Tips for Styling Two Suits Together

Looking to style two suits together for your wedding? Here's your go-to guide to double your dapper looks on your wedding day.

By Rachel Varina

LGBT+ Tips for Styling Two Suits Together
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There’s a lot to think about when planning a gay wedding, from finding supportive wedding vendors to choosing gender neutral readings for your wedding ceremony to deciding which LGBTQ+ wedding traditions you want to incorporate into your big day. But one of the biggest decisions? Choosing what you and your groom are going to wear.

Deciding what to wear for your wedding is a big deal. Not only do you want to look and feel your best, but with the day being photographed, you can be sure this outfit will be remembered for years to come. If you and your SO are both planning to rock suits, you’re probably wondering the best way to pick styles that feel authentic to your day, your relationship, and your style. Here are our best tips for styling two suits together—as well as 20 wedding outfits to help inspire your own wedding look:

Shopping and Styling Tips For Grooms

Need some insights on how to shop and style your suits for your big day? Here are our top shopping and styling tips for same-sex groom wedding attire:

  • Consider Your Wedding Vibe. The first step before looking for a suit is to determine your wedding day vibe and style. Contemplate things like the season, the location, your wedding theme, and the formality of your event. While a formal, timeless space might call for traditional black tuxedos, a rustic barn might point more toward a smart casual look and a summer wedding on the beach would pair perfectly with a linen suit. Chat about what you envision your wedding looking like, and find ways to make your looks add to the overall theme of the event instead of clashing with it. Also, consider what your guests will wear and how you want the celebration to feel to avoid looking over- or under-dressed at your own wedding.
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  • Discuss Styles Ahead of Time. Prior to heading to the shops, sit down and chat about what you picture wearing on your wedding day. Did you always imagine yourself in a tux? In something more modern, like a tie-less suit or colorful ensemble? What about for your partner—is there something you imagined them wearing? While you want to both feel true to your own personal styles, talking about what you envision before trying things on will help you feel confident and informed as you check out different jackets and select patterns and fabrics.

  • Shop Together or With a Friend. If you’re not one for superstition, consider shopping for your suits together, so you can find looks that complement each other. While some couples opt to wear matching suits, others like to find ways to stand out individually while looking complementary to each other. If you’d rather keep your outfit a secret until you walk down the aisle or for your first look, ask a mutual friend to shop with each of you. This way, you’ll have someone on the inside ensuring your styles complement each other. If your friend groups don’t overlap, you can also have your SO chat with the stylist helping you shop, so they’re able to help pull looks. Just call them up at the start of your appointment and your stylist will be able to take it from there.

  • Get Matching Suits. One of the easiest ways to ensure your looks coordinate is to select matching suits. If you both have a similar style, select a suit that you both feel confident in. By the time they’re tailored and you add in accessories like ties, shoes, socks, and boutonnieres, you’ll each look individually great while creating a no-fuss cohesive look. If you want to differentiate your looks slightly, you could always wear different color shirts under the suits or switch things up with different ties in complementary colors.

  • Choose the Same Fabric. Experimenting with fabrics is vital to suit shopping and plays a big role in how your overall look comes together. Keep in mind things like your venue, the level of formality, the temperature, and your personal styles when deciding. A good general rule is the more formal the event, the heavier/darker the fabric. Select lighter fabrics like linen for daytime, hot weather, beachy, or more casual events and heavier fabrics for nighttime, formal, or winter weddings. While expressing yourself on your wedding day is key, having suits in the same fabric will pull together your overall wedding style.

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  • Play With Colors. If you have the same fabric and/or suit, experimenting with multiple colors is a great way to individually shine. Take a look at your color palette and find pops that you each love. Maybe one of you wears a black suit with a colorful bow tie, while the other wears a colored suit jacket and a black tie. Or maybe you each wear neutral-colored suits and mix things up with different, colorful pops in your ties, socks, pocket squares, suspenders, pant patterns, and boutonnieres. Alternatively, you could each wear a different color sport coat, but have your pocket square match your partner’s suit. There are plenty of ways to play with color, so don’t be afraid to make things bright.

  • Experiment With Patterns. Another fun way to mix up your looks is to utilize patterns. You find some really amazing suits with patterns like plaid, paisley, or even floral, and this modern twist on traditional suits is a wonderful way to show your playful side. Maybe you get matching plaid suits in different colors or you opt for a tropical patterned shirt or tie under your dark, traditional suits. Either way, a good rule is to make sure to only select one big, loud pattern.

  • Express Yourself With Accessories. One of the best ways to really showcase your style and personality is with accessories. This is your chance to really play it up, so don’t be afraid to have fun. Things like family rings, custom cufflinks, matching pocket squares, gifted watches, and glamorous tie clips are all ways to differentiate your coordinated looks or tie together your different styles.

Whether it’s matching suits in different colors, different suits in the same fabric, or classic suits in bright, bold patterns, styling two suits together for your wedding day is a fun way to showcase your individual styles as well as your bond. As long as you feel comfortable and confident in your look, you can be sure your SO will love what you rock on the big day.

20 Wedding Outfit Ideas for Same-Sex Grooms

Looking for some outfit inspiration for your special day? Here are 20 wedding suit ideas to help you find the perfect look:

1. Go Traditional With Matching Tuxedos...

When it comes to menswear for weddings (including same-sex weddings!), you can’t go wrong with a tuxedo. A traditional black tux is the perfect look for both grooms—and creates a cohesive look for wedding photos.

2. ...Or Matching Wedding Suits

If tuxes feel too formal, you can get a similarly cohesive look with matching suits. If you want to go traditional, try a gray, black, or blue suit.

3. Wear Matching Suits In Different Colors

If you and your groom fall in love with the same suit—but don’t want to be completely matched—consider wearing the same suit, just in different colors (for example, one gray suit and one black suit).

4. Add a Pop of Color

Want a bolder look? Embrace color by going for an unexpected hue with your suit—for example, a rich shade of eggplant or a bright royal blue.

5. Mix Bowties and Traditional Ties

There are so many different types of neck accessories—so why narrow it down to just one? For a fun look that coordinates without feeling overly “matching,” consider having one groom wear a traditional necktie and the other wear a bowtie.

6. Matching Bowties

If you and your groom both love bowties, consider wearing matching ones...

7. Different Bowties

...or both rock bowties, but in different colors or patterns.

8. Matching Ties

If bowties aren’t your style, go for matching ties. You can either wear the same exact ties for a matching look—or choose ties with different colors or patterns for more contrast.

9. Wear Suits In Contrasting Colors...

If you really want to embrace contrast in your wedding look, consider wearing suits in contrasting colors—like a traditional black suit paired with a more brightly hued ensemble.

10. ...Or Different Shades Of The Same Color

If you want a more subtle contrast in your wedding suits, consider going with suits that are the same color, but just different shades—like grey suits in heather grey and charcoal.

11. Go Dark With Your Suits...

Dark colors, like midnight blue or eggplant, are great for a fall or winter wedding.

12. ...Or Keep Things Light

If you’re getting married in the summer, you might consider going light with your wedding outfits—like matching linen suits.

13. Keep It Casual With Blazers And Slacks

Not every wedding is formal. If your upcoming nuptials are more on the casual side, consider keeping your outfits just as casual—and wearing blazers and slacks instead of suits or tuxes.

14. Mixing Patterns With Your Shirts...

If you really want a bold look for you and your husband-to-be, consider mixing patterns! While mixing patterns on your suits might feel visually overwhelming, going with different patterns on your shirts can make for a fun look.

15. ...Or Your Suits

Or, if you really want to go with a patterned suit, have fun! Just make sure to pair a boldly patterned suit with a more traditional suit—either a solid suit or a suit with a very subtle pattern.

16. Spice Up A Traditional Look With A Fun Pocket Square

If you want to go traditional with your wedding look—but still want to showcase your and your groom’s fun personalities—consider spicing up your look with a fun pocket square, either in a bright color or bold pattern.

17. Wear Bright Shirts...

Brightly colored shirts can really jazz up a traditional suit—so consider wearing matching shirts in your favorite bold hue (like pink).

18. ...Or Shirts In Contrasting Colors

Another way to add visual interest to your wedding look courtesy of your shirts? Going with contrasting colors. Consider having one groom wear a light shirt and the other wear a dark shirt.

19. Rock Bold Jackets

If you’re having a more casual wedding—but still want to embrace a bold look—opt out of a traditional blazer and go for a bolder jacket with a pattern and/or bright colors. (Just consider pairing with neutral or white shirts to keep the look from feeling visually overwhelming.)

20. Go Custom

There are plenty of wedding looks you can get off the rack. But if you want same-sex wedding outfits that are truly your own, you’re going to want to go for custom suits. Work with a design to come up with outfits that speak to you and your groom’s style—and then wow all your guests when you walk down the aisle.

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