Why You Need An Air Fryer on Your Registry

If you are wondering if you need an air fryer on your registry, read on to learn why it’s a must!

By Nilina Mason-Campbell

Why You Need An Air Fryer on Your Registry
Photo by Cuisinart

Lately, it’s seemed air fryers are all the rage, but is it just a trendy item or something meaningful and useful that you should add to your kitchen, especially as you embark on this next step of partnership?

If you’re a fan of fried foods and want a healthier option and/or to be able to make them at home without the mess of vast amounts of oil, having an air fryer will open up a world of recipes and dishes to you. Think quick and easy comfort food and delightful vegetable sides without too much thought. If you’re someone who likes to play it safe and thinks a regular oven will serve you fine, trust that an air fryer will unlock a whole new level of meals that you’ll soon be sharing together.

Wedding guests love to spoil newly married couples, and shared meals are a cornerstone of the time you’ll spend together, and the memories you’ll make, so adding an air fryer to your wedding registry list is a no-brainer. This handy kitchen item is included as one of the best electronic wedding gifts in several wedding articles. But what exactly is an air fryer, and what’s the difference between air frying and deep-frying?

Air Fry vs. Deep Fry

There can be something so comforting about deep-fried foods, not just the taste but the memories they invoked. From home-cooked meals to iconic restaurant spots or even county fairs, it'd be nice to replicate the foods in your own home. However, many fried foods have developed a reputation for being unhealthy since they're often high in fat and cholesterol due to the vast amount of oils used to cook them. The most common method means they're submerged in oil for the duration of the process.

With an air fryer, the need for high amounts of oil is eliminated. Instead, hot air circulation is used as a stand-in for oil to achieve the same amount of crispiness. And not only does cutting out the oil mean they’re healthier, but it also makes cleanup a lot easier.

What Can You Make?

There is an abundance of specialized recipes that utilize air fryers, though you can adapt most deep fry recipes too. With an air fryer, you’ll want to avoid wet batter for the most part, but you’ll still be able to make delicious onion rings and crisp, breaded fried chicken.

You can put your air fryer to work to whip up culinary delights like french fries and beyond like sweet potato friends, and it might even encourage you to get creative in the kitchen and add other seasonal root vegetables. You can make tasty fried cauliflower bites to dunk in various sauces and fry up brussel sprouts until they’re brown and crispy without standing over a pan and searing them under intense oversight. There’s an ease to using an air fryer through general function, and also food-specific presets that many come with.

These are our picks of the best air fryers to add to your registry. We selected a variety of sizes and capabilities as many can pull several duties beyond just air frying. With clean up and counter space in mind, there’s a must-have option for every couple:

1. Ninja Air Fryer

Ninja has been cornering the market when it comes to making preparing food with ease, whether it be their high-powered single-serve blenders or their air fryers that have taken center stage. This air fryer comes with a ceramic coating that’ll make cooking and cleanup a breeze. But this machine goes beyond just air frying. It allows you to roast, reheat and dehydrate food, which, will serve you for full dinners, the leftovers, and snacks on the go. This appliance also uses a technology known as Tendercrisp to make sure nothing you cook up dries entirely out, upping the tastiness factor tenfold.

2. Instant Pot Vortex 6-Qt. Air Fryer Oven

This small, but mighty appliance enables you to not only air fry but roast and bake too! You can prepare and cook not only savory fried foods like breaded, fried chicken but sweet desserts like s'mores and healthy, friend versions of your favorite vegetables like cauliflower bites or crispy brussel sprouts. While there are smart programming options to assist you in your meal prep, you also have the ability to exert total control of temperature and timing when it comes to how you cook up your food. You’re then able to set your custom selections in place as presets going forward, which makes it easier than ever to prepare your favorite foods that you eat regularly.

3. DASH Compact Air Fryer

Get your ketchup and napkins ready, because you’re about to be able to cook up all the french fries and onion rings to your heart's content with this appliance. It’s a simple design with two dials and a removable tray that’s dishwasher safe. Visually, it’s got a retro, yet modern vibe, especially when it comes to the aqua colorway. Plus, it’ll occupy far less than a foot of prime real estate on your kitchen counter.

4. Kalorik 5.3 Qt. Air Fryer Pro XL

If you’re a kitchen tool aficionado, the odds are that you find stainless steel a pleasing material when it comes to your cutlery, pans, and appliances. Stainless steel is incorporated into this air fryer by way of its sleek exterior, which means it’s fingerprint resistant and will stay looking spiffy for years to come.

Use the touchscreen panel for easy operation. And while compact, its 5.3-quart sizing means you can cook up enough food for either multiple servings for yourself or enough servings to feed multiple family members. In addition, there are eight preset options on hand to help you conquer meat, baked goods, seafood, and more.

5. Cuisinart Multi-Functional Air Fryer Toaster Oven

This Toaster Oven/air fryer combo comes from the Trusted Cuisinart brand. Making kitchen appliances for the past fifty years, they’ve honed their offerings to make kitchen tools capable of all the jobs you'd like, and this oven is no exception. It features a timer with auto shut-off, which is great if you're either a multi-tasker or someone with a tendency to get sidetracked. While the oven itself requires hand washing, the trays are conveniently removable and dishwasher safe.

6. De'Longhi Livenza 9-in-1 Air Fryer Convection Oven 0.5 cu ft.

With the extended capabilities of this convection oven, you're likely to use it to prepare all meals, even if you have a traditional oven. And uses less energy thanks to its size, and its heat lock system, which means heat is locked inside better than other ovens. It loses 30% less heat through its door in comparison, which could translate into your energy bill. Plus, it heats up much faster, meaning you'll be cooking and eating much quicker. Aside from its heating capabilities, other aspects make this an efficient appliance. It features a nonstick interior primed for easy cleanup.

7. Kalorik Digital Air Fryer Toaster Oven

This air fryer features five different settings, including toast, air fry, baked, broil and rotisserie, meaning you can prepare a cornucopia worth of food with just this one kitchen appliance. Its compact size means it can sit tight on your countertop without cannibalizing a bunch of space, which is remarkable given all that it is capable of. It includes a timer that will track your dish for up to an hour. Its 22-quart capacity translates to the ability to cook an entire chicken intact or nearly 5 pounds of other foods.

8. Cuisinart Compact Air Fryer Toaster Oven

This air fryer from Cuisinart is ready to pull multiple duties in your kitchen. It can fry, roast, broil and bake a variety of food depending on which setting you use. This easy-to-operate countertop oven features four different knobs - three for you to select a setting, temperature, and timing, plus a fourth toasting-specific dial for you to pick how you’d like it done, be it light, dark, or medium. When it comes to air frying with this machine, the space allows you to cook 2.5 pounds worth of food. Plus, the removable racks and trays are dishwasher safe.

9. DASH Family Size 2-Piece Air Fryer

This compact air fryer offers enough room for you to cook up servings for the whole family. It features a removable crisper drawer which allows enough room to cook up a whole chicken. Instead of heading to the grocery store for a rotisserie chicken, you can produce similar results at home. The spacious drawer accommodates cooking multiple servings at once of favorite sides like french fries, roasted potatoes, or crispy and crunchy tater tots. The fact that it’s removable allows for better access for filling it full of food to cook and makes it easier to clean and faster to cool.

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