Mountain Wedding Dress Ideas

Selecting the perfect wedding dress for your mountain wedding can be stressful. That’s why we’re breaking down everything you need to know in order to find the most wondrous gown for your wedding day.

By Rachel Varina

Mountain Wedding Dress Ideas
Photo by Hannah Malloy Photography

The First Look ✨

  • If you plan to be outdoors for the ceremony or to take photos, flowy fabrics such as tulle or chiffon look gorgeous in pictures and contribute to fairytale vibes.
  • Selecting bridal separates is a great way to play off the different pieces and match (or contrast) them to your mountain setting.
  • A sleek gown adds a sophisticated touch to your wedding day aesthetic. Nod to the natural beauty of the space with dainty or daring floral appliques.

With the vast views, snow capped apexes, and natural beauty, no one can deny a mountain wedding is the definition of romantic, which is why so many modern couples choose to say “I do” among the peaks and valleys. If you’re shopping for a wedding dress fit for a mountain venue, you probably want to make sure that your style accentuates not only your personal style, but your celebration’s style, too. From flowy fabrics to sleek silhouettes, we’re breaking down our favorite mountain wedding dress ideas to help you find a look as sensational as your ceremony space.

Off-the-Shoulder Styles

Zola: Mountain Wedding Dress Ideas Photo Credit // Laura Segall Photography

One of the most popular wedding dress trends continuing to gain speed is off-the-shoulder details. Whether delicate or ornate, a cold shoulder with draped sleeves offers not only arm coverage, but a touch of romance, too. The boho-style is reminiscent of ‘70s fashion when outdoor ceremonies, bright florals, and celebrating all of life's occasions under the sky was popular. Not only do off-the-shoulder looks come in almost every style, but the subtle bit of skin is a fun way to add a dash of daring to your look.

Floral Appliques

Whether your mountain venue is covered in snow or red clay, the common element of nature makes these celebrations so special. Floral appliques—whether dainty or dramatic—are a fun way to not only tie in the natural beauty of the space, but also to express yourself. Opt for subtle blooms along the sleeves, or go for bold with a bodice covered in flowers and vines. Either way, the fun addition is ideal for a bride who wants to stand out and showcase her own unique style.

Lace Details

Lace is a wedding dress element that truly stands the test of time. The detailed, delicate fabric adds a layer of vintage beauty to any gown, but can easily fit in with modern trends and styles, too. Pairing a lace dress with a mountain wedding venue is a fun way to balance the vastness of the space with the intimacy of the moment. The soft and intricate details will stand out against the expansive backdrop, adding an extra level of perpetual elegance to the day.

Flowy Fabric

One of the most spectacular ways to play up the beauty of mountain wedding venue is to opt for a made of flowy fabric, especially if you plan to hold your ceremony—and/or take some photos—outdoors. Fluffy tulle or soft chiffon are not only luxurious and lightweight, but when caught in the wind they create the most spectacular, cloud-like illusion. If you want a fairytale dress at your mountain event, a gown in a flowy fabric will add to the space instead of looking out of place.

Select Separates

If you’re having trouble finding the perfect gown—or just want something different—bridal separates is one of the most exciting modern trends, and is ideal for a mountain wedding. Not only can you select virtually any silhouette, but chances are that you’ll be able to wear the pieces again (which is majorly alluring). Since each piece can be selected to your taste, you can opt for a fluffy skirt to contrast with a mountainous backdrop, or you can utilize off-the-shoulder sleeves to play up the outdoor, boho vibes.

Sleek and Sophisticated

Zola: Mountain Wedding Dress Ideas Photo Credit // Heather Faulkner Photography

Finally, one of the most stunning ways to compliment your mountain wedding venue is to scale back the flair on your wedding dress. Selecting a gown that’s sleek and sophisticated (such as in a streamlined crepe fabric) will help highlight the wondrous surroundings. If you feel like amping up the glam, opt for bold accessories or a large bouquet. Not only will a sleek gown come with a lower price tag (win), but when paired with a busy backdrop and mountain views, less is actually more (double win).

Getting married in the mountains is one of the most romantic ways to say “I do.” Whether you choose a flowy gown or a form-fitting sheath, as long as your dress feels like you, it will blend seamlessly with the magnificent mountain setting.