A Guide to Minimalist Wedding Rings

All there is to know about the style, stones, and metals of minimalist wedding rings.

By Ruksana Hussain

Guide to Minimalist Wedding Rings
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Looking for a minimalist wedding ring for that momentous occasion in life? A wedding band is a lifelong reminder of your special day, so finding the perfect one is a task that deserves extra attention. But that doesn’t mean you have to go grand. A simple style for minimalists can be both understated and pronounced, casual or curated. If that’s your style, here’s some inspiration for minimalist wedding ring styles you can choose from as you shop for your wedding day.

Trendy for Two

Opt for a fashionable minimalist wedding ring in a classic style with a modern twist, marrying two looks in one and making your ring the center of attention. Most fine jewelry brands will have a variety of choices in different metals and you can also find some custom variations, including the option to monogram family names or have the date engraved.

Go for Gold

In this case, a minimalist wedding ring, white or rose gold instead of the more common 14k yellow gold, looks sleek and updated. Instead of a traditional gold ring, look for a different pattern, including a beaded edge to give it an artistic look. Adding diamonds or other colored gems will also add a touch of simple drama.

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Casual With Cable

A more relaxed, dainty, and understated minimalist ring style can be achieved with a cable ring in gold or sterling silver. A subtle nod to a sturdy look in a high-quality metal brings on a level of finesse, only further highlighted by a single solitaire or another small gem. This is also a great option for couples that may want to personalize their wedding bands.

It’s All Roses

When it comes to minimalist wedding rings, rose gold has certainly built a loyal following over the years. The versatile and elegant metal works well for simple styles, such as a floating diamond eternity ring or alternating diamond shapes around three-quarters of the wedding band. It’s an easy way to elevate a common design.

All That Sparkles

A diamond isn’t the only stone that sparkles. Choose another colored gem, such as sapphire, ruby, emerald, amethyst, or aquamarine for a minimalist wedding band with only one simple center stone nestled in the head of the ring. These gorgeous colors provide just as much dazzle, if not more, for a stunning ring alternative.

Lead With Vintage

Add some old-world glam to your wedding with a minimalist wedding ring that features more of a geometric design. Take a page from past eras with precise cuts and classic shapes added to your patterns. It’s a simple interpretation of the yesteryears and a nod to drama, but in a somewhat curtailed fashion that still conforms to your idea of a modern wedding band.

Double the Bands

Double-banded rings are a slightly different take on stackable rings and make your choice for a minimalist wedding ring stand out. While any metal would suit the style, yellow gold or white gold lends well to the double-banded look, especially if you plan to enhance it with accent stones or diamonds.

Bold and Braided

Uncommon for a minimalist wedding ring or engagement ring style—but still a sophisticated look nonetheless—is a braided band in yellow or white gold. It’s a great alternative for couples who would like to move away from the traditional wedding band, but also don a design that matches their partner’s jewelry.

Channeling Chevron

A yellow, white, or rose gold custom chevron ring featuring diamonds just at the head or along the whole band is the epitome of a minimalist modern style. It embodies grace and charm and is a brilliant addition to your simple wedding day events. The polished curved shape also allows for easy stacking if you add additional rings over the year.

Perfectly Patterned

Consider floral or geometric patterns engraved on silver or gold bands and art deco or vintage designs etched on minimalist wedding rings to symbolize a family insignia or other symbols of significance you’d like to have as part of your wedding day. Patterns etched on metal give rings an ornate look without going overly flashy.

Of course, what degree of minimalism you’d like to adopt in your search for the perfect engagement ring or wedding ring is your call, but there are styles and designs aplenty to pick from. Your decision on a wedding band and/or engagement ring should be based on your tastes and preferences. Whether custom-made or brand-bought, you will find you are spoilt for choice when it comes to minimalist wedding rings.

A Guide to Minimalist Wedding Rings Photo Credit // Sunny Lee Photography
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