How to Nail Your Fairytale Wedding Theme

Have you always dreamt of feeling like a prince or princess on your wedding day? Keep reading for our best fairytale wedding theme ideas.

By The Zola Team

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There's no denying that planning a wedding is both exhilarating and a tad bit stressful. Okay, let’s be real, wedding planning is more than a tad bit stressful. Thankfully, it’s mostly in a good stress kind of way.

Marriage is arguably one of the most important milestones in a couple’s life together, and it should be a day that makes both you and your partner feel super special. Think of your wedding as a modern-day fairy tale, and then plan and pamper accordingly. For this reason, consider a variety of creative wedding themes for your special day. In fact, why not take it one step further and embrace a fairytale wedding theme? Fairy tales vary among families, locations, and cultures so give yourself permission to be creative.

Then, you can unleash your inner princess and allow that fairy tale to permeate every aspect of your big day. If you’re feeling stuck on where to begin, here are a few of our best tips to help you get your planning juices flowing.

Fairytale Pampering

First things first, is a wedding really a wedding without the proper amount of fun and pampering? Dare we say, fairytale pampering? Granted, this part isn’t typically “themed” but—in our admittedly biased opinion—fun and pampering should be planned into your wedding agenda and budget from the get-go. We recommend not just indulgences for the bride, but for the entire wedding party. Pre-wedding spoiling is a key aspect of a royal princess experience.

You can send your partner and company off to engage in their own wedding day prep, while you and your squad do yours. Guys can engage in manly things, like getting their hair cut and styled, enjoying a hot towel shave, and even getting their very own mani/pedis. Massages are often lovely and relaxing for everyone, too, regardless of gender.

Meanwhile, the ladies can have professional makeup and hair done beforehand so that looking their best is not left to chance. The key to invoking that feeling of a princess in a fairy tale during the pre-ceremony “getting ready” stage, is to make it special with as much pomp and circumstance as you can stand.

Put on some great music, pour some cold mimosas, don cute and comfy wedding party robes and slippers, and settle in to enjoy yourself with your wedding party as you get ready for your big day.

Give yourself permission to cut loose and engage in a little star treatment with zero guilt and 100 percent pleasure. After all, this is a day that you will cherish forever., so best to make it a good one and create as many beautiful memories as you possibly can.

How to Feel Like a Princess With a Fairytale Wedding Theme Photo Credit // Rayna McGinnis Photography

Location, Location, Location

Is there anything that makes a wedding feel like a fairy tale more than the location itself? Sure, a wedding on the beach is nice, and so is that local church your mom keeps mentioning. But, go big or go home, right? Why not try a destination wedding and get married in a real castle, Rapunzel-style? Or, why not look for a beautiful outdoor wedding venue with lots of moss and looming trees? You know, the kind of place that makes one dream of actual fairies and elves.

You could even get married in a location such as Disneyland and create a full-on Cinderella experience! Of course, don’t limit yourself to a traditional princess wedding. A Disneyland or castle venue isn’t the only location to create your perfect fairy tale. Perhaps you dream instead of a more exotic romance story, like marrying Mr. Tall, Dark, and Charming while sitting atop two beautiful white mustangs outfitted with unicorn horns. That’s totally doable, too.

No matter what fairytale wedding theme you envision, there are plenty of venues that cater to a variety of different styles and tastes, so that you can pull off a unique marriage celebration that’s your very own.

Your Fairy Tale Is in the Details

That old cliche that the devil is in the details is well-known, but we would argue that so is the fairy tale. Sometimes it’s really the little things that give an event its own special vibe and make you feel as though you’re in a movie. To give your wedding that fairytale mojo, consider not just your choice of venue, but the other details that will make up your wedding ceremony and celebration, as well.

The decor is obviously a big deal in creating a mood, and in today’s wedding market, you can find wedding decor options to fit almost any budget. If your princess fairy tale leans more toward a royal wedding, consider rolling out the red carpet for your walk down the aisle. You could arrive in a sleek limo, walk down the aisle, and make a royal entry, and even have “royal guards” standing by to open doors for you, act as ushers, and flank you and the wedding party during the ceremony.

If your fairy tale leans more to the fantastical side, you could try adding fairy lights, crawling vines, and a woodland feel to the wedding decor as a way to help create your special moment. For instance, instead of walking down a red carpet, walk down a path strewn with flower petals. You could also skip the indoor wedding venue entirely and get married outside. Outdoor venues in the midst of plenty of trees can be excellent for giving a wedding ceremony a woodland nymph feel, even if it’s not a “forest” per se.

Of course, there are other tiny touches that you can add to your wedding experience to make it feel like a fairy tale, too. You can provide themed food options and drinks to your guests, you can have a fairytale princess themed wedding cake, and even your chosen music for the day can really help set the mood and contribute to the fairytale story.

The best part of planning a fairytale-themed wedding is that you get to decide what your fairy tale looks and feels like. You get to decide what kind of dress and environment makes you look and feel like a princess. Getting married is a big step and it should be a day to remember for everyone, but more importantly, it should be a special day that you will never forget. And, when making lifetime memories, details matter.

How to Feel Like a Princess With a Fairytale Wedding Theme Photo Credit // Rayna McGinnis Photography

Winning Royal Attire

What fairy tale is replete without the proper attire, right? After all, if you want to be a fairytale princess, you’ve got to look the part. Want to feel like Cinderella for the day? Go ahead and flaunt that princess cut ball gown and elegant updo. Don’t forget the classy jewelry and your sparkling Cinderella slippers.

If you prefer to feel more like a woodland nymph princess, that beautifully beaded slip dress with the long ethereal train might be downright perfect for your big moment. Combine the look with loose locks and a twig and flower crown, and bring your ultimate fairy tale to life. You could even walk down the aisle barefoot for added authenticity.

If you love the idea of a more exotic wedding—Arabian princess anyone?—why not consider a harem pant-style wedding dress? Combine the look with colorful jewelry and a beautiful crown, and walk down the aisle to a mesmerizing drum beat with tiny cymbals on your wrists and ankles. Your partner-to-be will not be able to look away from you.

As for the gentlemen in your wedding party, the groom included, they obviously have to look the part, too. A beautifully cut tux can complement almost any royal princess theme nicely, especially when combined with shoes polished to a shine.

The men can also wear a costume that complements the fairytale theme, such as a sultan’s costume or a woodland elf costume, instead of opting for a tux. Yes, it may not be traditional in style, but there’s no rule that says your fairytale wedding has to be traditional or conform in any way.

Remember, planning your perfect wedding should be a thrilling experience. Fairytale wedding theme ideas abound for those willing to step outside their comfort zones and get creative. Try not to box yourself in or get hung up on tradition.

Though traditions have their place and it’s wonderful to honor them, ultimately your wedding day is about what you want. And, if you want to look and feel like a Disney princess, an Arabian princess, or a royal woodland nymph, it’s entirely your prerogative. You are the architect of your real-life fairy tale, so dream big.

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