Wedding Anniversary Trip Ideas

Looking to escape with your significant other to celebrate your anniversary? Check out these wedding anniversary trip ideas.

By Shira Telushkin

Wedding Anniversary Trip
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Wedding Anniversary Trip Ideas

It’s your wedding anniversary, and you want to do something special. For many couples, few things are more fun, or more exciting, than planning a trip. Wedding anniversary trips are a wonderful way to reconnect, spend quality time together, and enjoy new sights outside of your everyday routine and schedule.

Here are some wedding anniversary trip ideas of places to go that will make your romantic getaway everything you hope it will be.

Spend Your Wedding Anniversary in Nature

Exploring natural beauty is a fantastic way to celebrate your wedding anniversary. Here are some nature trip ideas.

Go Hiking

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For your next wedding anniversary, spend the day in the great outdoors. For beginner hikers, look up day trips with beautiful views and a variety of hiking trails to suit your level of experience. The focus of the trip should be on the natural beauty, the time together, and the peace and quiet of the outdoors, so do your research beforehand. More experienced hikers might look for hiking trails that challenge them, or have some fun elements, such as a water wading portion or a particularly steep climb. Make sure to bring plenty of water, sunscreen, and bug spray for your outdoor adventures!

Go Overnight Camping

Planning an overnight camping trip would be an especially fun way to break routine and spend time together in a new, romantic destination. Camping can mean finding a trail with a campground to pitch a tent, or finding a campsite with overnight accommodations. Either way, camping is about spending a few days together in nature, and it’s a way to extend the fun of a hiking trip.

Visit a Place on Your Outdoor Bucket List

Whether it’s the Grand Canyon, the Redwood Forests, Niagara Falls, or Mount Rushmore, think about a place outdoors that neither of you has ever visited. Whether you’re celebrating your first wedding anniversary or your 20th, it can always be fun to seek out a new experience together, and remember how much you both still have to experience with one another. National parks can be a particularly wonderful destination for a wedding anniversary trip, and often have accommodations and sites of exploration to suit a range of interests and outdoors experience levels. Maybe even make it a road trip where you stop at multiple parks.

Nostalgic Wedding Anniversary Trips

For your next wedding anniversary trip, make it a pilgrimage to a place you both find meaningful. This can be a weekend in your college town, the city where you both met, a friend’s cottage where you enjoyed a romantic weekend together many years ago, or even a city with a museum you both love. Take a literal trip down memory lane!

Exotic Wedding Anniversary Trip

If you’re looking for more adventure, then plan a wedding anniversary trip to an international city that you and your partner have never visited. This can be a city in a part of the world that you have never visited, or some place you have both wanted to visit for a long time. You could also think about a particular travel experience, whether it’s a safari in South Africa or a river cruise down the Nile in Egypt, that would be truly unforgettable. This is the trip to think big. The location should be new to you both, and be able to be explored adequately in the time frame that you have. You shouldn’t spend the whole time on the plane. Try not to overschedule this couple’s getaway either, as this is about spending time together.

Amusement Park

Sometimes, the best wedding anniversary trip ideas are the ones that require little more than picking a time and location. Amusement parks are just the sort of place that we all enjoy as children, and then rarely visit as adults. But, for a lot of people, roller coaster rides and spinning teacups remain a lot of fun, and it’s a kind of fun we haven’t experienced in a long time. Pick a day that is less likely to be crowded, such as during the week and/or in the off-season, and then have at it. Splurging for Dippin’ Dots ice cream and photo souvenirs is entirely up to you.

Romantic Getaway

The romantic getaway is the ideal wedding trip anniversary idea. Find a beautiful, intimate bed and breakfast near you, or look for a small, nearby town with quaint shops and beautiful parks or grounds. The romantic getaway is about spending time together in a romantic atmosphere, not sight seeing or learning something new, and so you should look for places that offer quiet, peaceful surroundings. This is the trip to feel luxurious and indulgent, so don’t be afraid to bring along some wine and ask for the best place to watch the sunset.

Conclusion: Taking a trip can be the perfect way to celebrate your wedding anniversary. Check out these Zola tips for planning the ideal wedding anniversary trip.

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