How To Do A Prenup Party In Style: A Complete Guide + 4 Ideas

Most contracts are a bore, but prenups can be fun. Celebrate your upcoming marriage with a prenup party. Read through to learn more.

By McCall Minnor

Prenuptial Party
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So, you and your soon-to-be partner have decided to get a prenuptial agreement. Congratulations! You've had the conversations, you're on the same page, and you're ready for a true partnership—not just a marriage. You know what this means: It's time to celebrate.

While a prenuptial party might not be the most standard of celebratory events, it does deserve commemoration. And, of course, getting married itself is a cause for celebration, so why not bust out a bottle of Champagne and designate a time to celebrate signing this all-important piece of paper?

If people can throw divorce parties, you can have a party to celebrate signing a prenup. Here, the best ways to throw an unconventional celebration for your future partnership.

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What Is A Prenup?

The term ‘prenup’ is short for prenuptial agreement. Also referred to as an antenuptial agreement, this is a contract entered by two people before they get legally married that outlines the individual ownership of financial assets within the marriage. This typically concerns certain financial situations and property rights. While this can come off as daunting, prenuptial agreements are no longer only for those who have several properties or inherited wealth. In fact, they’re quite common and can largely aid you and your spouse down the line where finances are concerned. Think of it as a personalized agreement between the both of you that will help you manage your assets, both individually and together.

Similarly, a postnuptial agreement—or postnup—is a contract that covers the same and is entered into after entering a marriage.

How To Get A Prenup?

In order to acquire a prenup, it’s highly recommended that couples consult with a professional. In this case, you can seek out a prenuptial agreement lawyer, family law attorney, or divorce attorney that can guide you through the process, draft the contract, and give you legal counsel. While it’s suggested that each individual has their own lawyer, one lawyer for both people within the to-be-married couple is perfectly acceptable.

It’s also possible to draft your own prenuptial agreement. Various templates can be found online and customized to both of your specific needs, right from your computer. That said, we highly recommend hiring a prenup lawyer to look over the legal document and provide legal advice before proceeding with anything.

Once finalized, your prenuptial agreement document needs to be signed and dated by both you and your spouse-to-be. Depending on the state in which you’re filing, you may be required to have one or two witnesses present during signing. Finally, you’ll get the agreement notarized (meaning, signed by a notary in order to make it officially legal). Make sure to make three copies of your prenup for safe keeping—one for yourself, one for your spouse, and one for a third party (typically, your lawyer or lawyers).

Why Should You Consider Getting A Prenup?

Though marriage is largely a loved-up celebration, it’s also a legally binding agreement. And, like other legally binding agreements (think a company’s initial incorporation), it involves a written contract that includes both you and your partner and abides by state law. That said, if your marriage ends in a case of divorce, you want yourself and your personal assets to be safe. Having your own prenuptial agreement protects the assets and income that each person brings to a marriage union and clarifies what legally belongs to who.

While prenups are most popular for deciding spousal support (also called alimony) in the event of a divorce, they’re useful in several other ways.

A Guide to Throwing a Prenuptial Party Photo Credit // Unsplash

One or both parties has already been married

If either you or your partner (or both) have been in a previous marriage, it is highly recommended that you complete a prenup prior to getting married yourself. This is because it can help you avoid any stress you may have encountered during your previous divorce. Getting a prenup now may aid you in dealing with common matters of contention later, should you find yourself in the event of a divorce.

Either party has children

A marriage is a legal bind that not only affects you, but any children you and/or your future spouse may have. Sorting out a prenuptial agreement prior to getting married may help you in sorting out child support and even child custody down the road, should you both separate. While this isn’t a particularly fun thing to think about and discuss, it’s crucial when it comes to your children.

One party is wealthier

Be it by inheritance or earnings, say you or your spouse (or the both of you) have acquired a large amount of money. Filing a prenup will help you sort your individual financial assets, marital property, and even estate planning prior to getting married. Legally sorting the individual ownership of any premarital assets and even property rights can save you a lot of headache—and financial planning—in the future.

One or both parties own a business

One financial asset that you or your partner may own is a business. Divorces can already be messy situations—the last thing you want getting potentially involved is your business. With that in mind, personalizing and signing a prenup can save one or both of you from the headache that is sorting that out (or, worst case, losing anything).

One or both parties has an inheritance

Perhaps the most heard-of reason for getting a prenup is the presence of an inheritance. If either of you has a trust fund, it may be in your best interest to legally document your ownership of that money, should a divorce occur.

You Got A Prenup, Let’s Celebrate!

Well, why not? You throw other pre-wedding parties, such as bridal showers. A prenup gets a bad rap for being associated with negativity (and marital assets), but it’s so much more than a marriage contract—it's an investment into your future. You and your partner are coming together on agreed-upon terms for the greater good of both you two as individuals and as a couple, while also being prepared for the future you might have as your family grows and expands. The two of you—as well as your loved ones, such as your bridesmaids and groomsmen—should feel free to celebrate.

Who Should Be Invited to a Prenup Party?

Anyone who you feel should be involved in the event, of course. Some people may raise an eyebrow (or both eyebrows) at the concept, since it’s an unconventional one. But a party is what you make it: Whether it's with two people or with 100 people, make sure to include the people who support you most in every endeavor.

Prenup Party Ideas

So you've committed to the concept of a prenup party, and you're ready to celebrate. It's a rather intimate affair, so it's best to approach the entire event with a sense of humor and a laugh—a great tone to also start your marriage on.

1. A Wonderful Champagne Toast

Champagne is the universal sign of a celebration. Have a bottle on hand at your prenup signing and the event you're holding to monumentalize this grand affair. It's best to go big on your Champagne—representing a lifetime of effervescent, luxurious, bubbly fun. There's nothing wrong with Prosecco, but it's far better for brunch or a nightcap than celebrating. Pop the bottle and get to work.

2. Celebrate With a Nice Dinner

If you’d rather keep the affair intimate, go to a beloved restaurant with your partner, and go wild on your celebration there. It can be the location of your first date or just a restaurant, you both love.

3. Have Fun With Games

Everyone loves games—if they don't, they're probably lying (or playing the wrong games). A prenup party is a great way to integrate some fun into the affair. A trivia game about famous prenups and the ridiculous things people have put into their prenups sounds like a fantastic way to get people laughing and enjoying the event.

4. Presenting the Prenup

Present your partner with a copy of the prenup set up in a commemorative fashion—a leather-bound book engraved with both of your names and the date of signing, or have the entire thing framed. Either choice is an above-and-beyond way to make sure your future spouse knows how much you care and how much they matter to you.

Having a prenup, or a premarital agreement is a huge cause for celebration, not the negative and sad downer people think it is. There are going to be plenty of reasons to celebrate throughout your marriage, both big and small—so why not start your marriage on a great note by celebrating a major decision like singing the prenup?

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