Boho Wedding Jewelry Styles and Inspiration

Find the accessories you need to complete your boho wedding look here in our latest guide.

By Shameika Rhymes

Boho Wedding Jewelry
Photo by Jo Julia Photography

The First Look ✨

  • Bohemian jewelry is simple, yet bold, and can add to your boho wedding to make a statement.
  • Boho jewelry uses celestial themes and natural to bright colors, such as green, brown, orange, and yellow; and red, purple, blue, and even pink.
  • From an arm cuff to layers of bracelets, and necklaces to tiaras and quartz rings, there are so many pieces of jewelry to make your wedding attire stand out on your wedding day.

If you’ve decided on a boho-chic wedding, it’s so easy to get caught up in all of the overwhelming decisions. From finding bohemian wedding venues to selecting boho wedding decor, many pieces can bring the theme to life. However, you can’t overlook a simple, yet bold statement that adds that extra shine to your day—your jewelry. The unique style that signifies the boho trend has characteristics that make it feel open, free-spirited, and natural. The boho style doesn’t work with any constraints and it allows you to express your personality and individuality.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all of the options—from shoulder and head chains to arm cuffs and earrings, and rings for each finger—we at Zola have put together a list to help you decide which beautiful details will keep your wedding style looking boho-chic.

What Colors and Gemstones Work Best for Boho Wedding Jewelry?

When it comes to color, it’s your wedding and you can wear whatever color you want to. However, boho jewelry tends to feature nature-inspired colors such as green, brown, orange, and yellow. Other boho color schemes include bright red, purple, blue, and even pink. Gemstones with these colors are what make your jewelry pop.

Gemstones to consider include:

  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Labradorite
  • Amethyst
  • Quartz
  • Turquoise
  • Pearl
  • Emerald
  • Ruby

Boho jewelry also uses natural materials such as leather, shell, string, base metals, and cords.

Boho Designs

Jewelry styles for boho weddings typically feature geometric shapes or natural motifs that match your wedding theme, including the sun, moon, stars, animals, flowers, and greenery. You can also include spiritual motifs or even insects such as butterflies. Using gold, silver, rose gold, and other metallics fashionably hold these styles.

Boho Rings

Boho Wedding Jewelry Styles and Inspiration -SR Photo Credit // De Joy Photography

Boho style rings usually have accessible semi-precious gemstones instead of expensive stones. Raw gemstones are a popular material featuring gemstones that aren’t polished and are still in their natural form or shape. Rose quartz is a popular stone for rings. Twisted bands, curved metals, and nature-inspired designs such as pears, raindrops, flowers, and/or vines also work for rings and wedding bands.

Boho Bracelets

With the boho look, there’s no limit to how many bracelets you can wear. You can stack and layer small bracelets or even pick out a large statement bracelet. Go super vintage by using a friendship bracelet for you and your partner that features handwoven patterns out of fabric (perhaps it can be something that you create as a couple that tells the story of your relationship). Wearing a pearl bracelet or a gold bracelet can also pair well with your boho wedding attire, as both are natural elements. Adding in a celestial look with diamonds and crescent moon, stars, or even the sun on your jewelry can add some sparkle. Arm cuffs can make a great statement piece. You can wear a Grecian style wrist cuff and colorful cuff bracelets to stand out.

Boho Necklaces

Wearing a necklace with a boho lace wedding dress that has a low cut neckline is a beautiful statement piece. If your dress has more fabric around the top, the necklace can get hidden. If faith is important, then you may want to wear a symbol of your religion, so consider a delicate, simple version. Boho style necklaces are also typically layered, often using the same metal or even pearls of varying lengths. Often one or more of the layers will have an embellishment, such as charms, that gives the necklaces an added flair. Boho Earrings

Boho style earrings for the bride’s day have a more elegant aspect—simple, yet bold. Boho style brides aren’t stressed and they make their own fashion rules. Mix metallic finishes, take a pair of gold hoops, and fill them with beads or gemstones. Boho style earrings are also colorful and often oversized with textures and stunning color combinations. Or, wear a pair of stud earrings with small diamonds. You can go for a tiny pavé stud earring in the shape of a moon or star.

Boho Headpieces

Boho Wedding Jewelry Styles and Inspiration -SR Photo Credit // Ashley Carney Photography

Hair jewelry is also a romantic, yet natural option for a boho-inspired wedding. Headpieces, such as halos, tiaras, and head and shoulder combination chains, tend to focus on flowery and earthy tones made with various materials. Hair accessories are elegant, yet must be kept as simple as possible to achieve the perfect boho look. Wearing crowns like a tiara or even a floral garden headpiece can tie in nature. Often a jewelry headpiece is worn instead of a veil and looks especially beautiful when paired with boho wedding hairstyles.

For more boho wedding ideas, Zola is here to help lead the way. Browse through the fashion jewelry that you can adopt and adapt to your own celebration here.