Pay attention, people: the royal wedding happens in THREE DAYS. The countdown to the lavish proceedings, as well as this how-to series on royal wedding party planning, is drawing to a close. In the final days until Prince Harry and Meghan Markle say “I do” in front of bajillions of TV viewers, the anticipation surrounding the still-unknown elements grows: what will Meghan’s gown look like? Which famous celebrities will be there? What time exactly will the proceedings begin so I can set my alarm and sleep to the last possible minute?

But even if you’re just now tuning in to this globe-captivating event, you can still pull together a fantastic royal wedding party if you want to invite friends over to watch together. Check out our other recommendations for how to decorate and what to serve (spoiler: many teapots are involved), and then prepare a few of these fun activities to do with your crew while you view.

Make-Your-Own Fascinators


Photo Credit || Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Beyond your basic headpiece, fascinators are whimsical combinations of feathers, netting, and other decorative flair that British high-society women wear to formal events. They sit at the front or side of the head, rather than on top of the head like normal, i.e. functional, hats. Eyeing (and comparing) the fascinators will be one of the most fun aspects of watching the royal wedding—people really get into it. Why not let guests try their hand at creating their own fascinators, so everyone’s in on the fun? Small paper or plastic plates make good fascinator bases; put out an assortment of feathers, glitter, faux flowers, or whatever other craft store goods you can get your hands on, and glue away! Prizes should definitely be awarded here.

Royal Wedding Photo Booth


After all that hard work creating fascinators, make sure your guests have a way to document their newfound millinery skills. Set up a DIY photo booth with some instant-film cameras (or just a few iPhones) and some wacky props—think plastic crowns and tiaras, royal sashes, faux rhinestone jewelry, scepters, and then some go-to London symbols such as Union Jack flags and photos of Big Ben and the London Bridge. Check out our collection of printable photo booth props for some royalty-themed gems. (Sorry, had to.)

Royal Wedding Bingo


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Create your own bingo game to play when the coverage grows a bit, um, dull. (This is essentially a very long religious ceremony, after all, not Cirque du Soleil.) You can design your own bingo cards by filing in squares with bound-to-happen moments, such as:

  • Someone mentions Queen Elizabeth’s corgis
  • Someone says Meghan’s dress is beautiful
  • Someone compares Meghan’s dress to Kate Middleton’s
  • Someone mentions Pippa Middleton’s bridesmaid dress
  • Someone mentions Prince Harry’s wild party days
  • Someone mentions Meghan Markle’s dad
  • Someone wears a ridiculous fascinator
  • Someone rides in a carriage
  • Someone spots Sir Elton John
  • Prince George wears knee socks

Royal Wedding Drinking Game


Photo Credit || Erika Follansbee Photography

Similar to royal wedding bingo, guests of drinking age (who can handle their liquor at before 9am) can amp up the stakes by drinking every time certain words, people, objects, or actions make an appearance. We’ve already given you a delicious Pimm’s Cup cocktail recipe, but non-tipplers can also play with their cuppa (that’s British for “tea,” FYI).

Note: if you don’t have the time or inclination to design your own games, there are MORE than plenty of options to be found online. Check this royal wedding drinking game that hopefully won’t get you too sloshed before you hear the words “I do.”

Make Some Bets


Photo Credit || Willa Kveta Photography

If you just can’t get your act together to design, print, or craft up any royal wedding party games or activities in time, not all is lost. You can still liven up the viewing action with your buds by having the group place wagers when they arrive on the events to unfold. Here are some ideas for bets worth going in on:

  • The length of Markle’s train
  • Will Prince Louis make an appearance?
  • Will the Obamas attend?
  • How early Princess Diana’s name will be mentioned by commentators
  • Will Meghan wear a tiara?
  • Will any member of the royal family cry?

So there you have it—from décor to food to party games, your royal wedding party recipe is complete. If you take even a few of our royal wedding party suggestions, we know you’ll have a regally good time Saturday morning watching the next princess emerge from fantasy into fairytale reality. Cheerio!