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Best Venues for Boho Weddings

Looking for the perfect boho wedding venue? Read our guide to discover all your options.

By Lisa Wong Macabasco

Boho Wedding Venues
Photo by Poppyseed Photography

The First Look ✨

  • Nature makes for the ultimate backdrop in places like Tulum, Mexico, Joshua Tree, the Hudson Valley, Napa and Sonoma, Sedona, Hawaii, and Big Sur.
  • Nothing says rustic down-home charm like a barn or ranch wedding. Likewise, wineries offer rolling hills of vineyards in typically temperate climates.
  • Greenhouses, conservatories, and nurseries are practically like being outside, but suited to almost any weather conditions.

The appeal of a bohemian-style wedding is undeniable: organic, unfussy, focused on the love between two people without all the flash and frippery. And the wedding venue sets the tone for this bucolic vibe—usually something outdoors, where all the bounty of nature and fresh air entrance guests with a homespun, pastoral feel. It also does the aesthetic heavy-lifting, allowing you to pare back the wedding decor.

Browse hundreds of real bohemian weddings at Zola—with details on venues, color schemes, bridalwear, and decor—to find inspiration for your own effortless, earthy celebration. Here are the best venues for boho weddings every bride will love.

Look to Nature for the Perfect Backdrop

Any place where the beauty of nature shines is perfect for a romantic, yet casual boho wedding. Locations that host boho weddings include the white-sand beaches of Tulum, Mexico, the deserts of Joshua Tree, the woods of New York’s Hudson Valley, the bountiful valleys of Napa or Sonoma, the red rocks of Sedona, the clear waters of Hawaii, and the forests of Big Sur.

Best Venues for Boho Weddings Photo Credit // Nicole Kirshner Photography

Forests and Woodland

Think towering redwoods creating a natural cathedral, exchanging vows in the midst of a dramatic waterfall, and an ethereal reception with tables snaking through light-strewn trees. From wedding venues in Portland, OR to Big Sur, CA, go deep into the woods for a secluded, hidden escape from the everyday.


A beach wedding is the ultimate for a relaxed, sun-kissed, barefoot boho bride. The ultimate outdoor wedding, imagine exchanging vows under a driftwood arch over the sound of ocean waves in front of an incredible sunset.

Barns and Ranches

Nothing says rustic, down-home charm like a barn or ranch wedding. Even better, these venues have an appeal year-round, from snow-covered fields in the winter to warm, firefly-filled summer evenings. Harken back to a simpler time among rolling hills and farm animals in a structure that may have been around for centuries. Barns with working farms are perfect for farm-to-table dining and cocktail hour. Wrangle yourself a ranch for expansive mountain views, wildflower meadows, and activities like hiking, horseback riding, and fly fishing.

Greenhouses, Conservatories, and Nurseries

Not only are these venues practically like being outside, but—even better—they’re also suited to almost any weather conditions. Plenty of windows allow for abundant natural light (perfect for photos), lush greenery accompanies fragrant florals, and stars twinkle through the stunning glass ceilings. Like many boho wedding venues on this list, the backdrop changes with the seasons.

Camping and Glamping

Best Venues for Boho WeddingsPhoto Credit // Brian Powers Photographer

Think a sleepaway camp for adults with a forest ceremony, mountain and lake views, cabins with WiFi, picnic tables at the reception, and campfire smores at the after-party. Look forward to a full slate of activities for guests, like canoeing, archery, swimming, and hiking. Some glamping tents, yurts, or teepees can be set up almost anywhere, while other glamping campgrounds come with the luxe amenities of a five-star hotel, with heat and air conditioning. A perfect option for an intimate wedding and reception.


It may not seem like the most romantic locale to get married, but there’s an otherworldly charm to a stark, barren landscape in the middle of nowhere. It’s also a blank canvas to make your wedding distinctively yours, strewn with your choice of succulents, geodes, Southwestern accents, or eclectic textures. Peaceful vibes, outstanding weather, and undeniable natural beauty make the desert an ideal venue for an easy and chic wedding.


What’s more magical than a sky-high wedding suspended far above the ground? Perfect for nature lovers, these forest venues with modern dwellings are surrounded by lush foliage, cascading waterfalls, and dreamy forest air. Get closer to the stars and wake up among the clouds in this one-of-a-kind experience.


Say “I do” surrounded by gently rolling hills of vineyards in typically temperate climates. Let the venue’s Bordeauxs and Burgundies inspire your wedding decor, and rustic wine barrels make for excellent cocktail hour tabletops. Rows of growing grapes also make for excellent wedding photos.

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