Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Couples

Looking for the perfect gift for your wedding anniversary? Check out this list of great gifts to give your SO to celebrate another year together!

By Shira Telushkin

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Your wedding anniversary is coming up, and you want to do something special. Sometimes, it can be fun to surprise one another with thoughtful gifts. But, sometimes it’s more fun to plan together how best to celebrate, instead of worrying about each person finding the perfect gift for the other on his or her own.

Here are some great ideas for wedding anniversary gifts for couples.

Romantic Getaway

The classic wedding anniversary gift for couples is, of course, a romantic getaway. There’s something about a new environment, sleeping in a different bed, and not having to look at the loaded dishwasher that does wonders for any couple looking to celebrate. Think cozy, quiet, and romantic. Staying at a bed-and-breakfast located in an area with natural beauty is often a good choice, as is visiting a small, local town. No matter where you venture to, bring a bottle of wine to enjoy while watching the sunset from a different perspective.

Be realistic about how much time and money you have for a getaway trip. Squeezing a trip in during a stressful time at work, or having to settle for the cheapest (read: least glamorous) accommodation that you can find is not going to be the relaxing, peaceful celebration that you want. But, if having a weekend away seems in the cards, then few gifts can match the joy and fun that come with spending quality time together.

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DIY Project

Almost every homeowner has that dream DIY project, whether it’s finally building a side table for the mud room or refinishing your kitchen cabinets. For your wedding anniversary, why not give a loved one the gift of time and effort, and build something that you can enjoy for a long time to come? Adding beauty to your home is a great way to feel accomplished, and every time you see the fruits of your effort you'll remember the time that you spent together. Make sure to carve out a sufficient amount of time for the task, and choose something that will truly bring you joy to see completed. Then, celebrate your efforts with a nice meal.

Matching Pajamas

Matching pajamas are a wonderful gift idea for a couple who has everything, yet is looking for a fun, sweet way to celebrate their anniversary. There’s something very intimate about coordinating your sleep outfits, and wearing elegant pajamas will make anyone feel fancy. A set of matching pajamas, whether they’re silk, cotton, patterned, or piped, is a gift that can also be worn on future special occasions.

New Bedding

New bedding is a perfect gift for a married couple looking to celebrate their anniversary together. Couples can pick out luxury sheets made of any particularly soft or beautiful fabric, or look out for new pillows or blankets that will upgrade their sleeping experience. If you really want to go crazy, look into buying a new mattress.

New Towels and Bathrobes

A lovely gift to really celebrate your anniversary can be luxury towels or matching bathrobes. This gift can elevate the mundane experience of showering, and will be a gift that couples can use for years to come.

Spa Day

Plan a spa day at home for a loved one. If you’re looking for quality time together, set aside a day to tend to your bodies. Think face masks, homemade hair treatments, and massages. Any half of a loving couple would enjoy spending a little extra love and physical care on his or her body. Buy nice bath salts, lavender scented oils, or quality moisturizers to really elevate the experience.

Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Couples Photo Credit // Unsplash

Baking Project

For your wedding anniversary, try tackling an ambitious baking project together. This can be a beautiful cake to enjoy after a candlelight dinner, a batch of cookies to devour by the fire, or a complicated dessert to indulge in while tucked under the covers. Make it a day project and go shopping for the ingredients together in the morning, bake in the afternoon, and then enjoy the dessert under moonlight. Bonus points if your creation can be enjoyed over the course of a few days.

Matching Jewelry

A traditional gift for a married couple looking to celebrate their anniversary together can be matching jewelry. Think necklaces that fit together into a puzzle piece, or bracelets which, when placed together, complete a quote. If both of you wear earrings, then earrings that come in a matching set are another great idea.

Speciality Kitchen Gadget

Kitchenware, whether it’s a new way to make coffee or a specialty gadget for an ingredient that you both love (such as an avocado slicer or an ice cream maker), can be a unique gift for a happy couple. Think about a grill, a kit to grow herbs in your kitchen, an immersion blender, or anything that will allow for new kitchen creations.

Now that you’ve got a list of wedding anniversary gift ideas, it’s time to choose the perfect one. Whether you go timeless and classic, or unique and practical, there are many different routes you can go when choosing the perfect gift for your special someone. Celebrate your memorable day with one of these unique gift ideas above.