One Groom's Candid Review of Candid Teeth Aligners

Candid provides clear aligner treatment with remote monitoring by an orthodontist. Here's one groom-to-be's review of the service.

By Emily Forrest

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Hair and makeup trials, dress and tux fittings, beard trims, facials, shoe shopping—the list of pre-wedding beauty rituals goes on. One area that doesn’t get as much attention, though, is the mouth, or, more specifically, the teeth. While engaged couples may consider a quick teeth whitening before the big day, teeth realignment isn’t quite as common.

There’s probably an obvious reason for that. Braces aren’t exactly subtle and some clear aligner treatment plans are notoriously expensive, adding to that already building wedding budget. When time (and money) are of the essence, traditional straightening methods don’t really fit into the pre-wedding prep timeline. So, what’s a fiancé to do?

Enter Candid, a company that provides clear aligner treatment with remote monitoring by an orthodontist. (You have enough appointments to take care of.) And, it costs thousands—yes, thousands—less than traditional braces.

To help better understand the Candid process and treatment plan, we sent one groom to a Candid Studio to get all the details on the experience. Here’s his candid review of Candid.

When we got engaged, it was clear that we had a long road ahead full of wedding stuff. Fortunately, for me, the wedding stuff has gone pretty well thanks to two reasons. First, my fiancé works in the wedding industry and she’s had our to-do list on lock from the start. And second, as many couples know, in your typical hetero-norm couple, the planning often falls on the bride, including all that dress and beauty-related stuff she needs to deal with (if she wants).

While I’m certainly doing my part of the planning, my preparation timeline isn’t as jam-packed. I can get a nice suit a few months ahead of time, get my hair freshly cut a few days out, and maybe add a nice beard oil and shaping from the place I visit for special occasions if I want. Pretty simple, huh?

That said, as I’ve watched my soon-to-be-wife schedule appointments and plan different aspects of her wedding day appearance, I’ve been inspired to think a bit more about what I could add to my man-beauty list. The first thing that came to mind? My teeth.

I’ve always wanted to straighten my bottom teeth, and what better reason to do it than the biggest photo op of our lives? I didn’t get braces as a teen even though I probably should have, and doing the whole adult braces thing right now wasn’t my favorite idea. So, I decided to try Candid. Once it was set in motion, I started to understand the pre-wedding “beauty” check. It feels cool to start something with a payoff right before the big day.

The Process

With Candid, you can book a free appointment online to visit one of their many Candid Studios. So, I made an appointment online at a location right near my office and left work a little early to start the whole process.

They were super friendly when I arrived and offered me water (regular dentist, take notes). I was handed an iPad with all the initial information about the risks and outcomes of the clear aligners, and I actually felt it was really easy to understand. They also gave a little dental swag bag beforehand, which was a nice touch. I prepped my teeth by brushing with the toothbrush and toothpaste in the bag and then waited for the actual exam.

The Scan

After only a few minutes, the technician came in and set up this really cool imaging session of my teeth—so no weird molds or anything, which I was really happy about. This, instead, was a painless ordeal that only took a few minutes.

Conveniently enough, my tech was actually in the middle of her own Candid treatments so she was able to answer all of my questions about the process firsthand. It made me feel good that the person working on my appointment actually believed in the product.

Overall, the appointment was pretty seamless. I was in and out in less than 30 minutes and felt set up for a pretty successful treatment plan.

The Plan

I was really happy to hear that this was the only appointment I’d have to make over the course of my treatment. About a week after the in-person appointment, you can see your treatment plan online.

Every Candid treatment plan includes remote monitoring by an orthodontist. Candid only works with experienced orthodontists—not general dentists—so it’s a similar doctor experience you’d get with traditional metal braces.

Once you receive your aligners in the mail (plus all the info on how to do the app-enabled scans from home), you can check in from anywhere every 10 days with a quick scan. My orthodontist monitors my progress to makes sure my treatment is on track.

The Next Steps

I’m now a few days away from receiving my first set of aligners in the mail, and I can’t wait to see what happens. I’m well prepared for the initial discomfort that comes with any kind of aligners/braces and will use it as an excuse to pour a little whiskey and toast with my fiancé. Here’s to straighter teeth for the wedding. L’chaim!

-- as told to Amanda Glickman

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About Candid

Candid provides clear aligner treatment with remote monitoring by an orthodontist. That means you can straighten your teeth without office visits, but still get doctor-directed care. It’s more comfortable and discreet than metal braces, more convenient than in-office clear aligner treatment, and more affordable than both.

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