Yes, You Should Design Your Own Wedding Album

There are plenty of reasons to design your wedding album yourself. We break down the top five reasons to handle the duty on your own, including ease and all the benefits.

By Nilina Mason-Campbell

Design Your Own Wedding Album
Photo by Zola

Wedding photos are an iconic part of any marriage and how you present them matters. You’re likely to upload a digital gallery online, but what about physical prints? Why not display them with pride in the form of a wedding album instead of tucking them away in a box on a shelf?

If you’re not one to scrapbook for hours, you’ve likely looked into having an album printed when you get your prints, but instead of going with stock options, you should absolutely design one yourself.

Luckily it’s a lot easier and more elegant than sitting around with glue and scissors. With a variety of templates, options, and materials, you can design a photo album that matches the wedding of your dreams. Let us convince you to take on the task:

#1 Ease of Creation

Using Zola to create your own wedding album is an easy step-by-step process. You’re not starting from scratch. Instead, you can select from various templates to craft a layout that suits your taste and then play around and arrange them with intuitive tools.

#2 Options

Aside from layout options, you have the ability to select which materials and accents your album will utilize from cover to paper and even the embellishments, like gloss or matte and various colored foil. There’s no standard size to suit all—instead you’ll have an array of choices.

#3 Customizing

Have you been browsing helpful suggestions and different concepts and styles when it comes to wedding photo albums? What if you want to incorporate something that caught your eye? Luckily the layout templates and font choices are in your hands and are flexible enough to be altered to suit your tastes and ideas.

#4 No Guesswork

Trusting someone else or a company to craft your wedding album leaves a lot to chance. By creating your albu yourself, you know exactly which photos are presented where and exactly how each page will look at every turn.

#5 Total Control

When you handle every detail, there won’t be any surprises or disappointment at the end. This album is all you. Don’t like something? Nix it. Want to spend more time perfecting the photo order or sleep on it a little? When you’re in control, everything is on your schedule and totally possible.

Design Your Own Wedding Album with Zola

Zola is the only place where you can create a photo album designed by wedding experts, no heavy lifting required. Whether you're looking to create an heirloom wedding album or a coffee table keepsake, our Album Wizard listens to what you’re looking for, then helps you pick the perfect photos and layout to keep the processs, quick, easy, and stress-free.

Photo albums are special keepsakes and something you’ll treasure for years to come. And since your wedding is a summation of your ideas, there’s no reason the very album that reflects the big day shouldn’t be too.

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