The 23 Best Modern Wedding Bands for Men + Tips

Looking for modern wedding bands for men? Our Zola experts are here to help. Read on for all there is to know.

By Deanna deBara

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Styles circle back around. The show “Mad Men” portrayed the 1960s and impeccably followed every trend of the era, especially clothing and interior design. In fact, the show caused a resurgence of mid-century modern styling, which begs the question—Are styles from the ‘60s dated or current (or both)? The same principle goes when choosing a modern men’s wedding band. Cutting edge rings are innovative, yet give nods to the past, proving the adage that fashion is spherical.

When you’re looking for a ring, there are several things to consider. And do not—we repeat, do not—let your wedding band go to the wayside. There is a lot of planning that goes into the wedding day, yet men’s wedding bands are for daily use, for a lifetime. Go into your purchase with that thought in mind and by following our advice below.

How to Choose a Modern Men’s Wedding Band

Let’s take a look at the steps you’ll want to take to find the unique wedding ring that’s right for you:

Before Looking for a Band

Come Up With a Budget

Fortunately, men’s rings aren’t nearly as expensive as diamond engagement rings. However, there’s still a need to plan financially. Considerations, such as the type of metal and the presence of gemstones, will factor into the overall cost. As a result, going in with a budget in mind will help greatly.

Know How Durable Your Ring Needs to Be

Your wedding ring is a piece of jewelry you’ll wear virtually every day—and, as such, you’ll want it to be durable. Vocation and lifestyle are components that will determine how durable your ring needs to be. Softer metals and gemstones may not be ideal for those who work with their hands or have active lifestyles. Considering your hobbies and daily activities should influence how sturdy the ring should be. Also, silicone wedding bands aren’t as durable, but they are inexpensive and easily replaced.

Decide Whether You and Your Partner Will Have Matching Rings

First, don’t feel as though you have to match. Second, it’s perfectly ok to do so. Matching wedding bands are sweet and can often be purchased simultaneously in wedding ring sets, which can mean a better deal. However, don’t be afraid to choose rings that show the unique personalities of each partner. (Also, before you choose, make sure the wedding band pairs well with the engagement ring.)

Figure Out Your Size

Jewelers can help determine your ring size, although there are also a few ways to figure it out at home. This handy guide offers a variety of charts with measurements to DIY your ring size using a string or a band that you already have. Another option is to purchase a ring sizer online and slide it on your finger to calculate.

Ponder Your Definition of Modern

When considering modern men’s wedding bands, the interpretation of modern could be up for debate. The technical definition is “relating to the present or recent times as opposed to the remote past.” Consequently, some popular wedding bands give nods to former eras. So, it’s best to determine what the term means for you before you start your search.

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Considerations for Modern Men’s Wedding Bands

Determine a Width

Men’s wedding ring designs are usually measured in millimeters across the band to determine the width. Ultra-skinny rings can be as small as two millimeters, yet larger widths can be eight millimeters and beyond. Minimalist men’s wedding bands (for example, like a simple solid gold band)are on the thinner side, whereas statement pieces tend to be wider.

Decide on the Material

If there’s one thing that will dictate the cost of a popular wedding band, it’s the materials that compose it. Precious metals such as platinum, palladium, and gold are more costly than steel, chrome, or tungsten rings for men. Also, the presence of gemstones, the size, and their type—diamonds are more expensive than sapphires—or lack thereof is a personal decision.

Choose a Fit

The fit, also referred to as the profile, of modern men’s wedding bands is a bit of a mystery to most; however, it’s not difficult to understand. There are two classic fits, the more common standard fit and the finger conforming comfort fit. However, there are also other profiles to consider, such as flat, concave, and D-shaped.

Settle on a Finish

Of course, the construction of your ring will influence the finish. Men’s wood rings will have a grainy finish, and vintage wedding bands will come as-is. Conversely, when you select a metal ring, there are a variety of sheens available, ranging from shiny polished to more a natural-looking hammered finish. Knowing how reflective you want the metal to be can help you select the finish that is right for you.

Pick a Design

The design is perhaps one of the best parts of looking at unique men’s rings. Popular wedding bands feature engraving, etching, and stones, and others bear intricate cutouts and braiding. There is a whole world of designs out there worth exploring. If you still can’t find one, working with a designer on a custom ring is always an option.

After Narrowing Down Your Options

Do Your Research

Once you’ve settled on what type of ring you’d like, do your research. Compare prices online. Go to a variety of jewelry stores. If you’re a bit off-budget, make simple swaps, such as selecting chrome instead of platinum, or skipping the gemstones. Heading into your purchase armed with knowledge is essential for finding the best modern men’s wedding bands.

Purchase Your Ring

Hopefully, you’ve found one in your price range, so you can seal the deal by actually buying it. Although, figure out a plan beforehand as to how that will happen. Jewelry stores often offer financing, or you can open a new credit card to take advantage of low introductory rates.

Take Care of Your Wedding Band, and Insure It

After you say “I do,” be sure to maintain your ring. Clean it periodically, and if the finish is faded or nicked, have it repolished, if possible. It’s also essential to add your ring to your insurance policy. Similarly, you could get separate insurance to replace the band if it’s lost or stolen.

So, head out on your search, and enjoy picking out a ring that suits your lifestyle. It’ll be so exciting to slip it on at your wedding ceremony. Would Don Draper approve? As a fictional character, he didn’t fare too well in the relationship department, though. All that matters is that you have the one you love, a ring to show your commitment, and a lifetime to spend together.

23 Best Modern Wedding Bands for Men

Not sure what you' want or what you’re looking for? Let’s take a look at some men’s wedding rings for inspiration:

1. Men's 6 mm Domed Comfort-Fit Wedding Ring/14k White Gold, Ritani, $360 on Zola

Crafted for maximum comfort with a slightly rounded edge, this 6mm white gold band is sure to please. With a polish finish, the metal delivers just the right amount of shine.

2. Men's Comfort Fit Wedding Band/14k White Gold, Edelweiss Jewelry, $800 on Zola

This elegant white gold ring sits on your finger with a sophistication that can’t be matched. Created with a flat, comfortable interior, this wedding band ensures a perfectly snug fit with a beautiful polish.

3. Classic Wedding Ring/14k White Gold, Blue Nile, $232

If you’re looking for a simple band solution, this classic ring may be the one for you. Perfect for day-to-day use, this low-profile band is so comfortable, you’ll practically forget it's there. Looking for a different finish? This wedding band ring also comes in yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum options.

4. Beveled Edge Matte Wedding Ring/14k White Gold, Blue Nile, $952

This white gold band sports a matte-finish top that will combat scratches and scrapes—and with a flat interior and rounded edges, it will also fit snugly on your finger. In addition to white gold, this ring also comes in both yellow gold and platinum.

5. Men's Satin-Finish Polished Edge Wedding Ring/14k Yellow Gold, Ritani, $730 on Zola

This 6mm 14k yellow gold ring (it also comes in white gold and platinum) is finished with satin polish that really makes it pop. If you want to stay within the realm of classicality, this ring is for you.

6. Mid-weight Comfort Fit Wedding Ring/14k Yellow Gold, Blue Nile, $552

If you’re looking for a yellow gold band that’s a bit more substantial, you might want to try this medium-weight ring. With a high-polish finish and curved inner edges for extra comfort, this 14k yellow solid gold ring also comes in white gold and platinum.

7. Comfort Fit Simple Thin Band/14k Yellow Gold, Etsy, $115

Looking for a wedding band that won’t break the bank? This ring may be the perfect option for couples looking for affordability without sacrificing style or comfort.

8. Men's Simple Wedding Ring/14k Yellow Gold, Etsy, $320

With a classic dome and polished finish, this 14k yellow gold wedding band may be the right choice.

9. Men's 4 mm Domed Comfort-Fit Wedding Ring/18k Rose Gold, Lashbrook, $580 on Zola

With a unique finish and classic feel, this 4mm rose gold ring sports a rounded inner-edge for maximum comfort with a low-profile feel. Check out the yellow and white gold alternatives for even more options!

10. Brushed Inlay Wedding Ring/14k Rose Gold, Blue Nile, $632

The brushed center band of this 14k rose gold band is perfect for withstanding the rigors of a more active lifestyle. Perfect for day-to-day comfort and adventures, this band also comes in yellow gold, white gold, and platinum options.

11. Men's Black Diamond Wedding Band/14k Rose Gold, Neil Lane, $1259.99

This 14k rose gold stunner is inlaid with treated, round-cut black diamonds to give off an intense, dark contrast.

12. Wedding Band/10k Rose Gold, Kay, $359.99

With a 4mm rose gold band, this unisex ring is a great blend of a classic design with a more modern finish.

13. Two-Tone Stone Finish Wedding Ring/14k Rose Gold, Lashbrook, Blue Nile, $756.50

This modern, two-tone ring perfectly mixes a modern style with a classic finish. The wire-brushed black tantalum exterior combined with the 14k rose interior makes for an unexpected color combination—great for grooms looking for a more creative wedding band.

14. Men's Zirconium Wedding Band/Zirconium, Lashbrook, $360 on Zola

The intense black coloring of this zirconium wedding band is both modern and bold—and with a lightweight, scratch resistant coating, it’s also extremely durable.

15. Men's Meteorite & Cobalt Chrome Wedding Band/Cobalt Chrome, Lashbrook, $1290 on Zola

If you’re looking for a wedding band that’s truly “out of this world”, you need to check out this ring from Lashbrook. Crafted with an authentic Gibeon meteorite, each band has slight deviations, making it a truly unique modern wedding ring.

16. Brushed Wedding Band with High Polish Edges/Palladium, Christian Bauer, $1624 on Zola

Touting high-quality, durable materials, this Christian Bauer wedding band exudes quality and durability. With a brushed center band, there’s no need to worry about scratches and scrapes—but the modern design and elegant, polished edges make sure you don’t sacrifice style for durability.

17. Men's Zirconium Cross Satin Finish Wedding Band/Zirconium, Lashbrook, $360 on Zola

Are you looking for a wedding band that’s big, beautiful, and bold? This 8mm black zirconium with a cross satin finish is sure to fit the bill.

18. Men's Cobalt Chrome Cross Satin Finish Wedding Band/Cobalt Chrome, Lashbrook, $330 on Zola

Constructed from cobalt chrome, which is hypoallergenic, this modern wedding band is a great option for people that struggle with allergies to more common ring metals.

19. Men's 6 mm Satin-Finish Diamond Wedding Ring/Yellow and Rose Gold, Ritani, $1560 on Zola

Looking for a more luxe ring option? This 6mm diamond wedding ring is laden with .30 carats of diamonds and an 18k rose gold band that will lend a sense of elegance to any finger.

20. Milgrain Channel Set Diamond Wedding Ring/14k White Gold, Blue Nile, $1592

With a 14k white gold wedding band, this ring’s secure interior channel setting features seven round white diamonds. It’s also framed with twin rings of milgrain, adding to the intricate design.

21. Men’s Channel-Set Diamond Wedding Band/10k White Gold, Helzberg Diamonds, $599.99

Looking for wedding rings with some bling? Consider this 10k white gold ring, complete with a nine-diamond interior channel, a must see.

22. Men’s 1 CT Lab Grown Diamond Wedding Band/Tantalum, Helzberg Diamonds, $1,999

This stunning band offers an elegant look with a durable feel—plus, the contrast between the diamond set interior and the band’s dark color adds visual interest.

23. Men’s Diamond Eternity Band/14k Yellow Gold, Avianne & Co., $606

With rings that feature anywhere from 0.4-1.4 carats worth of diamonds, this 14k yellow gold eternity ring has a ring for every budget.

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