What Are the Best Places to Propose?

Deciding where to propose is a big deal—you want it to be special, memorable, and above all, the perfect start to your engagement. If you’re looking for the best places to propose, here are the winners, all of which you can pull off anywhere you live.

By Jennifer Prince

Best Places to Propose
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The First Look ✨

  • You can propose at the location of your very first date or take a trip to the most breathtaking view in town (bonus points if you manage to get some photos of the surprise proposal as well).
  • Incorporate your favorite hobby—like hiking, kayaking, or hitting the movie theater—for a uniquely “you” proposal.
  • If home is where the heart is, a proposal at your own home might be the perfect way to ask the most important question.

There are a lot of components to consider when it comes to pulling off the perfect proposal. While the ring, the speech, and the day are important, figuring out where you’re going to propose is the glue that holds it all together. If you’re scratching your head wondering what the best places to propose are, we’ve got you covered with the top marriage proposal ideas.

Where You Had Your First Date

There’s a good chance your first date was one of the most important days of your life—so much so you probably still celebrate that exact day. With this in mind, the location of your first date is one of the best spots for a romantic proposal. Consider keeping where you’re going a secret so as not to ruin the surprise, but once you get there, remind them how special the date was and how it brought you to where you are today.

The Best View in Your Town

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Whether it’s a dock overlooking a marina, a hilltop with vast city vistas, or something in between, chances are there’s a spot or two your city is known for when it comes to breathtaking scenery. Consider hiring a photographer or having someone snap a few shots as you get down on your knee. It’s important to note, however, that if your partner isn’t a fan of long hikes, eliminate that option on your list, no matter how gorgeous the view.

Your Favorite Bar/Restaurant

If you’re looking to keep things a total surprise, visiting your favorite restaurant or bar as a couple is a great way to keep your SO on his or her toes. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small pub on the corner that you can walk to or a local bistro with sparkling market lights on the other side of town. Not only will your almost fiance head into the date without any notion that a proposal is on the horizon, but it will make your special proposal spot even more memorable. Consider asking the staff to do something special, like the print out a unique menu or decorate an area, or ask friends and family to stop by after the “yes.”

A Place That Defines Your Relationship

Do you have a joint passion for hiking? Kayaking? Seeing new movies at your local theater? Maybe you just like to take a Sunday stroll along the water after a full brunch of pancakes and mimosas. If you have a joint hobby or traditional date that you both love, this could be a great option to incorporate in your romantic proposal. Consider ways to make your usual date a little different (like setting up photos and flowers at the hiking site or creating a fake movie trailer and asking the theater to play it) to amp up the romance.

Where You First Met

Maybe you met in freshman year English class at your university or you bumped into each other at the cereal aisle of your local gourmet market. Either way, returning to the exact spot where your eyes first met is a sweet idea. Even if it’s not a place you wouldn’t “traditionally” think would be a spot to propose, the history of the spot makes it one of the most romantic choices possible. Think of ways to make this perfect spot extra special—like incorporating candles, lights, or framed photographs, and be sure to get permission if it’s at a business or on private property.

Zola: What Are the Best Places to Propose? Photo Credit // Unsplash

Where You First Said “I Love You”

The first “I love you” is a big deal in a relationship, just like your proposal. Chances are, this was a turning point in your bond, so what better way to ask one of the most important questions of your life than at the spot where you embarked on the next chapter of your relationship? Mention in your marriage proposal how monumental that special moment was for your lives and where you hope this next adventure takes you. If you want to make it extra special, consider recreating the date leading up to the “I love you” or adding things like candles, lights, or rose petals to mark the proposal spot and make it magical.

Where They Grew Up

If your SO is close with their family (and you can’t imagine the proposal without them there), popping the question at their childhood home or parents’ house is a sweet way to honor the joy of tying two families together. After getting permission from his or her family, proposing where they grew up is one of the sweetest ways to get engaged. Consider asking the family to set up something special and make it clear whether you want them there during the actual marriage proposal or if you’d prefer to keep the moment private and celebrate together right after.

Your Own Home

No place honors your bond quite like your very own home. This is where you laugh together, cry together, and foster the relationship you have to this day. If the home is the heart of your link, consider decking it out for an unforgettable proposal. Ask their friends to steal them for the day, and while they’re gone, decorate with flowers, candles, Christmas lights, and photos of your relationship at different stages. Be sure to set up your phone to record the whole thing and have a bottle of Champagne chilling in the fridge to open after the big “yes!”

The most important component when selecting the perfect place to propose is that it rings true to your relationship. While a stunning backdrop might be the perfect proposal location for some, others might consider a romantic getaway to be the best proposal idea. So, whether it’s a romantic dinner at your favorite restaurant, the spot of your first date, or in the living room of your own home, as long as it feels like “you,” it will be a special moment you’ll treasure forever.

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