How to Pose for Wedding Photos + 30 Wedding Picture Poses to Try

Many couples worry about whether or not their wedding portraits will look natural. Our guide on how to pose for wedding photos will help boost your confidence.

A wedding photographer crouches in a field to capture a shot of a husband and wife, potentially guiding them toward how to pose for wedding photos.
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You finally found the right photographer to capture your special day, but now the thought of stepping in front of the camera has your stomach in knots. You’re not alone! Many couples worry about how their wedding photos will turn out and whether they’ll appear natural.

Since you’ll be looking back on your wedding album for years to come, of course you want it to be filled with images you’re in love with. To make sure you look and feel great in your portraits, we’ve put together some tips on how to pose for wedding photos, mistakes to avoid, and wedding picture poses to inspire you.

Find Your Best Side

Let’s face it: Most of us don’t have perfectly symmetrical faces or bodies. Chances are you have one side that tends to photograph better than the other. You may already know which side you consider your best, but if not, recruit a friend to help you figure it out.

Snap a few test shots to see which side you feel is most flattering, then communicate this preference to your photographer to help you feel more confident in your photos.

Relax Your Body

Many people have a tendency to stiffen up when taking photos, especially if they’re nervous. If you focus too hard on creating a specific pose, it could end up looking forced and unnatural.

To make sure you’re getting the most flattering shots, make it a point to relax your face and body. If you’re trying to recreate a certain pose, don’t focus too much on replicating it exactly and instead do what feels most natural, as this energy will translate into the final photo.

Straighten Your Posture

You might be surprised at just how much your posture affects the look of your wedding photos. Not only that, but standing up straight and tall is an excellent confidence booster.

Make a mental note to correct your posture when possible. Keep your shoulders back, your chest forward, and your neck straight. However, be careful not to take it too far or you may end up looking stiff in your images.

Make Slow Movements

For shots that involve movement, like walking together while holding hands, make an effort to slow your pace and interact with your partner.

It might feel strange if it seems like you’re moving in slow motion, but that’s exactly what your photographer needs! Taking your time gives them more opportunities to capture shots and also reduces blurriness in the final product.

Make Use of Angles

When it comes to looking natural in photos, angles are your best friend! Rather than standing side by side with your partner, angle your bodies slightly toward each other. You can also incorporate angles by bending a leg or an arm while posing. This can help loosen your frame and prevent you from looking too stiff.

Have Fun With Props

If you’re camera shy or worried about looking unnatural while posing, try incorporating props into your wedding portraits. This can be a fun way to shift some of the attention off yourself. Depending on your wedding theme and personal preference, you might include:

  • Neon signs
  • Felt letter boards
  • Balloons
  • Smoke bombs
  • Parasols

Since props give you something else to focus on, you’ll be less likely to overthink your posing and less self-conscious about how you look.

Don’t Over-Practice

Generally, practicing poses ahead of time isn’t necessary since a professional photographer will be able to direct you to get the most flattering and natural-looking shots. While it can feel tempting to practice ahead of time, this can lead to photos that look forced.

Similarly, while preparing a list of shots you want is a great idea, you shouldn’t focus too much on recreating those specific images exactly.

Just Be Yourself

At the end of the day, your wedding photos should show off your personalities and unique chemistry as a couple. If a certain pose feels awkward or unnatural, feel free to skip over it! Rather than forcing photos that just aren’t you, pose in whatever way feels most comfortable.

Communicate With Your Photographer

It’s important to trust your photographer’s expertise on how to pose for wedding photos, but don’t be afraid to communicate if you’re uncomfortable or just not feeling a certain pose.

This is why it’s a good idea to make sure your personalities gel before hiring a photographer. A consultation is a great opportunity to get to know a potential photographer and discuss any concerns you may have. Be sure to put together a list of questions to ask your photographer before meeting with them.

Team-Z Tip: Book an engagement session with your photographer before the wedding. This gives you a chance to get more comfortable in front of the camera. Plus, you’ll get a glimpse of their shooting style and personality before the big day!

Plus: Posing Mistakes to Avoid

Now that you know how to pose for wedding photos, what should you avoid? These are some common mistakes couples make in their wedding picture poses:

  • Too much PDA: Of course you want to feel the love in your photos, but a full-on make-out sesh probably isn’t what you’re going for.
  • Pressing your arms against your torso: This is a simple mistake that makes for a not-so-flattering look. Instead, slightly lift your arms away from your body.
  • Tensing your shoulders: If you notice yourself tensing up out of nervousness, take a few deep breaths to relax the tension in your body.
  • Not communicating your preferences: If you have certain preferences or hang-ups, let your photographer know. Remember that their job is to make you look and feel great!
  • Not allocating enough time: If your photos are rushed, they aren’t going to turn out as you’d hoped. Make sure to set aside enough time for individual portraits as well as group photos with the rest of the wedding party.

30 Natural Wedding Picture Poses

For many couples, taking wedding portraits can be a nerve-wracking experience. You might worry about your appearance or think you’ll look unnatural. To help ease your mind, we’ve compiled a list of natural wedding picture poses for you to try.

1. First Look

first-look (1)

If you’re doing a first look before the ceremony, photographing it is an absolute must! Rather than posing for a specific shot, just focus on savoring the moment with your partner. Letting things naturally unfold will create a more memorable photo.

2. Candid Laughter


Luckily, this isn’t a photo you need to plan ahead of time! Photographers often have tricks up their sleeves to get you and your partner laughing naturally. These candid moments make for truly unique shots that can’t be replicated.

3. Leaning in for a Kiss


This pose is exactly what it sounds like—lean in for a kiss and let your photographer work their magic! This is a great pose for a close-up photo that shows off your hair and makeup.

4. Temple Kiss


This sweet wedding portrait is one we can’t resist mentioning! A soft kiss on the temple is the perfect way to showcase your love—and it can also be a great opportunity for your photographer to get a shot of your bridal bouquet.

5. Dress Twirling

A woman is captured in a field while twirling in her wedding dress.

Show off your wedding dress and bring it to life with a twirl. This is one of those fun wedding picture poses that will have you looking and feeling like a princess! It’s especially magical when captured in an outdoor setting like a field or forest.

6. Strolling Together

A bride and groom are shown strolling together in a forest while holding hands.

Moving shots are often the best way to capture the natural chemistry between you and your partner. The photographer will likely instruct you to walk together and talk as if they’re not even there. For a stunning final result, take your time and move slowly. The goal is to give your photographer plenty of time to capture all the right shots!

7. Hidden Kiss


If you’re not really into public displays of affection, you’ll love this wedding pose idea! Simply use your bouquet (or another prop) to hide your kiss from the view of the camera. This is another great pose for showing off those seasonal wedding flowers.

8. Bouquet in the Air

A bride is shown lifting her bouquet into the air and smiling at her new husband as wedding guests clap and cheer in the background.

Celebrate with your bouquet in the air after becoming newlyweds. This pose can take on many different forms and can be more playful or serious depending on how it’s captured.

9. At the Altar


This pose is the perfect opportunity to showcase an outdoor venue. Stand in front of your wedding altar and exchange a simple forehead kiss.

10. Wind-Blown Veil


If you choose to wear a veil, don’t let that photo opportunity go to waste! Even if it’s not a windy day, you can still recreate this pose. Simply recruit a friend to lift and drop the veil while the photographer snaps the photo.

11. Furry Friend Photobomb


This isn’t among typical wedding poses for couples, but we just had to mention it! If you have a pet that you consider a family member, incorporating them into your wedding portraits can be a special touch.

12. Side Embrace


For a simple yet sweet photo, stand side by side while embracing your spouse. To avoid looking stiff, angle your bodies toward each other and touch faces for an even more intimate pose.

13. Touching Foreheads


The basic forehead touch is a must-have photo for every couple. It’s a beautiful way to show off your chemistry and can also be an opportunity to subtly display your ring or manicure.

14. Carefree Dancing


Incorporating lots of movement into your wedding portrait poses is a fun way to breathe some life into your images. If you and your partner are comfortable with it, dance like there’s not even a photographer there. It might feel awkward at first, but the photos captured will be so worth it!

15. Holding Hands


If you’re a couple that isn’t too fond of PDA, this one’s for you! Holding hands while facing each other or the photographer is a simple yet surprisingly intimate pose.

16. Forehead Kiss


Similar to the temple kiss, this sentimental pose is a must-have for any wedding album. It can also double as an avenue for capturing details in a hairpiece or bouquet.

17. Getting Ready


Documenting the prep before the ceremony, like getting ready, can really tell a story in your wedding album. If your photographer is up for it, ask if they’ll arrive early to capture these special moments.

18. Romantic Whisper


This is another one that might feel a little awkward at first, but it almost always results in a beautiful candid shot. Whisper something sweet, silly, or even spicy in your partner’s ear and let your photographer capture their reaction.

19. Looking into Each Other’s Eyes


Need we say more? You can get creative with this pose and take it a million different directions depending on your style, whether it’s walking together, embracing, or even dancing together.

20. Admiring Glance


This is one of our all-time favorite wedding photography poses for couples. Standing together, look into the camera while your partner gazes at you admiringly. Then switch roles.

21. Playful Kisses


If you’re a couple that doesn’t feel comfortable sharing super intimate kisses on camera, opt for playful kisses instead! This could mean a simple kiss on the cheek or even a peck on the nose.

22. Admiring the Bouquet


Show off your makeup, hairpiece, and flowers all in one pose. Hold your bouquet at waist-level and look down as if you’re admiring it. You can smile or take on a more serious expression—whatever feels most natural to you.

23. Adjusting the Boutonniere


This getting ready shot is a subtle way to show off a boutonniere. If you’re not wearing a boutonniere, you could also adjust your tie, watch, or another focal point of your attire.

24. Back-to-Back


When it comes to wedding day photo poses, most will involve interacting with your partner on some level. For a unique and elegant photograph, switch it up and stand back-to-back. This shot looks especially great when it’s zoomed out to showcase the venue.

25. Embrace from Behind


If you ever attended prom, you’re probably already familiar with this pose! One partner stands behind the other and embraces them around the waist or shoulders.

26. Dip and Kiss


This is a classic, romantic shot that almost always looks stunning! Have your partner spin you around and then tip you back for a peck on the lips. Full-body shots like these are perfect for showing off your wedding attire.

27. Spinning Around


If the dip and kiss isn’t really your thing—or you just don’t want to risk falling on the floor!—skip that part and just do the spin instead.

28. Piggyback Ride


Hop on your partner’s back for a short piggyback ride! If you’re kids at heart, this is one of the best candid wedding couple poses to try. Plus, it’ll add the perfect playful touch to your wedding gallery.

29. Under the Veil


If you’re wearing a veil on your wedding day, this is a pose you won’t want to miss out on! Drape the veil over both of your heads and share a kiss. Or, for something equally as intimate, stare longingly into each other’s eyes.

30. Ring Shot


Your wedding gallery just wouldn’t be complete without showing off your new rings! An easy way to achieve this is by placing your hand on the back of your partner’s neck or holding their cheek while locking eyes.

If you’re unsure about how to pose for wedding photos, stepping in front of the camera can be a nerve-wracking experience. You can boost your confidence by communicating with your photographer, avoiding common posing mistakes, and preparing a photo shot list ahead of time.

Still haven’t found the perfect photographer to capture your big day? Now’s the time to head over to our vendor page to find someone near you!

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