Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Wife

Wanting to find an extra special wedding anniversary gift this year? Read this guide for some inspiration on choosing unique anniversary gifts for your wife.

By Shira Telushkin

Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Wife
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Your wedding anniversary is fast approaching, and you want to get a special gift that shows your wife how much she means to you. But what could possibly be worthy of such a milestone?

The ideal wedding anniversary gift for your wife should be something she wants, but wouldn’t necessarily buy for herself. The sweet spot here would be an item she really loves, but feels is too indulgent, expensive, or insufficiently practical to purchase.

Before buying a gift, ask yourself if you would buy this item anyway, even if it were not your wedding anniversary. If the answer is yes, the gift might not be the romantic gesture you intend. This is especially true of kitchenware and household items, which can be beautiful and lovely gifts, but are sometimes too practical to be grand anniversary gifts.

The good news: Though it may seem challenging to find just the thing, there are many great gift ideas for a wedding anniversary, and the Zola team is here to help. Check out this list of incredible wedding anniversary gifts your wife will undoubtedly appreciate.

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What to Buy Your Wife for Your Wedding Anniversary

Thoughtful Gifts

The perfect gift shows how well you know her, and how excited you are to support her in her interests and dreams. This might include:

Monthly Subscription Box: Few gifts are better than a monthly reminder of how thoughtful you are. Today, there are countless monthly subscription boxes, from exotic coffees, to beautiful flowers, to delicious chocolates or innovative perfumes, lotions, books, and stationery. Monthly subscriptions curate particular items, each package arriving in a monthly box. You can usually subscribe for three, six, or twelve months. This is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

Specialized Equipment: If your wife has recently taken up a new hobby, or expressed interest in pursuing a new skill, then your anniversary present can be a gesture of support. This might mean a DSLR camera for her burgeoning photography interests, a sewing machine for her newly adventurous fashion pursuits, a telescope to help her explore the night sky, or an art set to paint said night sky. Whatever her hobbies, a wedding anniversary present which supports those pursuits is sure to be a winner.

Lessons: In addition to supporting her interests and hobbies, another great wedding anniversary gift for your wife is the gift of improving a new skill. This can be a personalized present in the form of lessons—say a round of tennis lessons, horseback riding lessons, flight school lessons, or trapeze lessons… anything you know will excite and delight her. The key to this gift is to follow her lead, and book her lessons in a field in which she has expressed strong interest.

Poetry or Special Edition Book

If your wife loves the written word, then consider buying her a special edition of one of her favorite novels or a book of poetry as a unique gift. If there’s a particular book you both love, you can highlight certain passages within the book, or include those passages in a special card for her. If she loves a particular poem, especially a romantic one, then consider framing it for her.

Romantic Gifts

Sometimes, the best gift of all is a romantic gift. Check out the following romantic gift suggestions from the Zola team.

Teddy Bears, Embracing Statues, and Hearts: The classic romantic gift idea is one that’s immediately recognizable as sweet and full of love. For your wedding anniversary, don’t shy away from gifts that will make your wife smile. This might include stuffed teddy bears hugging red hearts or more sophisticated statues of couples in an eternal embrace. Anything heart-related on this day, from chocolate to cards, will signify romance, and can be a sweet gesture.

Flowers: Nothing says romance like beautiful, bountiful anniversary flowers. You should feel encouraged to think creatively when it comes to gifts of flowers. A minimalist spray of white lilies and ferns, for example, or a dramatic bounty of 50 red roses, will really make an impression. For maximum elegance, choose a bouquet that emphasizes one or two vivid colors against a backdrop of greens and other neutrals arranged with dramatic height differences. Many wedding anniversary milestones often correspond with particular flowers, so be sure to check to see if that is true for you.

Personalized Jewelry: Jewelry is a traditional wedding anniversary idea, but the key is buying the right piece. Pay attention to what jewelry she already wears. If she never wears pendant necklaces now, she is unlikely to start with your gift. Once you know what jewelry she wears most frequently, you can search for similar styles.

To add an extra romantic aspect to the gift, personalize the jewelry with your anniversary date, both of your names, or, if there’s space, a particular quote. If you are unsure if she will like the gift, then wait to personalize it until after she has received it.

Framed Photographs: A framed photograph of the two of you is a wonderful—and very romantic—wedding anniversary gift. The photo can also be transformed into a painting through a number of online services, for an extra romantic element.

Lingerie: Just like personalized jewelry, the gift of lingerie can be an incredibly romantic gift, but it should be given according to the tastes of your wife. If you’ve never bought lingerie for your wife before, think about the sort of intimate clothing she already wears—and feel free to raise the topic with her directly a month or so before the anniversary. Ask her what she likes to wear, or tell her what sort of lingerie she already wears that you find sexy. If she responds positively, then pursue those designs in your shopping. Also make sure to check what sizes she wears. The last thing you want is to buy the wrong size, so don’t leave it to chance.

These wedding anniversary gift ideas for your wife will point you in the right direction for a happy and celebratory anniversary. And if you’re searching for someone else, the Zola team is here to help with wedding anniversary gifts for parents and wedding anniversary gift ideas for your husband.

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