Wedding Limo Price Guide

Thinking of riding to your wedding in style? Here's all you need to know when factoring limo service in your wedding transportation budget.

By Nilina Mason-Campbell

Wedding Limo
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Considering transportation is an absolute when it comes to wedding planning. Whether for making a grand entrance or memorable exit, transportation is key to all arrivals and departures. And while there are plenty of options for transportation, from horse and carriage to motorcoach, limousines remain an ever iconic option. Classy and classic, limos offer the undeniable allure of being chauffeured around in style.

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But this type of service comes at a price. Just how much? Here's a helpful guide to help you budget.

How is a Limousine Priced?

Limousines are typically priced by the hour. The hourly rate can also be influenced by time of year, duration of rental, how many stops, and even time of day and the day of the week. The style of the wedding limousine and features will also be a factor in determining the price of the wedding limo rental.

What to Consider When Selecting a Limo Style

Want to travel to the wedding ceremony in a luxury vehicle? Limos are luxury travel, but there are several types that fall under the banner. There are practical benefits to each, not to mention different aesthetics, and each can impact the overall limo rental cost.

From a hummer limo, to an SUV limo, to a stretch limousine, the possibilities are endless when deciding on a wedding limo service. Different sizes of limos have varying capacities from the smaller side of three or four people, to being able to carry a dozen people, to oversized options that accommodate upwards to 20 passengers.

Knowing who will be riding along will help to determine your needs. A long sedan is a smaller and more affordable option, great for carrying only three to four people. Stretch limos are often the first image conjured when imagining a limousine. Eye-catching and attention grabbing, a stretch limo can accommodate a slightly larger group of people, typically in the realm of a half-dozen. Depending if you have needs beyond transportation, such as using your time in route to the destination to keep getting ready, a stretch limo remains a solid option for smaller groups that need space. A super stretch limo can carry upwards of just over a dozen people. Beyond that, super stretch SUV limousines can hold over two dozen people.

With each increase in capacity, expect the hourly cost to rise. Extra features, such as surround sound and lighting, can further influence cost. You can discuss with the rental company what features come with which models and how that affects the cost.

How Much Does Each Limo Style Cost?

Wedding Limo Price Guide Photo Credit // Shutterstock

Your location and market will often factor into the cost of your limo rental price, but in general, the price range for a long sedan limo will often begin at just under $100 per hour. The minimum rental time often starts at two hours, but three hours is a common average minimum rental time.

The hourly cost increases in line with the occupancy and length of the limo rental service. The price can often top out in the $300 per hour range for the largest options available.

Additional Time Considerations

Whether it’s strictly for transportation or whether it will be used for photo opportunities definitely deserves consideration. Times that the limo is stationary during photos can potentially increase the amount of time you will need to rent the vehicle beyond simply arrivals and departures.

Will you be getting ready in the vehicle? Perhaps the limo will act as somewhat of a sanctuary, a place to calm nerves and steal a little space and alone time away from the crowds. You may want to consider that when figuring out how long you’ll be using it.

If using the vehicle as a shuttle for guests, the amount of people invited and how many can fit in the limo at each time will influence the amount of round trips needed. The length of the route will also impact the amount of time. Also think about whether you should account for traffic—particularly relevant in larger metropolitan areas.

No matter what you come up with, always budget for extra time. Adding cushion time to either end will certainly increase the length of the rental and cost, but you’ll be less likely to unexpectedly go over budget,

Booking Tips

You can discuss your pricing desires with the limousine rental company to determine your best option in regards to your budget, transportation needs, and the options available within the company’s fleet. Before speaking with the company, determine your most important needs in terms of usage and the role the limousine will play in festivities. Together you can find a solution that fits within your desired pricing realm, but also takes care of the factors most important to you on your big day.

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