touch by incorporating two connected hearts on my ring finger, which also happens to be Zola wedding company's logo! What a coincidence.

How Celebrity Nail Artist "Nails by Zola" Designed Her Wedding Nails with Zola

What are your top tips for budget-conscious couples who want extra special wedding nails?

Zola G: My advice for every bride is to try a few different nail designs or color shades during each nail salon visit before your wedding day. Decide on your ultimate favorite design or shade. Then, get your nails done 1-2 days before your wedding so your manicure looks fresh. Also, please avoid rhinestones or decals. This will save a lot of money in your nail budget and allow your engagement ring to shine.

Got any advice for couples concerned about keeping their natural nails healthy if they opt for wearing acrylic or gel for the day?

Zola G: If you wear any type of nail, the removal process is important and mostly the reason for damaging nails.

Proper removal can keep your nails healthy, so I’d recommend getting them removed professionally or be very gentle. Also recently I’m loving this OPI nail serum for already damaged nails.

What other nail and hand care would you recommend leading up to the wedding?

Zola G: Such a good question! Nail and hand care are really important for your manicure to look nice. Using cuticle oil every day and using a hand mask when you do your skincare will help your manicure look better & last longer.

Last but not least, why do you think nail design is such a special part of the wedding journey for many couples?

Zola G: When you’re engaged you’re showing off your hands and your wedding ring every chance you get, AND capturing countless photos where your nails will be in the spotlight too. So, having nail designs you love becomes essential.

When your nails are perfectly manicured, it not only boosts your confidence in flaunting that bling but also ties your entire look together flawlessly. It's like the cherry on top, ensuring you feel amazing and ready to rock your wedding day!

And there you have it! Whether it's the timeless glazed donut nails or the popular French nail designs, Zola and Zola G have the expertise to ensure that couples can incorporate any and all modern trends into their wedding day. So, get inspired and make your wedding nails a memorable part of your special journey.

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