A Guide to Spring Wedding Dresses for Bridesmaids

Looking for the perfect guide to spring wedding dresses for bridesmaids? We’ve got you covered. Read on to find the best spring dresses.

By Maggy Lehmicke

A Guide to Spring Wedding Dresses
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There’s no shortage of options when it comes to bridesmaid dresses for spring weddings. The in-between season and ever-evolving weather mean both short and long dresses (and even jumpsuits!) work well. Plus, you can get away with pastel, bold, or traditional color schemes. You can even throw in a bit of sparkle or a gorgeous floral pattern.

When it comes to fabric, you likely don’t have to worry about it being too warm or sticky, either, making Chiffon or satin possible.

Sounds like the sky’s the limit, right? To help you narrow down the plethora of choices, we’ve created this helpful guide.

Long vs. Short Dresses

Spring weather can be finicky. If you’re having an outdoor late March or early April ceremony, there may be a lingering chill in the air. Plus, there could be rain or wind to contend with. Late spring weddings, on the other hand, might be as warm as the summer months.

For an early spring wedding, try long dresses or jumpsuits to prevent anyone’s legs from getting too cold. For indoor venues and late April and May weddings, short bridesmaid’s dresses are more likely to work, too. (If you do go with short dresses and it happens to shower, you could always give each bridesmaid a pair of galoshes. If nothing else, it makes for an adorable photo opp!)

Colors and Patterns for Spring


Mint is a seriously cool choice for spring. Long mint dresses look elevated for an elegant indoor venue. Short or long casual mint dresses are also a fun choice for an outdoor ceremony and/or reception.

Some trending alternatives to mint include eucalyptus or sage green.


Lavender is a gorgeous option for a spring wedding. It works equally well for an outdoor ceremony as it does an indoor reception. Choose fabrics like chiffon and dresses with fun details like a cross keyhole neckline to really highlight the color.

You could also go with lilac or a deeper purple as an alternative to lavender.


Blush is a color that’s truly made for a spring wedding. Let your bridesmaid pick out their own blush shade, or choose a long pale blush dress for them with a pretty Grecian neckline. Alternatively, you could go with a deeper shade of blush, like a chiffon dress in dusty rose.

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Dusty Blue

Spring is full of moody weather. Dusty or slate blue bridesmaid’s dresses are a smart choice to match the season. In terms of fabric, you could go with chiffon or satin—both look fabulous with this color palette.

Rose Gold or Champagne

There’s no reason to go with a pale or pastel shade just because it’s spring. You can always add a little more sparkle to your wedding. Rose gold or Champagne (or a combination of both!) bridesmaid’s dresses work great for a wedding at an elegant ballroom, hotel, museum, or historic venue. You could dress this sparkly look down with shorter dresses, too.


For bridesmaid’s dresses that really pop, go with coral. It’s a bright and bold choice that you can definitely pull off once the weather starts to warm up. Long or short coral dresses would be ideal for a Memorial Day weekend outdoor celebration, but can be versatile enough to work throughout the season, too.

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One of the biggest benefits of having a spring wedding is that you can choose a pretty floral pattern for your bridesmaid’s dresses. Go as colorful as possible, or pick florals in a more neutral tone.


The spring season is one of the most versatile, so you can get away with different styles of dresses. The choice of fabric really comes down to personal preference, since most fabrics work well for a spring wedding.

Some smart options for spring fabrics include:

  • Chiffon
  • Tulle
  • Satin
  • Lace

Staying Warm

If you’re planning to have an outdoor spring ceremony but know that it’s still going to be chilly, you may want to give your bridesmaids a cardigan or wrap that’s going to keep them warm. Matching sweaters or wraps look cute and uniform in photos, too.

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