Registry Must Haves: Glassware Sets

Curating your registry is part of any wedding planning. So, read on for our guide on wedding registry must-haves that include glassware sets.

By Maggie Mahoney

Registry Must Haves: Glassware Sets
Photo by Zola

The First Look ✨

  • Here's a compiled glassware set list, products ranging from $24.99 to $135.99, to make adding crystalware to your registry streamlined.
  • Varying wine, cocktail, whisky, champagne, and everyday drinkware glasses, not to mention pitchers and decanters, will round out your home’s glassware collection and keep your kitchen and home bar looking polished.

When it comes to planning a wedding, creating your registry (a curated list of gifts that you and your spouse make for your guests before the wedding) is a task that many couples will enjoy. It’s low stress, can be done online with ease, and holds all the excitement of shopping without the hefty price tag.

Not to mention, registries take the guessing out of gift-giving for the people attending your wedding. And, let’s face it, who doesn’t love picking out their own gifts that they know they will use and enjoy? Start your registry at Zola to create your wedding wish list in one accessible place.

Why Make a Registry?

Registries are the perfect opportunity for you and your spouse to replace old houseware basics, acquire new appliances and decor that you’ve been dreaming of, and begin building your home together. Make sure that when you create your registry, you collaborate with your partner, so that the items on your list reflect and suit both of your personalities and aesthetic sensibilities.

Although thinking outside the box and getting creative with your registry isn’t a bad idea, make sure to start filling your registry with the essentials first, such as flatware, glassware, and pots and pans. That way, your home will have the basic foundations, and you can save you and your spouses’ money for more fun, less practical items.

Glassware Sets Registry Ideas

Glassware, in particular, is a registry classic; it is timeless, not to mention useful for everyday life. The options when it comes to glasses are plentiful, which can make choosing specific items difficult to narrow down. To simplify the process and make sure that you account for everything, we compiled our top glassware essentials that we recommend for any wedding wish list. Here are a few of our must-haves, and info on why you need them.

1. Champagne Flutes ($83.99)

Zwiesel-Glas-Puro-Champagne-Flute Photo Credit // Zwiesel Glas

Nothing says celebration quite like champagne flutes! Toast your wedding day and other special moments in your lives to come with this lovely set of six. The glasses’ slightly angular, yet still classic, shape makes this crystalware sure to be beloved for years to come. Not to mention, they are dishwasher safe, lead-free, and chip-resistant. The affordable price point also makes them a great option for your guests.

2. Colorful Champagne Glasses ($194.99)

Estelle-Champagne-Coupe-Blush-PinkPhoto Credit // Estelle Colored Glass

If you and your spouse like more eclectic and vibrant glassware, these Estelle champagne coupes (available in a variety of colors from purple to red to green) fit the bill. Giving your bar cart a vintage charm with a modern twist, these coupes are the perfect higher-end set to add to the splurge section of your registry. Just make sure to hand wash these beauties to keep them in pristine condition.

3. Red Wine Glasses ($68.99)

Riedel-Veritas-Cabernet-Merlot-GlassPhoto Credit // Riedel Veritas

Why limit yourself when it comes to wine glasses? You can get glasses for both your favorite reds and whites. This rounded set of two is well suited for red wines like Pinot Noir or Merlot. Made from machine-blown glass, they are both thin and lightweight.

4. White Wine Glasses ($64.99)

Zwiesel-Glas-Puro-Sauvignon-Blanc-Wine-Glass-Set-of-6Photo Credit // Zwiesel Glas

White wines taste great in more slender crystalware to contain their acidity. This set of six glasses have a sharper, more defined look than other wine glass counterparts, almost resembling a wide, oversized champagne flute. Made again from chip-resistant crystal glass, these glasses hold up well even in the dishwater and protect against cloudiness or scratches.

5. Stemless Set ($49.99)

Lenox-Tuscany-Classics-All-Purpose-Stemless-Wine-Glass-Set-of-6Photo Credit // Lenox

If stemmed glasses aren’t your style, Zola has you covered. This stemless set of six will complement any bottle of wine. They are traditionally shaped and functional to contain the perfect pour. Not to mention, they can go in the dishwasher without issue.

6. Wine Glass and Decanter Set ($103.99)

Viski-Raye-Crystal-5-Piece-Drinkware-SetPhoto Credit // Viski Raye

Do you prefer to keep things simple and minimal? This five-piece set gives you four matching angular wine glasses and an elegant decanter to pair with it. Made of lead-free Venitian crystal and hand-washable only, this pairing is the height of sophistication.

7. Expanded Value Wine Glass Set ($135.99)

Lenox-Tuscany-Classics-18-Piece-Wine-Glass-SetPhoto Credit // Lenox

Can’t quite decide what types of glasses you prefer? You won’t have to with this 18-piece assorted set that includes 12 wine glasses in two different styles and six champagne flutes. What more could you possibly need?

8. Regular Drinking Glasses ($39.99)

Libbey-Polaris-16-Piece-Drinkware-SetPhoto Credit // Libbey

Of course, you can’t forget about everyday drinkware. This set of 16 elegant Polaris glasses is a perfect starter for your kitchen, and it provides a selection of short (12.25 oz) and tall (16.25 oz) glasses. Besides their clean lines and simplicity, what makes them even better are their weighted bases, which feel solid in your hands and help to prevent spills.

9. Drinking Glass and Pitcher Set ($49.99)

Willow-Park-Capri-Recycled-5-Piece-Drinkware-Set Photo Credit // Willow Park

Environmentally conscious folks will love this sustainable set made up of recycled and repurposed glass. With their turquoise-tinted color, the artisanal glasses and pitcher vary slightly for a one-of-a-kind, handcrafted look.

10. Cocktail Glasses ($39.99)

Willow-Park-Gemma-Cocktail-Glass Photo Credit // Willow Park

These gold-rimmed glasses are ideal to spice up your cocktail parties. Perfectly modern, they are eye-catching in their details, and are beautiful for serving fancy cocktail concoctions. We especially love their unique, geometric shape. Break this set of four out when you are looking to impress.

11. Beer Glasses ($24.99)

Luminarc-Brew-Masters-12-Piece-Craft-Brew-Beer-SetPhoto Credit // Luminarc

Beer lovers will appreciate this pub-worthy assorted crystal glass set at extremely reasonable prices. For less than $25, you get four standard pint glasses, four tall and slim Pilsner glasses, and four unique tulip-shaped glasses. With the set’s variety, you will be equipped to serve any type of ice-cold beer. If beer isn’t your thing, they make lovely everyday drink glasses, too.

12. Whisky Glasses ($54.99)

Nachtmann-Noblesse-Whiskey-Glass-Set-of-4Photo Credit // Nachtmann

The intricacy of the crystal-work of these whisky tumblers or rocks glasses is enough to make them essential to your glassware wish list. The set of four will look classy on any house bar or in a dining room.

13. Whisky Glasses With Decanter Set ($99.99)

Waterford-Marquis-by-Waterford-Markham-3-Piece-Decanter-Tumbler-SetPhoto Credit // Waterford

As a whisky connoisseur, if you’re looking for a more all-inclusive set, this is the ticket. Containing a compact, yet intricate decanter and two matching whisky glasses, this three-piece whisky glass set is the starter kit that you need, all while saving you valuable counter space.

Glassware is an important stepping stone in building a stocked kitchen and bar. Crystal can reflect your aesthetic and personality through its varying shapes, adornments, colors, and sizes. Glasses are essentials that you will be able to keep for years to come and later pass on to family, if you make sure to handle them with proper care. With these crystal sets on your registry list, you’re certain to get compliments.

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