The Top 10 Most Comfortable Wedding Shoes

We're sharing our top 10 most comfortable wedding shoes to keep your feet happy and your unique style intact.

By Emily Forrest

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The idea of wearing fancy stilettos on your wedding day may seem wonderful in theory, but think about how your feet will feel by the end of the night! With the ceremony and reception, the endless picture taking and dancing, it’s likely that you’ll spend most of your wedding day on your feet without a chance to rest. This means that the shoes you wear are important not only for style, but also for your all-day comfort. Without comfortable wedding shoes, you may be grimacing through your photos, rather than thoroughly enjoying your special day.

Fortunately, there are several other choices of wedding shoes to wear that don’t involve a skinny, multi-inch heel, and we have 10 of them for you to consider. Whether you choose one of these alternatives to walk down the aisle in or you simply want to slip into something comfier come reception time, you don’t have to stick with the stiletto to still look and feel stunning on your wedding day. When it comes to what you wear on your feet, don’t compromise your comfort for style when you can have both.

1. Wedding Flats

The obvious alternative to sky-high heels is wedding flats. They’re a solid option and work particularly well in a garden or beach wedding setting, so you don’t have to worry about sinking into the dirt or sand. They come in various styles and materials with adornments to boost the level of glamour.

Satin flats with jeweled bows are especially alluring, but consider a splash of color to peek out beneath your wedding gown, or a sparkly pair to make wedding attire extra special.

Top 10 Most Comfortable Wedding Shoes Photo Credit // Unsplash

2. Mary Jane Heels

The difference between stilettos and a pair of Mary Janes is the width of the heel that gives your feet better arch support and alleviates pressure off your back. This no-slip style also has a t-strap so you don’t have to worry about your shoes fitting too tightly in an effort to stay on, or too loose where there’s a chance of them rubbing against your feet and causing blisters.

A sturdy Mary Jane is a lovely selection for an outdoor or a mid-century modern themed wedding where a tea-length dress or an alternative to the traditional long-train wedding gown may be part of your wedding attire. It’s a classic, feminine throwback that stands up to the fashion trends that have come and gone since its arrival.

3. Wedding Wedges

Wedding wedges may provide the same height as heels, but offer greater arch support, which equals greater comfort throughout the day. Additionally, most styles have cork or rubber soles that offer extra give with enough sturdiness for all types of surfaces.

Wearing wedding wedges works well for beach destinations because they won’t get stuck in the sand and they embrace the breezy feeling of being somewhere tropical. If you seek the height of a stiletto but want extra support, this is the shoe for you. Pick a white or neutral pair to align with traditional bridal colors, or inject some color with a brighter hue.

4. Sequined Sneakers

If heels aren’t your regular go-to shoe and sneakers are more your speed, there’s no reason that you shouldn’t wear them for your wedding day, rather than go through the pain of trying something outside of your comfort zone. Remember when in the movie “Father of the Bride,” the Annie character wore wedding sneakers as an homage to her dad who owned a sneaker company? You can look just as sweet and stay true to yourself at the same time.

Add glitz with sequins and bows, or skip the frills altogether and choose a pair that speaks to you and complements your wedding attire. For full-length dresses, the shoes aren’t always visible, so wearing sneakers serves as a fun surprise when you lift the hem. Whether you opt for colorful high tops or a pearly white pair, sneakers are on the list as one of the most comfortable wedding shoes that you can wear.

5. Kitten Heels

Kitten heels give enough of a lift without worrying about trying to balance on super high heels. There are a variety of styles and different heights to help you find the in-between you need. Maybe the idea of six-inch heels makes you leery, but you can handle two or three inches.

With every imaginable color and accessory available, it comes down to finding the pair that fits best. Do you want a buckle or no buckle? Shiny or matte? A heel with fewer inches doesn’t mean that there are any fewer ways in which you can customize it to your preference; it simply means more comfortable soles by the end of the night.

6. Gladiator Sandals

Gladiator sandals are popular to wear during summer because of their airy feel and comfort level. Due to the range of colors and quality available for this style of shoe, you can find one that feels appropriate to wear for your wedding.

Since not every bride chooses a traditional long train and full-skirted gown, some shoes are a better match than others, depending on what you wear. A metallic lace-up gladiator sandal looks trendy when paired with a knee-length wedding dress or a shorts and jacket combo for an effortlessly chic look.

7. Elegant Slides

Ever dream of wearing slippers at your wedding? Slides are about as close as you’ll get. They’re comfortable, chic, and look stunning with any type of wedding gown, skirt, or suit. Ivory is a timeless choice, but a contrast of black or a rich navy blue is an unexpected, yet beautiful option, too.

The material makes a difference, depending on the season. Luxe velvet works better for a winter wedding, while a lighter, laser-cut style is better suited for a spring celebration. Slides are a dream to walk in and will keep your feet happy for the ceremony, reception, and beyond, without blisters or aches to weigh you down.

8. Wedding Booties

For fall or winter weddings, or weddings held in rustic locations such as the mountains or on a farm, wearing high heels doesn’t always seem like the most practical decision. For outdoor or off-the-beaten-path styles of weddings, choose wedding booties as your unorthodox alternative to heels.

This style of shoe offers a boho flair for brides who want to keep their feet warm and protected, while maintaining a sense of style at the same time. With booties, you can choose heel or no heel, in either colorful or neutral shades, to make the look your own.

9. Cowboy Boots

As a companion to the wedding bootie, cowboy boots are perfect for a country wedding. They’re charming, stylish, and add a bit of spunk to your outfit to reflect your personal style. Leather and suede are the most common types of cowboy boot materials, but they come in a variety of styles to match your wedding aesthetic.

A rich, brown cowboy boot is classic for a rustic wedding, while a shiny, black pair makes a bold fashion statement. There’s also the option of choosing a turquoise, coral, or other bright color, based on the wedding colors you choose and the tone you want to achieve.

Top 10 Most Comfortable Wedding Shoes Photo Credit // Unsplash

10. Beach Flip-Flops

Maybe flip-flops aren’t the immediate choice that you think of for wedding shoes, but they feel like next to nothing on the feet. In the right setting, they fit right in. Obviously, the beach is where they make the most sense, but a low-key ceremony at City Hall, or an intimate backyard celebration may feel like flip-flops are appropriate wedding wear.

It’s your celebration, which means that whatever you decide goes. You can wear them throughout the entire ceremony and kick them off for the reception that follows, or you can have a pair stowed in a bag to change into once your vows have been said. Just remember, when wearing sandals of any kind, make sure that you treat yourself to a pre-wedding pedicure so that your toes are picture-perfect.

Wedding Shoes That Make You Feel Comfortable and Confident

For today’s modern weddings, anything goes! Brides are having fun with their footwear as a way to express their personalities and style of wedding. Stilettos are still a sophisticated way to go, and for those who can rock a pair without the fear of throbbing feet by the end of the night, we salute you. For the rest of the brides who want a stylish shoe that is far more comfortable, these alternatives show you that all kinds can complete your wedding look.

If you’ve been wondering how you’ll get past the uncomfortableness of wearing stilettos throughout the day, but want an equally stunning shoe, you have at least 10 options to keep in the running as your wedding shoes. Go non-traditional with a pair of colorful sneakers or sparkly flats. Kick up a storm with your cowboy boots, or go super laid-back in a pair of white flip-flops.

We love how creative brides get with their wedding attire and forgo the rules when it comes to gown length, veil/no veil, and shoes. There are multiple ways to accessorize and stylize your wedding day look that will make you feel confident, special, and comfortably prepared to say “I do.”

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