Where to Buy Professional Wedding Albums

Wondering where you can buy professional wedding albums? Zola has got you covered! So, continue reading to find out.

By Jennifer Prince

Where to Buy Professional Wedding Albums
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The First Look ✨

Once you get your wedding photos back from your wedding photographer, you’ll immediately want to show your friends and family. Of course, you can share your digital files, but presenting them in an album is a beautiful way to showcase them in person. However, figuring out exactly where to purchase your album can delay the process. To bring back the fun to your photographs, we’ve got the scoop on where to buy professional wedding albums. Hint: Zola has you covered.

Part 1: How to Decide Where to Purchase Professional Wedding Albums
Part 2: Determining Where to Buy Professional Wedding Albums
Part 3: Why You Should Purchase Zola Wedding Albums
Part 4: Fun Ideas for Your Wedding Photo Album

Do I Need a Professional Wedding Album?

Many couples question if they need a wedding photo album. Chat with your partner about whether or not you’d like to order one, and weigh the pros and cons. You may not feel like you need an album today. However, think about the future as the files on your laptop or phone may not always be readily available.

Having an album to hold is something to treasure for years to come. Whether you place it on your coffee table or share it with your future grandchildren, it will become a treasured heirloom. Additionally, creating an album while you have your images handy is a wise decision.

Determining Where to Buy Professional Wedding Albums

There are a few points to consider before purchasing your album. Plus, you may not need to buy all of your photo books in one place. Think about your goals before you weigh the various options.

Determine Who Your Wedding Photo Books Are For

Higher quality albums are great to keep for yourself or give as gifts to your parents and grandparents. However, you may want to send out a snapshot of your day for your wedding attendants. In this case, it’s probably best to get smaller albums in a larger quantity.

Come Up With a Budget for Your Albums

Your budget will impact where your album comes from. It’s perfectly ok to select a smaller, less expensive album in the beginning. You can always save up for a larger one once you can afford it. Also, the bulk of your budget should go towards your keepsake album. After you determine what you can allot towards yours, work through a budget for gifts for family and friends.

Select the Features You Want in Your Wedding Album

Some couples are happy with a flipbook of photos. However, that’s quite different from couples who crave a leather-bound traditional wedding album. Talk with your partner about paper quality and the construction of the cover option you’ve chosen. Again, you can always save towards higher-priced albums as an anniversary or holiday gift to each other.

Decide How Much Effort to Put Into Your Photo Albums

Those who want control over the layout of every page will love DIY options. Conversely, some desire a more hands-off approach and want to leave the structure to someone else. The amount of time you have—or want—to put into designing an album will impact where you make your final purchase.

Options for Purchasing Your Professional Wedding Albums

No matter where you get your wedding photo books, there are both pros and cons. First, decide what’s essential to you and your significant other, and then discuss some of the options below. You may find one place for your album, another for parent albums, and yet another for wedding attendants.

Local Photo Printing Center

Many big box stores and pharmacies offer photo printing services. These locations can be both quick and economical. However, what you gain in budget and time, you may sacrifice in quality. In addition, because most of their printing happens on-site, options like paper and cover selections are limited.

Conversely, professionally-bound albums will stand the test of time. Therefore, a local photo center may not be the best option if you want a long-lasting photo book. However, for wedding attendants, family, and friends, this can be the ideal route to take.

Online Photo Printing Center

Many websites print quality pictures and have photo-related products, such as ornaments, mugs, and posters. Although their prices are tempting, you run into the caveats mentioned with local printing centers. In short, when it really counts (such as your personal album), opt for a company that’s known for albums and not prints.

Your Wedding Photographer

Chances are the company who photographed your wedding day also offers upgrades, such as gallery prints and professional wedding albums. Ask your photographer for samples of their past albums .so that you can feel the paper and see the quality. Most wedding photographers will choose photos and the album design for their couples. Although you will have to guide a few selections, getting an album via your professional photographer is perfect for hands-off couples. However, this may not be the most economical option, yet many professionals can work within your suggested budget.

Online Album Provider

Many companies (including Zola!) offer quality professional wedding albums that are highly customizable. These online album services provide various selections for your book size, album cover composition, paper weight, and number of pages. Additionally, you can choose and approve layout suggestions or create your album page by page. Although this may not be the most economical option for your attendants, these are perfect for longevity. Thus, couples can display a professional wedding album and save it for generations to come.

Why You Should Purchase Zola Wedding Albums

You Can Customize the Cover of Your Wedding Album

Covers come in a range of materials, including linen, vegan leather, and leather. The various options allow you to customize the front of your album to coordinate with your taste and decor. Additionally, complimentary album cover personalization is perfect for adding your names and wedding date to the album.

You Can Choose the Size of Your Album

Zola’s albums range in size in both book dimensions and the number of pages. This allows couples to make a large coffee table book or a smaller album to place on a bookshelf. Page count starts at 20, which is perfect for some couples. However, others have trouble narrowing down their photo selections and need more room. The average page count is 40, but you can fully customize your wedding photo album to have more or less, depending on your needs.

You Can Conform to a Budget

Zola’s professional wedding albums come at various price points. So whether you want to spend $150 or $700, there’s a photo album to suit your needs. Create a keepsake that fits within your style and finances.

You Can Choose Your Level of DIYing

Zola offers the perfect hybrid between creating a customized professional album or having someone do it for you. If you or your partner is a DIY lover, take the time to design every page to your liking. Alternatively, those who want a bit of help can go with the automatic layout suggestions. Just upload your images and select which route works best for you.

You Can Create Your Album Whenever You Want

Can’t sleep at 2 a.m? Design your album. Zola’s online service allows you to customize at your leisure. You can also make your wedding photo book in one sitting or slowly complete your book over time. The choice is yours.

You Can Count on Zola’s Quality

If you’re searching for a professional wedding album that will stand the test of time, count on Zola. From quality paper to sturdy covers, the construction is designed to last. The albums are both functional and beautiful. You’ll be proud to show your wedding photos to family and friends when bound into a gorgeous Zola album.

Fun Ideas for Your Wedding Photo Album

Whether you’re having trouble finding time to design your album or you simply love unique ideas, make it enjoyable. Instead of dreading making your wedding book, use some of our ideas to keep up the big day’s momentum.

Schedule an Album Date Night—or Two.

If creating your album seems like a chore, turn it into a date night. First, order in or sit at your favorite coffee shop and select photos. Then, have another date to curate your album. Finally, schedule a concluding date night and open your final album together. Each time, you will be able to reminisce about your big day and relive your fond memories.

Get Friends and Family Involved in Photo Selection

After your friends and family view your photo gallery, let each person choose one picture that’s meaningful to them. Maybe they’ll select a first dance image or one of the person who finally caught the bouquet. Doing this will also give you a glimpse into how others felt about the small moments of your big day.

Record Your Thoughts in Your Album

Once your album arrives, record how you felt at that exact moment or a memory associated with it. Yes, you can do this with ink, or you can simply add sticky notes throughout your wedding photo book.

Do you remember how your heart jumped when you saw her walk down the aisle? Was it incredibly fabulous to see your grade school BFF after so many years? Did your grandmother whisper something memorable into your ear at the reception? Before those moments slip away, write them down. Someday, you’ll be glad you did.

Look Through Your Album Occasionally

Books collect dust if they’re left unattended. Or, perhaps, you plan on tucking your photo album away. Don’t forget about the fact that you have a beautiful album filled with wonderful, tangible memories of your big day. Make plans to get it out annually—on Valentine’s Day or your anniversary—so that you can reminisce and rekindle your commitment.

Zola: The Place for Professional Wedding Album Needs

With our online system, you can order your wedding photo album in a snap. Uploading images and selecting layouts is very intuitive. Additionally, you can count on Zola’s quality as you cherish your photo album for years to come. With Zola, you can completely customize your book and fondly remember your special day.

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