How Long Is Cocktail Hour? The Power of Happy Hour

A guide as to why keeping your cocktail hour the perfect length is the best way to ensure that your reception goes exactly as planned.

By Emily Forrest

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Upon arrival at your wedding reception locale, your guests will be welcomed by the open arms of a cocktail hour. Though not an official part of the reception, this event acts as the bridge between the wedding ceremony and the celebration that is to come. But, how long is cocktail hour in a wedding day timeline?

It may sound strange to learn that your cocktail hour is not considered part of your reception. Especially if it’s in the same venue as the reception itself. Traditionally the cocktail hour is simply the time between ceremony and reception that allows your wedding guests to be entertained while you attend to more pressing business.

The cocktail hour allows the newlywed couple, along with the rest of the wedding party, to take pictures and handle any other wedding business without the fear of keeping guests waiting. The reception does not officially begin until the newlyweds are on the premises, which is why the cocktail hour is not considered part of your reception. Basically, the celebration doesn't start until you walk in.

Cocktail Hour vs. Reception

Even wedding caterers and special event venues make a clear distinction between reception and cocktail hour. If you want to host a cocktail happy hour for wedding guests, it’s often in addition to the time and cost of the reception as a whole.

The reason for this distinction from wedding vendors stems from the fact that not all couples want a cocktail hour incorporated into their wedding day timeline. However, we feel we must tell you that the success of your reception hinges on a well-planned cocktail hour. This is why team Zola says the perfect cocktail hour is an absolute must.

Without a cocktail hour, your guests are often left to simply fend for themselves for several hours post-ceremony. A lack of structure for your guests can cause confusion, tardiness, and general disruption to the reception as a whole. Seeing as how you want your reception to run smoothly, a cocktail hour should be a priority on your big day.

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The Importance of Cocktail Hour

The cocktail hour is of the utmost importance regarding the success of your wedding reception. Despite being misunderstood as an extension of the reception, the cocktail hour is the foundation on which your reception will be perceived and enjoyed. The cocktail hour allows your guests to ease into the celebration with drinks, appetizers, and some lighthearted socializing. You can even integrate a form of cocktail hour entertainment or even party cocktail games to occupy guests before the formal reception starts.

As the name might suggest, this portion of your reception will be somewhere between one and two hours. While two hours may be pushing it as far as holding your guests' attention, one hour is typically not long enough.

Not only do your guests want time to mingle and enjoy themselves, but you also need time to take wedding photos before making your grand entrance into the reception hall. For most newlywed couples, somewhere between an hour and a half and two hours is the ideal amount of time for a cocktail hour, as it allows you to get the pictures you need without being rushed.

Keeping track of time is not something you’ll have to worry about on your big day. Your day-of wedding coordinator will ensure that you’re in the right place at the right time, keeping an eye on the clock on your behalf.

This feels like a good time to remind you that a day-of coordinator is an absolute must. On your wedding day, there’s too much going on around you to juggle all that you have to do. Not to mention, in your new haze of love, clarity will be hard to hold on to, so get yourself a reliable day-of wedding coordinator.

The Right Amount of Time

When it comes to planning the amount of time for the perfect cocktail hour, it’s better to plan for more time than not enough. If dinner is scheduled to start at 6 p.m., your caterer will be chomping at the bit to get everyone seated for dinner service. Once again, it’ll be up to your day-of coordinator to ensure that everything goes according to plan. Even you should be familiar with the rough time frame of how the night will unfold, so you’re never out of sync.

Even if you finish your photos early, you should avoid making a grand entrance at the cocktail happy hour. The bride and groom's introduction is an essential part of the reception's formal proceedings after everyone is seated. Showing up to your own cocktail hour would not only ruin that moment for you and your guests, but it would also be very unorthodox. Should you finish photos early, by all means, take a breather and enjoy some apps and cocktails in private with your wedding party.

We feel obligated to inform you that your cocktail hour is not something you will be a part of. As mentioned earlier, this time will be used for you and your spouse to attend to other wedding business, such as taking pictures.

Perhaps you’ll use the cocktail hour to get some much desired alone time. However you intend to spend the hours while your guests are enjoying drinks and appetizers, you should get comfortable with the idea that you won't be in attendance for this portion of the evening's festivities.

Have Fun With It

Knowing that you and your new spouse won't be able to enjoy the cocktail hour may tempt you into cutting corners. If there’s one aspect of your wedding day that you need to spend up on, it's the cocktail hour. The whole purpose of the cocktail hour is to distract your guests from the fact that you're not there, and, as such, it needs to be entertaining and enjoyable.

The overall entertainment value of your cocktail hour will help determine how long you can expect your guests to remain content. If you believe that you will need a longer cocktail hour to accomplish your photos, you may need to consider upping the entertainment value of your cocktail hour.

As a general rule of thumb, your guests will have more fun if they are comfortable, well-attended to, and entertained. The mark of a well-executed cocktail hour is if your guests leave the event wishing it had been longer. This is by no means an endorsement of a lengthy cocktail hour, but rather a benchmark for how you should plan this pre-reception. Here are a couple pro tips that will ensure your guests leave the cocktail hour happy and excited for the rest of the evening:

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Some Things to Remember

Make sure there are multiple bars and multiple bathrooms. This boils down to the fact that nobody likes a line. Whether you have an open bar, a cash bar, or are simply sticking to beer and wine only, ensure that there are multiple locations where guests can grab a drink.

It may go without saying, but a crowd of people drinking means people will need to use the restroom. Make sure there are several bathrooms to avoid frustrating lines, and, if the restrooms are not well-marked, add some signs to better direct traffic.

Just like marking the bathrooms is a good idea, signs, in general, are an excellent way to inform your guests of what's what and who's who. Put signs on everything. Keeping your guests informed with signs will cut down on questions, and will generally help your guests to have a better time.

Some couples even set out name tags at their reception so that guests who may not be familiar can easily address one another. As a general rule of thumb, the less that people need to ask for, the happier they will be.

Entertainment Is Key

Add some flair, but keep it simple. A cocktail hour doesn't need to be complicated or extravagant to be fun. A small touch of entertainment can go a long way in winning over your guests.

Whether it’s live music in the form of a solo guitarist, or a selection of games, such as cornhole, your guests will be thrilled to find themselves immersed in an environment of fun. Simple additions that add to the overall atmosphere of your cocktail hour are a great way to ensure its success.

In the overall context of your wedding day, the cocktail hour is unique. This portion of the day's events is the only event that you’ll not be present for, yet, despite your absence, it’s a portion of the day that your guests should remember fondly. While it may seem unfair that you and your new spouse don't get to enjoy this particular moment, take solace in knowing that you will be too wrapped up in marital bliss to care.

The cocktail hour ranges in time between one and two hours, but it should only be as long as it needs to be. If you find that you’re ready to begin the formalities of the reception a little early on the day of your wedding, go for it. Likewise, if you find that you’re running a bit behind, thus forcing the cocktail hour to run a bit long, don't stress about it.

Your wedding day is all about you and your new spouse, so don't worry about what others may be thinking. So long as you have a well-planned cocktail hour where your guests are well-attended, the length is completely up to you. Don't be afraid to call the shots on your own wedding day. With Zola in your corner, there’s no plan you can't handle, and nothing you can't change to your liking.

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