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By Emily Forrest

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With most weddings taking place between the end of May and the beginning of October, a spring honeymoon is a bit of an anomaly. Typically, most couples are too eager to take a honeymoon to wait half a year until the time is right. Furthermore, spring has been unfairly branded as an inopportune time to travel, due to worldwide weather inconsistencies.

Since the whole idea behind this romantic tryst is perfection at every turn, spring has been avoided as a honeymoon season. However, while older generations may have held the belief that spring is no time to travel, conventional wisdom has experienced a recent and radical shift. Spring honeymoons are the new trendy time to travel in style.

Are you going to gamble with the weather in the spring? Sure. But, that’s why choosing the right location for a spring honeymoon is so important. There are several fantastic spring honeymoon destinations where this season offers the best weather out of the whole year. If you’re going to take a risk with weather regardless of when and where you travel, why not use the risk to your advantage.

Springtime honeymoons are great for couples who want to save some money after the wedding to fund their perfect honeymoon. Whether you’re trying to be budget-conscious or simply get the most out of your honeymoon experience, a spring honeymoon is a great choice. Check out our list of the best honeymoon destinations in April, which will have your new love in full bloom!


There are so many incredible places to take a springtime honeymoon. Still, none of them are quite as diverse as Australia. Located in the Southern Hemisphere, a spring honeymoon excursion to this island continent means you’ll actually be there during Australia’s fall. The Northern Hemisphere’s springtime is a popular time to visit Australia, as the country is still plenty warm after cooling off from a long Australian summer.

Western Australia is an especially popular destination during the Northern Hemisphere’s spring. Western Australia offers a rugged aesthetic with a refined exterior, allowing you to experience the raw natural beauty of Australia with first-class amenities. Reminiscent of California, West Oz (as it’s affectionately referred to by locals) is home to majestic blue oceans, dense forests, and sweeping valleys.

Western Australia is also one of the foremost authorities on wine. There are countless wineries in Western Australia, and visiting West Oz during the Northern Hemisphere’s spring means that you’ll be there during harvest. Any winemaker will tell you that harvest is one of the best times to visit a winery. As generous and welcoming as the Australians are, a winery visit during harvest in West Oz comes with a high chance of creating an epic life experience.

If your scene is more white sand and tropical weather, Australia is still the place for you. Coastal Queensland is an impressive run of the coast and stretches along the Eastern Seaboard from Brisbane all the way north to Cairns. Along this magical stretch of coastline, you’ll find incredible beaches, unbeatable resorts, and, of course, the Great Barrier Reef.

Don’t be fooled though, Australia is a big place, so you’ll probably need to pick one spot and stick to it. However, springtime in the Northern Hemisphere translates to fall down under, which means fewer tourists, lower prices, and incredible weather.

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Costa Rica

The dry season in Costa Rica is from December to April, meaning the beginning of spring is a perfect time to visit this tourist-friendly country. Don’t worry, “dry season” doesn’t mean that there will be any shortage of incredible waterfalls on your zipline excursions. The dry season just means that you’ll have the warm sunny days you want when you visit one of the best islands for honeymooners.

Costa Rica is located in between the Tropic of Cancer and the Equator in the Northern Hemisphere. Basically, the location of Costa Rica means you should be prepared for it to be hot and humid, except for in the spring.

The climate of Costa Rica is such that the wet monsoon season determines how much humidity there is in the air. And, with Costa Rica being so close to the Equator, you never have to worry about it being cold, you just want to avoid it when it gets hot and muggy.

Traveling to Costa Rica in the spring ensures that you will experience the best weather Central America has to offer. Springtime ensures that the beautiful jungles will be teeming with life, and the beautiful beaches will be perfect for tanning, surfing, and long days on the sand. If you're looking to plan a romantic vacation that offers pristine beaches, gorgeous landscapes, and natural beauty, Costa Rica is an excellent choice.


If you’re a hopeless romantic, then Paris in the spring should be at the top of your honeymoon list. But, who are we kidding? You just wed the love of your life, so, of course, you’re a hopeless romantic, and, of course, Paris is at the top of your list.

We should warn you, Paris in the spring is a popular choice, but don’t let that deter you. In fact, you should be glad you know how incredible Paris in the spring is because it pretty much solidifies your honeymoon choice.

Here are some things about France, specifically Paris, that you already know, but we’re going to remind you of. First, the food is absolutely delectable. The spring is a yearly renaissance for all of the local farmers and restaurateurs who are bringing new crops to market and new dishes to life. The streets are bustling with vendors and cafes, and all of it is a whirlwind experience of flavor.

Paris is synonymous with complex modern thought, high fashion, world-class art, and stunning architecture. If you want to feel like you’re living your best life amid the world’s most iconic landscapes, then Paris is your springtime honeymoon of choice.

The South Pacific

For the same reason that Australia is such an excellent springtime honeymoon destination, the South Pacific is another incredible Southern Hemisphere choice for spring. Don’t be confused, when we say South Pacific in the spring, we actually mean the Northern Hemisphere’s spring. It’s hard to follow, but spring in the Northern Hemisphere is actually fall in the Southern Hemisphere.

Specifically, late spring is best for any island located in the South Pacific. In late spring, the rainy season ends and the land and water both reach their ideal temperatures. The South Pacific is geographically enormous, with a lot of Islands to explore. From the island nation of Fiji to famous French Polynesia, the vast collection of island chains is home to some of the most famous tropical hideaways, which offer pristine beaches and gorgeous landscapes.

Bora Bora, Fiji, and Tahiti are the most well-known honeymoon destinations in the South Pacific. Still, there are so many choices for honeymooners. Samoa and Aitutaki are just two of the lesser-known South Pacific islands that offer the same style of experience without the name brand price tag. For those couples looking to reset their watches to island time, a trip to the South Pacific in spring is a win-win!

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Greater Europe

Here’s the deal, Europe in the spring is flat out fantastic. Spain, Portugal, and Greece are all especially welcoming in the spring. All three of these countries have temperate climates, rich histories, and a cultural heritage of being welcoming to tourists.

Each European country has such a vastly different landscape that you and your spouse will naturally gravitate to one country over another. However, should you find yourself having a tough time deciding, we should tell you that getting around Europe is relatively cheap and pretty easy.

If you choose only one European country for your honeymoon, Greece is probably our frontrunner. The allure of the Mediterranean offers captivatingly beautiful coastlines and temperate climate all year-round.

Put Some Spring in Your Step

Now that you know about the top honeymoon destinations in April, it’s time to start planning. With all your newfound knowledge of incredible springtime honeymoon destinations, the world is your oyster. A spring honeymoon is a great way to save money, and there is certainly no shortage of incredible destinations to choose from. Whether you want to keep things tropical in the sunny South Pacific, or rub shoulders with high society in Paris, spring is a perfect time to pack your bags and jet.

Spring is a season of new beginnings, and there is no better beginning to the lifetime love affair of marriage than with an incredible adventure. Your honeymoon is a trip you will never forget, but a springtime honeymoon is an expedition you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

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