What Are the Best Wedding Dress Styles for Larger Chests?

What wedding dresses look best on a busty bride? We’ve put together plenty of ideas and inspiration through our simplified style guide.

By Emily Forrest

Busty Bride Wedding Dress Styles
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Regardless of bust size, there are no wedding dress styles that are off limits. What matters is finding the dress that creates the most flattering look and makes you feel confident. With that being said, there are a few silhouettes to help get you started if you’re searching for cuts that support a busty frame.

For starters, we’re fans of a mermaid wedding gown with an asymmetrical neckline. An A-line cut is a classic choice, too. And can you ever go wrong with a ball gown style? Each of these dream dress silhouettes help embrace the natural flow of curves in a chic, classy way. Using these dress examples as a starting point as you envision how your dream dress will look will help you get closer to your ultimate choice, one dress at a time.

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Mermaid Wedding Gown With an Asymmetrical Neckline

The romantic cut of a mermaid wedding gown is designed to embrace the body’s curves and hug in all the right places. The fitted bodice and “fishtail” flare that begins to flow right below the knee is a timeless style. It’s the optimal silhouette for a busty bride who wants to embrace her features in an elegant way.

When paired with an asymmetrical neckline, there’s the benefit of additional bust support—without being completely covered up. It strikes a nice balance of modesty and offers a contemporary twist on a classic dress style. One thing to note with a mermaid gown: It’s smart to look for modern styles with a built-in bra and a slimming undergarment to achieve a seamless look in your beautiful dress.

Where to Wear the Mermaid Wedding Gown Look

The unique style of a mermaid wedding dress with an asymmetrical neckline is ideal for a beachside wedding. Pair it with a fabric that’s lightweight and airy to keep the look carefree without being too laid-back.

The design makes such a strong fashion statement that little else is needed in terms of accessories or embellishment. Thinking of skipping the stilettos for your big day or dream of going barefoot? This dress and destination pairing is suited perfectly for you.

A-Line Wedding Dress for a Polished Look

The simplicity of the A-line frame works well, because it flatters every body type. For a busty bride who prefers this classic shape, the idea of a fitted bodice may raise some concerns, but it shouldn’t. It’s all in the fit. When trying on this dress style, make sure to walk around, sit down, and raise your arms while wearing it. A well-fit A-line wedding dress will stay with you and not slip down or ride up.

Many A-line wedding dresses have a tie-back corset to secure the bust. Be careful not to pull too tightly and create more cleavage than necessary. The goal is to have the dress fit to you—not vice-versa. If you feel squeezed into a fitted bodice, go up a size or have it tailored to match your specific measurements. The result will be a polished silhouette that amplifies your curves in a graceful way. Once you have the ideal support and coverage, the options are endless when it comes to the design details of the perfect dress.

Where to Wear an A-Line Wedding Dress

The “A” part of the A-line wedding dress could stand for “anywhere,” since this style is suitable for any and all ceremonies. We like the idea of its classic simplicity for a mid-century modern celebration. By shortening the hem to just below the knees, the slight flare of the skirt is chic and sophisticated.

With the fitted bodice, a strapless neckline is the go-to choice on an A-line silhouette, but for a busty bride who wants slightly more coverage, adding a sheer fabric panel to create a square shape neckline gives the best of both worlds. An A-line wedding dress creates a balance by highlighting the legs and minimizing the bust for an elegant bridal look.

Ball Gown Style to Support Large Busts

Raise your hand if you’ve always envisioned a fairytale wedding with a full-skirted wedding dress a la Cinderella. We get it: The glamour aspect is just too good. A misconception about dressing to support a larger bust is to not add extra material, but layers of tulle or tiers of satin can help balance out the top for a stunning silhouette.

As with the A-line shape, a ball gown has a fitted bodice, but the skirt is far fuller. To avoid losing the shape of the waistline altogether, look for wedding dresses that have a small band near the natural waistline, ideally, built into the design. A lovely scoop neckline with a modest depth elongates the neck to help streamline the frame and accentuate the bust. It creates a pretty aesthetic and keeps the main focus on the impressiveness of a princess-style ball gown skirt, which generally comes in romantic fabrics like tulle, taffeta, or organza.

Where to Wear a Beautiful Ball Gown

Though there’s no better reason to go all out than on your big day, the extravagance of ball gown wedding dresses is ideally suited for a formal affair. For an all-day celebration, this style allows for easy movement for walking down the aisle, standing for endless pictures, and dancing the night away. It has a specialness that’s only amplified by a floor-length veil and a tiara.

When tailoring the bodice of the dress, make sure the top covers enough to avoid being too tight or slipping down. As a busty bride, it’s best to avoid spaghetti straps that don’t offer as much support. Other than that, choose your favorite neckline, and get ready to twirl in style.

Style Ideas for Larger Cup Sizes

A busty bride doesn’t mean the same body size for everyone. What works for a petite woman doesn’t necessarily offer the same advantages for a plus-size woman. The goal is to dress for yourself. In addition to the popular wedding dress styles recommended for women with larger busts, here are some other things to consider:

Avoid Boxy Silhouettes

Work with wedding dress styles that accentuate natural curves. Boxy silhouettes often make the body appear wider, which isn’t necessarily what you want, especially if you are trying to minimize a larger bust. Instead, opt for a streamlined look that draws the eyes vertically, such as extended hemlines and an open neckline.

Invest in Undergarments

Securing the right undergarments is almost as important as the dress itself. The right ones will lift the bust and smooth the overall shape of the bodice. Many dresses now have these built into the designs. If you’re choosing to wear them separately, try them on with your gown during fittings to create a seamless appeal. Women of all shapes and sizes depend on undergarments to create the most flattering silhouette.

Experiment With Ruching

The idea of mixing ruching or ruffles with a larger bust may be a debatable topic. On one hand, the added fabric may cause the bust to appear larger. Conversely, it can help camouflage a larger bust in a fashionable way. The design of your dress will determine if this element is flattering to your figure and improves the overall look. To simply stay away from such an alluring detail as a busty bride would be selling yourself short of what could be the perfect addition.

What Are the Best Busty Bride Wedding Dress Styles? | Zola Photo Credit // Delirament Designs

Embrace Simplicity

Although you may find ruching adds texture that elevates your vision, keep the bodice relatively simple. Skip any embellishments, such as boning or bows, that cut along the bustline. This can create an awkward shape for a larger chest. Keep the focus on the quality of the material and the design of the dress versus adding too many accessories that may overwhelm the look.

Use this style guide as inspiration when searching for your wedding dress. Although each of these silhouettes and style tips is meant to embrace the beautiful curves of a busty bride, there are no limits to what you can wear on your wedding day. Don’t count out any design or detail that you’ve been dreaming about. There’s a way to make it work for you.

Tips for Choosing the Right Wedding Dresses for a Big Bust

Need help choosing the perfect dress for your bust size? Here are a few tips to help you narrow down wedding dress styles and find the perfect bridal gown during the wedding dress shopping process:

  • Call attention to your back. There's nothing wrong with calling attention to a big bust; if you feel confident, that's all that matters. But if you don't want your bust to be the focal point of your wedding look, consider a dress with a dramatic back, like a long sleeve lace wedding dress with a v back—or a gown that's completely backless.
  • Consider the neckline. There are a variety of necklines that look to-die-for with larger busts (and can help support your boobs!), including a halter neck, scoop neck, or v-neck (just make sure the v-neckline doesn't go too deep; otherwise, it could call attention away from the other parts of your dress). While there are no "wrong" necklines for larger-chested brides, a high neck could make your chest feel constricted—so you may want to avoid it.
  • Play with sleeves. Again, there's nothing wrong with a dress calling attention to your bust. But if you want to draw attention towards other parts of your body, having fun with sleeves is a great way to do it. Try cap sleeves or a short sleeve wedding dress, which can balance out a larger chest, or go sleeveless and show off your amazing arms.
  • Embrace embellishments. As mentioned, embracing simplicity can be a great look for brides with a larger bust. But if you want your dress to make a statement, you can also have fun with embellishments like beading, appliques, or sequins. (If you opt for a more simple gown, you can also jazz up your look with bridal jewelry or more eye-catching accessories.)
  • Read reviews. Have your eye on a wedding dress—but not sure it will work with your bust? Browse the customer reviews to see if any other larger-chested brides have commented. Because they have a similar body type, their insights can help you determine whether the dress is one you want to put the effort into trying on—or if you'd rather focus on other options.

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