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Rock and Roll Theme Wedding Ideas

Nothing rocks harder than true love. Rock your heart out with a rock and roll wedding that even the Rolling Stones would envy with these tips from Zola!

By The Zola Team

couple holden golden records
Photo by Zola

Your wedding day is a chance to express your personality as a couple. If you and your fiance aren’t the traditional types, explore a wedding theme that’s a little more alternative.

If you two share a love for music, a rock and roll wedding theme might be right up your alley. It allows you both to embrace your inner rockstars and showcase your love for all things rock and roll.

So, how do you plan a rock and roll wedding? In this article, you’ll find plenty of creative ideas to get you started.

How to Throw a Rock and Roll Wedding

Here are eight steps to throwing a rock and roll wedding:

Step 1: Hone in on Your Favorite Genre

Rock and roll is a diverse genre. It encompasses:

  • Classic rock
  • Punk rock
  • Indie rock
  • Glam rock
  • Surf rock
  • More

Depending on your favorite genre, you can design your wedding day accordingly. A classic rock vibe will differ slightly from one that’s influenced by ‘90s grunge.

Step 2: Create Music-Inspired Invitations

Your wedding invitations are the first thing that your loved ones will see. A creative save-the-date will get your guests excited about your wedding and eager to see what else you have in store.

One music-inspired idea is to model the invitations after a festival lineup:

  • Opening act – You and your fiance’s ceremony
  • Headliner – The wedding reception
  • After-party – A musical performance on the dance floor

If you have any other exciting activities lined up for your themed wedding, add those to the lineup, too.

Step 3: Choose a Rocking Venue

The next step is to choose a the perfect venue made for a rockstar.

Here are a few ideas:

  • A ballroom bash – A big ballroom is a great option for a rock and roll wedding, since it gives you and your guests ample space to rock out together.

  • A real-life music venue – To go one step further with your theme, see if there are any small music venues in your area that you can rent out for the night. The House of Blues is a famous music house that has been used as a wedding venue for many music-loving couples. These spaces will be outfitted with all the music gear you need to dance the night away.

  • A festival-inspired outdoor stage – If you’d prefer to throw an outdoor wedding, set up a Coachella-style stage near your reception. This will transform your big night into a real-life rock concert after all the wedding formalities are over.

Step 4: Wear Alternative Wedding Attire

If you and your partner are truly rock and roll, show off your style with some alternative wedding attire on your big day.

A Rock and Roll Gown

You can edge up your look by opting for a striking black gown. If you’d rather stick with a classic, white wedding dress gown, you can still express your inner rocker by:

  • Throwing on a slick leather jacket
  • Wearing brightly colored Converse sneakers instead of heels
  • Showing up in a pair of bold, leather boots
  • Glamming up your look with a smokey eye or a red lip
  • Dying your hair a vibrant color

Don’t be afraid to show off any tattoos with a strapless neckline or open back. By adding some unexpected elements here and there, you’ll provide a fresh take on the traditional, rock ‘n’ roll look.

A Rock and Roll Suit

There are many creative ways to express yourself in a suit made for clashing against the system.

Throw on a cool vest or a leather jacket. Opt for a brightly colored shirt or a funky black-and-white tux. Dress up your look with a bright red tie or tone it down with your favorite rock ‘n’ roll kicks. If you’re into the look, you can even add a colorful streak in your hair.

Since it’s your day, you can dress as formally or informally as you like. The most important part is to be true to your rocker self.

A Rock and Roll Wedding Party

By donning more alternative wedding attire, you and your fiance will look unforgettable and enhance your rock and roll wedding theme.

However, don’t forget your wedding party’s look—they want to rock and roll all night, too (and party everyday). Here are some fun wedding party clothing ideas:

  • Order custom denim jackets for each person in your wedding party.
  • Ask all members of your wedding party to wear their favorite leather jacket.
  • Choose stunning red bridesmaids dresses and have the groomsmen wear red ties to match.

With these edgy looks, your wedding party will exude rock and roll as they congregate at the altar.

Step 5: Set Up Music-Inspired Decorations

To further emphasize the rock and roll theme, make sure to decorate your venue with some musical decor.

For instance, you could create a unique art installation with your personal guitar collection. Light them up so they look as if they belong in a music museum dedicated to Jimmy Hendrix or Slash.

If you want some more rock and roll decor ideas, check these out:

  • Color scheme – The classic rocker color scheme uses lots of black, white, and red.

  • Guest book – Have guests sign a vinyl album or old guitar instead of a guest book. Not only will this be a unique and fun experience for your guests, but it will also provide you with a sentimental art piece for your newlywed home. You can hang the vinyl album or guitar somewhere special, serving as a one-of-a-kind reminder of your wedding day.

  • The cake – Custom order a cake that exudes rock and roll. Maybe you switch out the traditional figurines for two guitars. Or maybe you want to style your cake around your favorite band’s aesthetics. The sky’s the limit, as long as it’s rock and roll.

  • Table settings – To spice up your dining tables, roll out a black lace runner and adorn the table with black pillar candles, dark red roses, and artfully-displayed vinyl records. If you want to get really creative, use a drum set as your wedding cake table, bestowing it with the musical glory it deserves.

  • Flowers – No wedding is complete without flowers. To exemplify your rockstar theme, choose flowers that have an edge to them. Whether you prefer black roses or a unique black orchid arrangement, the floral design is a great opportunity to embody a rocker spirit, especially if you swap out traditional vases for some empty whiskey bottles, instead.

  • Lighting – Take a cue from concert lighting professionals and use spotlights to add drama to your first dance. As you groove to you and your spouse's favorite rock anthem, you’ll feel like you’re on stage in front of all your biggest fans.

You can tailor these decor items to be as edgy and non-conformist as you like. If you’d prefer to keep your wedding theme more subtle, sprinkle in a few of these ideas sparingly.

Rock and Roll Theme Wedding Ideas Photo Credit // Suzuran Photography

Step 6: Design a Menu Made for a Rockstar

When planning your wedding menu, imagine that you’ll be dining with your favorite rock musicians. Create a cocktail menu inspired by your favorite musicians. Each drink can pay homage to a different rock legend.

Next, use vinyl records as plate chargers or stack them to create a unique DIY cake stand. Just make sure to use cheap records purchased second-hand, instead of your cherished home collection.

Lastly, design your dinner menu after a concert lineup or classic rock album.

Step 7: Arrange Some Rock and Roll Musical Performances

If you choose a rock and roll wedding theme, you need the music to match. Provide a unique musical experience from the ceremony through the reception.

  • Ceremony – As you walk down the aisle, consider hiring an electric guitar ensemble to share a fresh take on some wedding classics.

  • Reception – Once the reception starts, have a live cover band play all of your favorite rock and roll hits.

By investing in your wedding’s music, you’ll enjoy rockin' riffs as you dance with your friends and family all night long.

Step 8: Plan a Memorable Rockstar Exit

Once the festivities have come to an end, you need to go out like a rockstar. Leave your guests in awe with the following exit ideas:

  • Drive off together on a motorcycle.
  • Drive away in a classic hot-rod convertible.
  • Set off fireworks.
  • Spray festive concert confetti.
  • Have your band play an encore exit song.

As you and your spouse drive off into the sunset, your guests will admire your oh-so-chic rocker attitudes.

Rock and Roll Theme Wedding Ideas Photo Credit // Willmus Weddings

Zola: Rock and Roll Wedding Ideas Galore

By implementing some of these wedding ideas, you and your partner can party like rockstars on your big day. In turn, you’ll make unforgettable memories together and show off your musical passion as a couple. Your guests will enjoy a unique experience that they’ll never forget.

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