Wedding Ring Trends

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By Jennifer Prince

stacked gold wedding rings
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When a look cascades down the runway, you’ll see versions in bridal boutiques all over the next season. Even interior design influences can mark an era—avocado-colored fridge, anyone? Similarly, trends impact the jewelry industry. And, just like any other trends, some are worth following, while others are worth forsaking. After all, you don’t necessarily want the ring you’ll wear for a lifetime to look dated. Whether you choose to follow trends or buck them, here’s how to select a wedding ring style you’ll want to wear for decades to come.

Wedding Ring Trends Photo Credit // Unsplash

Overarching Jewelry Trends

Buy Properly Sourced Pieces.

Sure, there are buzzwords such as sustainable, ethical, and eco-friendly, but these terms aren’t just en vogue. Many manufacturers are using reclaimed metals to form new pieces. And thanks in part to the 2006 movie Blood Diamond, there is a growing interest in conflict-free diamonds and if the artisans are fairly compensated. Buying lab-grown diamonds or seeking out antique engagement rings ensures that your purchase is a conscientious one.

Don’t Be Afraid of Color.

Don’t think that your only option for a timeless engagement ring is a round solitaire on a plain platinum wedding band. Of course, a circular gemstone is gorgeous, but feel free to mix it up a bit by adding color.

Colored gemstones, like blue sapphires and green emeralds, have been popular for decades, but don’t overlook other hues. Aquamarine has a lovely, soft turquoise tone, and both garnets and rubies offer a striking red color. Likewise, choosing metals such as green gold or zirconium for your wedding band can highlight a variety of stones.

Make Engagement Ring Design a Priority.

The word “artisan” used to qualify things that were carefully produced by a craftsperson. Nowadays, that term can describe food, coffee, and cocktails. It’s wonderful, yet it also signifies a movement to have something one-of-a-kind. This desire also translates to the rise of unique, non-traditional engagement rings.

As a result, manufacturers are producing artsy engagement rings that appear to be one-off pieces. Details matter and can make a statement, even when a smaller colored gemstone takes center stage. Wearing thoughtfully designed jewelry is one of the biggest wedding ring trends.

Give a Nod to the Past.

When dealing with fashion, it’s true that everything old is new again. As trends circle, there’s a resurgence of vintage pieces, like Art Deco engagement rings from the ‘40s and asymmetrical cluster engagement rings from the ‘80s. Preowned jewelry and estate pieces offer a plethora of rare styles that are not only unique, but can also help you save money.

Purchasing vintage engagement rings is an excellent way to ensure that your piece is appropriately sourced and high on design. Furthermore, several manufacturers are producing pieces that mimic vintage design. Either way, paying homage to the past can make for stunning pieces to wear today.

A Guide to Modern Wedding Ring Trends

Whether you desire a copied Jackie Kennedy diamond engagement ring or prefer artsy engagement rings, there’s a trend for you. Go big and bold, or keep it understated with these cutting-edge styles paired with the A-listers who wear them.

Make a Statement With Alternative Shapes.

Round brilliants will always be a popular style, yet other shapes fade in and out of diamond engagement ring styles. Known as fancy cuts, silhouettes like the rectangular emerald cut, classic oval, and square Asscher are in fashion at the moment.

Celebrity Inspiration: Alex Rodriguez proposed to Jennifer Lopez with a massive emerald cut stunner. Since this was her fifth engagement, A-Rod obviously had to give J.Lo something worthy of her “yes.”

Vary the Number of Focal Point Gemstones.

Solitaires are as classic as you can get, so they will always be on-trend engagement rings. In contrast, playing with the number of focal stones can be visually spectacular. Odd numbers of rocks—such as three or five—create memorable pieces.

Celebrity Inspiration: One of the world’s most iconic women, Jackie Kennedy, wore a multi-stone diamond ring given to her by JFK. The two focal stones—emerald and diamond—were close in size, but not identical in shape or hue.

Wedding Ring Trends Photo Credit // Unsplash

Consider Unique Metals.

Whether yellow or white, gold is always en vogue, and the same reigns true for platinum. However, lesser-used metals, such as titanium, steel, or tungsten, are incorporated into wedding bands and unique engagement rings. Rose gold also remains a staple for wedding ring metal.

Celebrity Inspiration: Almost anyone would find it hard to say “no” to Ryan Reynolds. Such was the case with Blake Lively and her yes-worthy, oval-shaped pink diamond set in rose gold. The two hues—and superstars—complement each other perfectly.

Don’t Discount the Little Things.

Sometimes it’s the smallest details that create the biggest impact. Therefore, one of today’s most popular engagement rings concentrates on minimalism and features delicate, skinny bands. This ring style is timeless yet stunning—and perfect for the casual bride. Another newcomer is the hidden halo, which sits slightly under the stone instead of surrounding it.

Celebrity Inspiration: If you crave minimalism, then Amanda Seyfriend is your alter ego. Although she’s been acting for over two decades, her now-husband Thomas Sadoski proposed with a simple, yet stunning band that encompasses what minimalism is all about.

Concentrate on the Band.

Often a subtle switch in the detailing can set off a stone superbly. Turn heads with a bold band or a stack of multiple rings. Or, opt for the split shank and twisted styles, which offer a more delicate feel.

Celebrity Inspiration: Yes, it’s difficult to notice anything beyond the massive rock on Beyonce’s finger. However, Jay-Z produced a top hit when he proposed to Queen Bey with a trendy split shank ring.

Look to the Past for Inspo.

Unique vintage engagement rings can take on many forms. Over the decades, the best engagement rings were earmarks of their eras. Particularly in fashion are the bold rings characteristic of the late 1700s Georgian era. Don’t limit bygone designs to the band, though—rose and rough-cut diamonds are rare and back in style.

Celebrity Inspiration: Although Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost’s relationship has flown under the radar, you’d never know it by the ring. Reminiscent of Art Deco engagement rings, Scarlett’s ring features an 11-carat light brown diamond set in ceramic.

Above All, Find Something Uniquely You

You may be big on fashion or merely want to know what engagement ring trends to avoid. Either way, be sure to find a ring that you adore and want to wear daily.