Wedding Ornaments to Remember Your Big Day

A guide to the different wedding ornaments that you can get to remember all your wedding magic.

By Monica Mercuri

ornaments on christmas tree to remember
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The day you get married will be one of the happiest and most special days of your life—and when you have a day that extraordinary, you want to remember it.

There are plenty of ways to remember your wedding, but one of the most decorative ways is wedding ornaments. Wedding ornaments are a fun, decorative, and sentimental way to commemorate your big day and remember your “I do’s.” But what type of personalized ornament should you get?

Why Are Wedding Ornaments So Popular?

Wedding Ornaments to Remember Your Big Day Photo Credit // Unsplash

Before we jump into the different wedding ornaments that you can get to remember your big day, let’s quickly cover why wedding ornaments are so popular in the first place.

Lots of couples choose to get wedding ornaments (or receive wedding ornaments as a gift) for a few different reasons, including:

  • Ornaments are an affordable way to commemorate your wedding. Most couples want to commemorate their wedding in a number of different ways—and having a holiday ornament made to celebrate their big day is arguably one of the most affordable.
  • Ornaments make a great present. Many couples receive wedding ornaments as a gift—and for good reason. Ornaments are a thoughtful, personal, and affordable present for a spouse to give to their partner, or a friend or family member to give to the happy couple—making them a go-to for birthdays, anniversaries, and holiday gifts.
  • Ornaments will remind you of your big day every holiday season. For many couples, the holidays are a time that’s full of happiness—and when you have a wedding ornament to hang on your Christmas tree or decorative display, it will remind you of all the happiness you felt at your wedding, making the season feel even more joyful.

The Different Types of Wedding Ornaments

Once you decide that you want a wedding ornament for your own (or that you want to give an ornament to a recently wedded couple in your life), it’s time to figure out which type of personalized ornament is right for you.

  • There are a number of Christmas ornament types to choose from, including:

  • Photo Wedding Ornaments. One of the most popular wedding ornament styles is the photo ornament. You can choose a photo from the wedding and then use that photo to create a custom ornament for Christmas. There are different styles within the photo wedding ornament category (for example, you can get a picture frame ornament and add your own photo or you can have the photo printed on an ornament)—but, whichever style you choose, these ornaments act as a visual reminder of how happy you and your partner were on your wedding day.

  • Engraved Wedding Ornaments. Engraved wedding ornaments are a classic, sophisticated way to remember (and celebrate) your wedding day. These ornaments are also extremely versatile—you can switch up the engraving font (for example, a romantic script font vs. a more modern sans serif), the details you’re engraving (for example, your first names, your last names, your wedding date, your wedding location, etc.), or what kind of ornament you’re engraving on (for example, wood vs. ceramic).

  • Character-based Ornaments. Some couples opt to get character ornaments to remember their wedding (for example, a bride ornament or a groom ornament). You can find character-based wedding ornaments that look like you and your partner, or you can find an artist or company that will customize a personalized Christmas ornament in your likeness.

Wedding Ornaments to Remember Your Big Day Photo Credit // Unsplash
  • Wedding-related Ornaments. Not every wedding ornament needs to be overtly wedding-themed. If there is something that reminds you of your wedding—without screaming “wedding”—you can also get a holiday ornament based on that. For example, did your wedding caterer make the best burgers you’ve ever had? A cheeseburger ornament could be a fun way to remember the day. Did you get married by the beach? A seashell or palm tree ornament could be a great way to remember your wedding locale.

Alternative Ways to Remember Your Big Day

Not an ornament person? No problem! There are tons of other ways that you can remember and commemorate your big day, including:

  • Display wedding photos around your home. Displaying photos of your wedding around your home will help spark happy memories of your big day every time you walk by—and if you place them in multiple areas of your home, you’ll be sure to walk by a wedding photo at least once a day.
  • Make a wedding memory jar. Have your partner, your friends, and your family (and yourself) write down their favorite memory from your wedding. Then, put all the memories in a jar—and when you want to remember all the happiness, joy, and love you felt on your big day, pick a memory out of the jar and read it with your spouse.
  • Host an annual wedding anniversary celebration. Your anniversary is the perfect opportunity to remember your wedding. Every year, carve out time on your anniversary to reminiscence about your big day with your spouse—all your favorite memories, all the happiness you felt, and any funny, special, or touching moments from the celebration.

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